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700 - Laide or Gairloch - Inverness

A bus service operated by Westerbus


Laide, at Post Office 07:45
Laide, opp Church 07:46
Aultbea, opp Badfearn Rd End 07:48
Aultbea, nr War Memorial 07:48
Aultbea, at Fire Station 07:49
Aultbea, nr Hotel 07:49
Aultbea, opp Post Office 07:49
Aultbea Stores (opp) 07:49
Aultbea, at Pier Road 07:50
Aultbea Stores (at) 07:50
Aultbea, at Post Office 07:50
Aultbea Hotel (opp and before) 07:50
Drumchork, opp Isle View 07:51
Tournaig Farm (at) 08:00
Poolewe, opp Inverewe Gardens 08:03
Londubh, at Road End 08:04
Poolewe, at Post Office 08:05
Tollie, at Farm Rd End 08:08
Gairloch Melvaig Rd End (S-bound) 08:18
Gairloch, at Low Road 08:19
Gairloch, opp Glebe Park 08:19
Gairloch, opp Strath Post Office 08:20
Gairloch, at Glebe Park 08:20
Gairloch, opp Low Road 08:21
Gairloch Melvaig Rd End (E-bound) 08:21
Gairloch, at The Sheiling 08:21
Gairloch, o/s Garage 08:23
Gairloch, opp Golf Course 08:24
Gairloch, opp Braeside Road 08:24
Gairloch, at Old Inn Rd End 08:25
Gairloch, at Highland Lodge Rd End 08:25
Kerrysdale House (nr) 08:29
Kerrysdale, opp Junction 08:30
Slattadale, at Road End 08:38
Loch Maree, nr Garbhaig House 08:39
Talladale, o/s Loch Maree Hotel 08:42
Loch Maree, at Letterewe Pier Rd End 08:45
Loch Maree, nr Glas Leitir Car Park 08:53
Loch Maree, at Taagan Rd End 08:53
Kinlochewe, opp Bein Eighe Visitor Centre 08:53
Kinlochewe, at Anancaun Rd End 08:54
Kinlochewe, opp Hotel 08:55
Kinlochewe, at Incheril Rd End 08:55
Badavanich, at Road End 09:13
Achnasheen, at Lochrosque Lodge Rd End 09:13
Achnasheen, at School Rd End 09:13
Achnasheen, at Station 09:15
Achanalt, at Strathbran Lodge Rd End 09:23
Achanalt, opp Station Rd End 09:25
Lochluichart, at Grudie Power Station 09:30
Lochluichart, opp Church Rd End 09:31
Lochluichart, opp Station Rd End 09:32
Lochluichart, at Houses 09:33
Lochluichart Lodge Rd End (opp) 09:33
Lochluichart, opp Glenview Rd End 09:35
Lochluichart, at Corriemoillie Farm Rd End 09:35
Lochluichart, at Corriemoillie Lodge Rd End 09:36
Gorstan, at Torriegorrie Rd End 09:36
Gorstan, at Road End 09:37
Garve, after Hotel 09:39
Contin, at Tor View Road End 09:48
Strathpeffer, opp Jamestown Rd End 09:51
Strathpeffer, opp Park Avenue 09:52
Strathpeffer, at The Square 09:53
Fodderty, o/s School 09:54
Dingwall, at Bridgend Avenue 09:59
Dingwall, o/s Police Station 09:59
Dingwall, o/s Council Buildings 10:00
Dingwall, opp West End Garage 10:00
Newton of Ferintosh A835 (S-bound) 10:07
Newton of Ferintosh, opp Drynie Park Junction 10:09
Kilcoy, opp Road End 10:10
Tore Layby (S-bound) 10:12
Tore, opp Arpafeelie Junction 10:14
Charleston Layby (S-bound) 10:18
Craigton, before Kessock Bridge 10:20
Longman, before Seafield Road 10:23
Longman, opp Inverness College 10:24
Inverness Bus Station (Stance 7) 10:25

Inverness Bus Station (Stance 7) 17:20
Longman, o/s Inverness College 17:21
Longman Seafield Road (opp and after) 17:22
Craigton, after Kessock Bridge 17:25
Charleston Layby (N-bound) 17:25
Tore, at Arpafeelie Junction 17:30
Tore, at Glackmore Junction 17:31
Tore Layby (N-bound) 17:33
Kilcoy, at Road End 17:35
Newton of Ferintosh, at Drynie Park Junction 17:37
Newton of Ferintosh A835 (N-bound) 17:39
Dingwall, o/s West End Garage 17:48
Dingwall, opp Council Buildings 17:50
Dingwall, opp Police Station 17:50
Dingwall, at Cockburns Butchers 17:51
Fodderty, opp School 17:51
Strathpeffer, opp The Square 17:58
Strathpeffer, at Park Avenue 17:59
Strathpeffer, at Jamestown Rd End 18:00
Contin, opp Tor View 18:05
Garve Hotel (opp and before) 18:15
Gorstan, opp Road End 18:16
Gorstan, opp Torriegorrie Rd End 18:16
Lochluichart, opp Corriemoillie Lodge Rd End 18:17
Lochluichart, opp Corriemoillie Farm Rd End 18:17
Lochluichart, at Glenview Rd End 18:18
Lochluichart Lodge Rd End (at) 18:19
Lochluichart, opp Houses 18:20
Lochluichart, at Station Rd End 18:20
Lochluichart, at Church Rd End 18:21
Lochluichart, opp Grudie Power Station 18:22
Achanalt, at Station Rd End 18:26
Achanalt, opp Strathbran Lodge Rd End 18:27
Achnasheen, at Station 18:35
Achnasheen, opp School Rd End 18:35
Achnasheen, opp Lochrosque Lodge Rd End 18:36
Badavanich, opp Road End 18:43
Kinlochewe, opp Incheril Rd End 18:54
Kinlochewe, o/s Hotel 18:55
Kinlochewe, opp Anancaun Rd End 18:55
Kinlochewe, nr Bein Eighe Visitor Centre 18:56
Loch Maree, opp Taagan Rd End 18:56
Loch Maree, opp Glas Leitir Car Park 18:58
Loch Maree, opp Letterewe Pier Rd End 19:05
Talladale, opp Loch Maree Hotel 19:08
Loch Maree, opp Garbhaig House 19:10
Slattadale, opp Road End 19:11
Kerrysdale, at Junction 19:20
Kerrysdale House (opp) 19:20
Gairloch, opp Highland Lodge Rd End 19:24
Gairloch, opp Old Inn Rd End 19:25
Gairloch, at Braeside Road 19:25
Gairloch, nr Golf Course 19:26
Gairloch, opp Garage 19:27
Gairloch, opp The Sheiling 19:28
Gairloch Melvaig Rd End (N-bound) 19:28
Gairloch, at Low Road 19:29
Gairloch, opp Glebe Park 19:29
Gairloch, opp Strath Post Office 19:30
Gairloch, at Glebe Park 19:30
Gairloch, opp Low Road 19:31
Gairloch Melvaig Rd End (E-bound) 19:31
Tollie, opp Farm Rd End 19:44
Poolewe, at Post Office 19:45
Londubh, opp Road End 19:45
Poolewe, nr Inverewe Gardens 19:46
Tournaig Farm (opp) 19:49
Drumchork, nr Isle View 19:58
Aultbea, nr Hotel 19:59
Aultbea, opp Post Office 19:59
Aultbea Stores (opp) 19:59
Aultbea, at Pier Road 20:00
Aultbea Stores (at) 20:00
Aultbea, at Post Office 20:00
Aultbea Hotel (opp and before) 20:00
Aultbea, opp Fire Station 20:00
Aultbea, opp War Memorial 20:00
Aultbea, at Badfearn Rd End 20:01
Laide, at Church 20:04
Laide, at Post Office 20:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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