70 - Ripon, Bus Station - Northallerton via Thirsk

Operated by Reliance Motor Services

Ripon, Bus Station to Northallerton via Thirsk

Ripon Bus Station Stand 3 (3) 07:2009:0011:2014:2016:40
Ripon The White Horse (N-bound) 07:2009:0011:2014:2016:40
Ure Bank The Clock Tower (NE-bound) 07:2109:0111:2114:2116:41
Ure Bank Station Hotel (E-bound) 07:2209:0211:2214:2216:42
Ure Bank North Bridge (NE-bound) 07:2309:0311:2314:2316:43
Ure Bank North Bridge (SE-bound) 07:2309:0311:2314:2316:43
Sharow C of E Primary School (SE-bound) 07:2509:0511:2514:2516:45
Sharow Berrygate Lane (E-bound) 07:2709:0711:2714:2716:47
Sharow Lister House (SE-bound) 07:2709:0711:2714:2716:47
Copt Hewick Southdene (SE-bound) 07:2909:0911:2914:2916:49
Dishforth West End Farm (E-bound) 07:3109:1111:3114:3116:51
Dishforth Christ Church (NW-bound) 07:3509:1511:3514:3516:55
Dishforth Back Lane (W-bound) 07:3509:1511:3514:3516:55
Asenby Road End (N-bound) 07:4009:2011:4014:4017:00
Asenby Hall (NE-bound) 07:4109:2111:4114:4117:01
Topcliffe Post Office (E-bound) 07:4409:2411:4414:4417:04
Allanbrooke Barracks Topcliffe cp School (NW-bound) 07:4709:2711:4714:4717:07
Busby Stoop Inn (Adj) 07:5009:3011:5014:5017:10
Carlton Miniott St Lawrence's Church (NE-bound) 07:5209:3211:5214:5217:12
Carlton Miniott, adj County Primary School 07:5209:3211:5214:5217:12
Carlton Miniott Manfield Terrace (E-bound) 07:5209:3211:5214:5217:12
Carlton Miniott Ripon Way (E-bound) 07:5209:3211:5214:5217:12
Carlton Miniott, opp Carlton Close 07:5209:3211:5214:5217:12
Carlton Miniott, adj Railway Station 07:5409:3411:5414:5417:14
Thirsk Racecourse (NE-bound) 07:5409:3411:5414:5417:14
Thirsk, opp Racecourse 07:5509:3511:5514:5517:15
Thirsk Racecourse (E-bound) 07:5609:3611:5614:5617:16
Thirsk Market Place (SE-bound) 08:0209:4212:0215:0217:22
Thirsk The Green (N-bound) 08:0309:4312:0315:0317:23
Old Thirsk Hambleton Drive (SE-bound) 08:0409:4412:0415:0417:24
Old Thirsk Hambleton Place (W-bound) 08:0509:4512:0515:0517:25
Old Thirsk Tranmire Close (NE-bound) 08:0709:4712:0715:0717:27
Old Thirsk Fairfield (NE-bound) 08:0709:4712:0715:0717:27
Old Thirsk, adj Shire Road 08:0709:4712:0715:0717:27
South Kilvington Stockton Road (NW-bound) 08:1109:5112:1115:1117:31
South Kilvington C of E School (N-bound) 08:1109:5112:1115:1117:31
Thornton-Le-Street (NW-bound) 08:1309:5312:1315:1317:33
Thornton-le-Moor Lane End (N-bound) 08:1409:5412:1415:1417:34
Thornton-le-Moor Lane End (NW-bound) 08:1409:5412:1415:1417:34
Thornton le Beans A168 Jnt (N-bound) 08:1709:5712:1715:1717:37
Northallerton St James Drive (NW-bound) 08:2010:0012:2015:2017:40
Northallerton Racecourse Lane (W-bound) 08:2110:0112:2115:2117:41
Northallerton South Parade (NE-bound) 08:2110:0112:2115:2117:41
Northallerton Post Office (N-bound) 08:2210:0212:2215:2217:42
Northallerton The Buck Inn (NW-bound) 08:2510:0512:2515:2517:45

Northallerton via Thirsk to Ripon, Bus Station

Northallerton The Buck Inn (NW-bound) 09:0510:1012:3015:3017:55
Northallerton Town Hall (S-bound) 09:0610:1112:3115:3117:56
Northallerton, adj Nags Head 09:0710:1212:3215:3217:57
Northallerton Court House (E-bound) 09:0810:1312:3315:3317:58
Northallerton Oak Mount (SE-bound) 09:0910:1412:3415:3417:59
Northallerton St James Drive (SE-bound) 09:1010:1512:3515:3518:00
Thornton Le Beans A168 Jnt (SE-bound) 09:1210:1712:3715:3718:02
Thornton-le-Moor Lane End (SE-bound) 09:1310:1812:3815:3818:03
Crosby Thornton-le-Moor Lane End (S-bound) 09:1410:1912:3915:3918:04
Thornton-Le-Street (SE-bound) 09:1610:2112:4115:4118:06
South Kilvington, opp C of E School 09:1710:2212:4215:4218:07
South Kilvington Stockton Road (SE-bound) 09:1910:2412:4415:4418:09
Old Thirsk, opp Shire Road 09:2010:2512:4515:4518:10
Old Thirsk Woolmoor Close (S-bound) 09:2110:2612:4615:4618:11
Old Thirsk Dowber Court (SW-bound) 09:2310:2812:4815:4818:13
Old Thirsk Hambleton Avenue (N-bound) 09:2410:2912:4915:4918:14
Old Thirsk Byland Avenue (W-bound) 09:2410:2912:4915:4918:14
Thirsk Market Place (SE-bound) 09:3010:3512:5515:5518:18
Thirsk Tesco Store (SE-bound) 10:3712:5715:5718:20
Thirsk Racecourse (W-bound) 10:3812:5815:5818:21
Thirsk, adj Racecourse 10:3812:5815:5818:21
Thirsk Racecourse (SW-bound) 10:3812:5815:5818:21
Carlton Miniott, opp Railway Station 10:4113:0116:0118:22
Carlton Miniott, adj Carlton Close 10:4113:0116:0118:23
Carlton Miniott, opp Manfield Terrace 10:4113:0116:0118:23
Carlton Miniott, opp County Primary School 10:4213:0216:0218:24
Carlton Miniott Dog And Gun (SW-bound) 10:4413:0416:0418:25
Busby Stoop Inn (Opp) 10:4613:0616:0618:27
Allanbrooke Barracks Topcliffe cp School (SE-bound) 10:4913:0916:0918:30
Topcliffe St Columba's Church (S-bound) 10:5313:1316:1318:33
Asenby Jamesville Way (SW-bound) 10:5513:1516:1518:35
Asenby Lane End (S-bound) 10:5613:1616:1618:36
Dishforth West End Farm (E-bound) 10:5913:1916:1918:39
Dishforth Christ Church (NW-bound) 11:0113:2116:2118:41
Dishforth Back Lane (W-bound) 11:0313:2316:2318:43
Copt Hewick Southdene (W-bound) 11:0613:2616:2618:46
Sharow Lister House (NW-bound) 11:0813:2816:2818:48
Sharow Glebe Meadows (W-bound) 11:0813:2816:2818:48
Sharow C of E Primary School (NE-bound) 11:0913:2916:2918:49
Ure Bank North Bridge (NW-bound) 11:1113:3116:3118:51
Ure Bank North Bridge (SW-bound) 11:1113:3116:3118:51
Ure Bank North Road (W-bound) 11:1213:3216:3218:52
Ure Bank The Clock Tower (SW-bound) 11:1213:3216:3218:52
Ripon White Horse (S-bound) 11:1313:3316:3318:53
Ripon Bus Station Stand 3 (3) 11:1513:3516:3518:55

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