70n - Westmoreland Street - Tyrrelstown

A bus service operated by Nitelink, Dublin Bus

Dublin City South Westmoreland Street 00:0002:0004:00
Dublin City O'Connell Street Upper 00:01s02:01s04:01s
Rotunda Parnell Square West 00:02s02:02s04:02s
Phibsborough Mountjoy Street 00:03s02:03s04:03s
Phibsborough Berkeley Road 00:04s02:04s04:04s
Phibsborough Berkeley Road 00:04s02:04s04:04s
Phibsborough Dalymount 00:0602:0604:06
Cabra East Churchview Home 00:06s02:06s04:06s
Cabra East Annamoe Terrace 00:07s02:07s04:07s
Cabra East Quarry Road 00:08s02:08s04:08s
Cabra Road 00:09s02:09s04:09s
Cabra Rosecourt 00:09s02:09s04:09s
Cabra Navan Road 00:10s02:10s04:10s
Cabra Garda Station 00:11s02:11s04:11s
Cabra Our Lady's Church 00:12s02:12s04:12s
Cabra Baggot Road 00:13s02:13s04:13s
Cabra Ashtown Grove 00:14s02:14s04:14s
Ashtown Kempton 00:15s02:15s04:15s
Ashtown Roundabout 00:1502:1504:15
Ashtown Phoenix Park Avenue 00:17s02:17s04:17s
Phoenix Park Racecourse Parkway Station 00:18s02:18s04:18s
Castleknock Morgan Place 00:20s02:20s04:20s
Castleknock Auburn Avenue 00:21s02:21s04:21s
Castleknock Hadleigh Green 00:22s02:22s04:22s
Castleknock Stockton Green 00:23s02:23s04:23s
Castleknock Oak Lodge 00:23s02:23s04:23s
Castleknock St Brigid's Church 00:2402:2404:24
Castleknock Hawthorn Lawn 00:25s02:25s04:25s
Castleknock Ashleigh Green 00:26s02:26s04:26s
Castleknock Parklands 00:27s02:27s04:27s
Laurel Lodge (Dublin) Castleknock Avenue 00:27s02:27s04:27s
Carpenterstown Oaktree Avenue 00:28s02:28s04:28s
Carpenterstown Ave 00:29s02:29s04:29s
Carpenterstown Oaktree Green 00:29s02:29s04:29s
Carpenterstown Sycamore Drive 00:30s02:30s04:30s
Carpenterstown Bramley Walk 00:31s02:31s04:31s
Carpenterstown Bramley Park 00:32s02:32s04:32s
Carpenterstown Burnell Park Avenue 00:32s02:32s04:32s
Carpenterstown Diswellstown Road 00:33s02:33s04:33s
Carpenterstown Luttrellstown Court 00:35s02:35s04:35s
Carpenterstown Fernleigh Close 00:35s02:35s04:35s
Clonsilla The Courtyard 00:38s02:38s04:38s
Blanchardstown Limelawn 00:39s02:39s04:39s
Blanchardstown Lohunda Close 00:40s02:40s04:40s
Blanchardstown Mountview Road 00:41s02:41s04:41s
Blanchardstown Millennium Park 00:41s02:41s04:41s
Castaheaney Littlepace Gallops 00:51s02:51s04:51s
Castaheaney The Grove 00:52s02:52s04:52s
Castaheaney Deerhaven 00:53s02:53s04:53s
Castaheaney Huntstown Wood 00:53s02:53s04:53s
Pheasant Run Deerhaven 00:54s02:54s04:54s
Hunter's Run The Grove 00:55s02:55s04:55s
Castaheaney Littlepace Park 00:56s02:56s04:56s
Mulhuddart Littlepace 00:57s02:57s04:57s
Clonee Village 01:00s03:00s05:00s
Dunboyne Loughsallagh 01:01s03:01s05:01s
Dunboyne Clonee Sawmills 01:02s03:02s05:02s
Dunboyne Station 01:03s03:03s05:03s
Dunboyne St Peter's College 01:05s03:05s05:05s
Dunboyne NS 01:05s03:05s05:05s
Dunboyne Village 01:06s03:06s05:06s
Dunboyne NS 01:07s03:07s05:07s
Dunboyne St Peter's College 01:07s03:07s05:07s
Dunboyne Mill View 01:09s03:09s05:09s
Dunboyne Clonee Sawmills 01:10s03:10s05:10s
Dunboyne Loughsallagh 01:11s03:11s05:11s
Clonee Village 01:12s03:12s05:12s
Clonee Summerseat Court 01:13s03:13s05:13s
Damastown Industrial Park Damastown Road 01:16s03:16s05:16s
Mulhuddart Damastown Green 01:17s03:17s05:17s
Mulhuddart Damastown Ind Park 01:17s03:17s05:17s
Mulhuddart Damastown Close 01:19s03:19s05:19s
Mulhuddart Lady's Well Road 01:21s03:21s05:21s
Mulhuddart Parslickstown Ave 01:21s03:21s05:21s
Mulhuddart Castlecurragh Vale 01:22s03:22s05:22s
Mulhuddart Castlecurragh Heath 01:23s03:23s05:23s
Corduff Warrenstown Green 01:23s03:23s05:23s
Corduff Blackcourt Road 01:24s03:24s05:24s
Corduff Park 01:25s03:25s05:25s
Corduff Alexion 01:30s03:30s05:30s
Tyrrelstown 01:3403:3405:34

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 21 April 2024

Nitelink, Dublin Bus