6C - City Centre (Hanley) - Longton - Coalville:Blythe Bridge

A bus service operated by First Potteries


Coalville, opp Cross Street 07:15
Coalville, opp Flint Street 07:15
Coalville, adj Nunn's Close 07:16
Coalville, adj Caverswall Road 07:17
Weston Coyney, adj St Andrew's Church 07:18
Weston Coyney, adj New Kingsway 07:18
Weston Coyney, opp Coyney Grove 07:19
Meir, adj Weston Road 07:19
Meir, adj Lansbury Grove 07:20
Meir, opp Snowden Way 07:21
Meir, adj Beveridge Close 07:21
Meir, adj Stansmore Road 07:22
Meir Square (adj) 07:25
Meir, opp Brownfield Road 07:28
Meir, adj Penfleet Avenue 07:29
Meir, opp Late Shop 07:30
Meir Youth Centre (adj) 07:31
Meir, adj Seddon Road 07:31
Meir, adj Bartholomew Road 07:32
Meir, adj David Road 07:32
Meir, opp Highfield Avenue 07:32
Meir, adj Alexandra Junior School 07:33
Meir, opp Alexandra Road 07:33
Normacot, adj Longton Cottage Hospital 07:35
Normacot Upper Belgrave Rd (hail and ride) 07:35
Florence, opp Lennox Road 07:36
Florence, opp Atholl Road 07:38
Longton, adj Chaplin Road 07:39
Longton, adj The Dunrobin 07:40
Longton Library (adj) 07:41
Longton, adj stop B 07:45
Longton, adj stop C 07:45
Longton, adj stop E 07:46
Fenton, adj Foley Arms 07:48
Fenton, opp Royal Street 07:50
Fenton, adj Duke Street 07:51
Fenton, adj Victoria Place 07:54
Fenton, adj Travers Court 07:55
Fenton, adj Smithpool Road 07:56
Fenton Manor (opp) 07:57
Stoke-upon-Trent, opp Hancock Street 08:00
Shelton, opp Film Theatre 08:01
Shelton, adj Beresford Street 08:02
Shelton, adj Stoke-on-Trent College 08:03
Shelton, adj Wellesley Street 08:04
Hanley, adj Regent Centre 08:06
Hanley, adj stop J1 08:09
Hanley Bus Station (arrival stop) 08:10

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