7 - Andover - Newbury

Operated by Stagecoach South

Andover Bus Station - Newbury Newbury Wharf

Andover Bus Station (Stand I) 07:5011:2514:3517:00
Andover, outside Methodist Church 07:5111:2614:3617:01
Andover Kings Yard (N-bound) 07:5311:2814:3817:03
Andover, o/s Corunna Main 07:5311:2914:3917:04
Andover Dances Close (N-bound) 07:5411:3014:4017:05
River Way Tesco Car Park (N-bound) 07:5611:3214:4217:07
Andover Enham Arch (N-bound) 07:5711:3314:4317:08
King Arthurs Way (nr) 07:5811:3414:4417:09
Knights Enham, adj Enham Lane 08:0011:3714:4717:12
Woodhouse The Old Police House (N-bound) 08:0111:3814:4817:13
Enham Alamein The Green (N-bound) 08:0211:3914:4917:14
Enham Alamein Enham Industries (N-bound) 08:0211:3914:4917:14
Upper Enham, opp MacCallum Road 08:0311:4014:5017:15
Upper Enham Green Drove (N-bound) 08:0411:4114:5117:16
Windmill Hill, opp Doles Lodge 08:0511:4214:5217:17
Hurstbourne Tarrant Top of Hurstbourne Hill (NE-bound) 08:0611:4314:5317:18
Hurstbourne Tarrant, o/s George and Dragon 08:0711:4414:5417:19
Hurstbourne Tarrant, opposite Telephone Exchange 08:0811:4514:5517:20
Hurstbourne Tarrant The Dene (NE-bound) 08:0811:4514:5517:20
Hurstbourne Tarrant Esseborne Manor (NE-bound) 08:1011:4714:5717:22
Ashmansworth Doiley Bottom (NE-bound) 08:1111:4814:5817:23
Crux Easton Cross Lane (NE-bound) 08:1311:5015:0017:25
Hollington Cross Three Legged Cross (NE-bound) 08:1411:5115:0117:26
Hollington Cross Bartletts Down Lane (Adjacent) 08:1511:5215:0217:27
Hollington Cross Highclere Farm (NE-bound) 08:1511:5215:0217:27
Highclere The Red House (N-bound) 08:1611:5315:0317:28
Highclere Star Lane (N-bound) 08:1711:5415:0417:29
Highclere The Mount (NE-bound) 08:1711:5415:0417:29
Penwood (Stop 2) 08:1911:5615:0617:31
Penwood (Stop 3) 08:2011:5715:0717:32
Penwood Old Police House (NW-bound) 08:2011:5715:0717:32
Broad Laying, nr The Stores & PO 08:2312:0015:10
Penwood Blindmans Gate (NE-bound) 17:33
Woolton Hill Greenways (SW-bound) 08:2512:0215:12
Penwood Road (NE-bound) 17:38
Woolton Hill Gainsborough Stud Farm (SW-bound) 08:2512:0215:12
Woolton Hill Old Post Office (SW-bound) 08:2612:0315:13
Woolton Hill, opp Trade Street 08:2712:0415:14
East End War Memorial (adjacent) 08:3012:0715:17
Heath End Village Hall (N-bound) 08:3212:0915:19
Ball Hill Knights Lane (adjacent) 08:3412:1115:21
Ball Hill Hatt Farm (E-bound) 08:3512:1215:22
Wash Water, adj The Woodpecker 08:3812:1515:25
Wash Common, nr The Hollies 08:4012:1715:2717:40
Wash Common, opp Round End 08:4112:1815:2817:41
Wash Common, opp Park House School 08:4112:1815:2817:41
Newbury, nr Falkland Memorial 08:4212:1915:2917:42
Newbury, opp Tydehams 08:4312:2015:3017:43
Newbury, opp Bartlemy Road east 08:4512:2215:3217:45
Newbury, adj Buckingham Road 08:4612:2315:3317:46
Newbury, opp Malvern Court 08:4712:2415:3417:47
Newbury, opp Fair Close 08:4712:2415:3417:47
Newbury Market Street (Stop L) 08:4912:2615:3617:49
Newbury Cheap Street (Stop N) 08:4912:2615:3617:49
Newbury Wharf (Bay G) 08:5012:2715:3717:50

Newbury Newbury Wharf - Andover Bus Station National Express

Newbury Wharf (Bay D) 09:0012:3015:4517:55
Newbury Cheap Street (Stop O) 09:0112:3115:4617:56
Newbury Market Street (Stop M) 09:0112:3115:4617:56
Newbury, adj Fair Close 09:0312:3315:4817:58
Newbury, adj Malvern Court 09:0412:3415:4917:59
Newbury, opp Buckingham Road 09:0412:3415:4917:59
Newbury, adj Bartlemy Road east 09:0512:3515:5018:00
Newbury, adj Tydehams 09:0712:3715:5218:02
Newbury, opp Falkland Memorial 09:0812:3815:5318:03
Wash Common, adj Park House School 09:0912:3915:5418:04
Wash Common The Hollies (adj 297) 09:1012:4015:5518:05
Wash Water, opp The Woodpecker 09:1212:4215:5718:07
Ball Hill Hatt Farm (W-bound) 09:1512:4516:0018:10
Ball Hill, opposite Knights Lane 09:1612:4616:0118:11
Heath End Village Hall (S-bound) 09:1912:4916:0418:14
East End, opposite War Memorial 09:2112:5116:0618:16
Woolton Hill, adj Trade Street 09:2412:5416:0918:19
Woolton Hill Old Post Office (NE-bound) 09:2512:5516:1018:20
Woolton Hill Gainsborough Stud Farm (NE-bound) 09:2612:5616:1118:21
Woolton Hill Greenways (NE-bound) 09:2712:5716:1218:22
Broad Laying The Stores & PO (SE-bound) 09:2912:5916:1418:24
Penwood (Stop 2) 09:3213:0216:1718:27
Penwood (Stop 3) 09:3313:0316:1818:28
Penwood Old Police House (NW-bound) 09:3413:0416:1918:29
Highclere The Mount (SW-bound) 09:3713:0716:2218:32
Highclere Star Lane (S-bound) 09:3713:0716:2218:32
Highclere The Red House (S-bound) 09:3813:0816:2318:33
Hollington Cross Highclere Farm (SW-bound) 09:3913:0916:2418:34
Hollington Cross, opposite Bartletts Down Lane 09:3913:0916:2418:34
Hollington Cross Three Legged Cross (SW-bound) 09:4113:1116:2618:36
Crux Easton Cross Lane (SW-bound) 09:4113:1116:2618:36
Ashmansworth Doiley Bottom (SW-bound) 09:4413:1416:2918:39
Hurstbourne Tarrant Esseborne Manor (SW-bound) 09:4513:1516:3018:40
Hurstbourne Tarrant The Dene (SW-bound) 09:4713:1716:3218:42
Hurstbourne Tarrant, outside Telephone Exchange 09:4713:1716:3218:42
Hurstbourne Tarrant, opp George and Dragon 09:4813:1816:3318:43
Hurstbourne Tarrant Top of Hurstbourne Hill (SW-bound) 09:4913:1916:3418:44
Windmill Hill, adj Doles Lodge 09:5013:2016:3518:45
Upper Enham Green Drove (S-bound) 09:5113:2116:3618:46
Upper Enham, adj MacCallum Road 09:5213:2216:3718:47
Enham Alamein Enham Industries (S-bound) 09:5313:2316:3818:48
Enham Alamein The Green (S-bound) 09:5313:2316:3818:48
Woodhouse The Old Police House (S-bound) 09:5413:2416:3918:49
Knights Enham, opp Enham Lane 09:5513:2516:4018:50
King Arthurs Way (opp) 09:5713:2716:4218:52
Andover Enham Arch (S-bound) 09:5813:2816:4318:53
River Way Tesco Car Park (S-bound) 09:5913:2916:4418:54
Andover Dances Close (S-bound) 10:0013:3016:4518:55
Andover, opp Corunna Main 10:0113:3116:4618:56
Andover Georges Yard (S-bound) 10:0213:3216:4718:57
Andover Bus Station National Express (Stand J) 10:0613:3616:5119:01

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024, Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 11 April 2024, Stagecoach South, 12 April 2024

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