74A - Houghton & Storrington - Horsham

A bus service operated by Compass Travel

Houghton & Storrington to Horsham

Storrington Bus Station (Stop B) 06:43
Storrington, opp Nightingale Lane 06:43
Storrington, adj Mead Lane 06:44
Storrington, adj Sullington Copse 06:44
Storrington, opp Rydon College 06:45
Abingworth, adj Greenhurst Lane 06:46
Abingworth Jackets Hill (N-bound) 06:47
Abingworth, adj High Bar Lane 06:48
Thakeham, adj South Hill Barn 06:49
Thakeham, adj Town House Farm 06:49
Thakeham, opp Goffsland Farm 06:50
West Chiltington, opp Picketty Cottages 06:50
Goose Green, adj Harbolets Road 06:51
Goose Green Coolham Road (NE-bound) 06:51
Coolham Hunger Hill (N-bound) 06:52
Coolham The Plantation (N-bound) 06:52
Coolham, adj Sproutes Lane 06:53
Coolham Road (N-bound) 06:53
Coolham Crossroads (N-bound) 06:54
Coolham, opp Slaughter Bridge Farm 06:54
Brooks Green, adj Purveyor's Farm 06:55
Brooks Green Coolham Road junction (just after) 06:56
Brooks Green Emms Lane (NE-bound) 06:56
Brooks Green, opp Caravan Park 06:57
Brooks Green, adj Saxon Farm 06:57
Brooks Green, opp Cross Lane 06:58
Barns Green, opp Farm Close 07:00
Barns Green The Hordens (opp 30) 07:01
Barns Green Parkers Corner (W-bound) 07:01
Barns Green, adj Recreation Ground 07:02
Barns Green Sandhills Road (N-bound) 07:02
Barns Green Plumtree Cross (NE-bound) 07:04
Itchingfield Shelley's Wood (N-bound) 07:05
Itchingfield, adj Weston's Farm 07:05
Itchingfield Christ's Hospital Road (E-bound) 07:06
Christ’s Hospital, adj King Edward Close 07:07
Christ’s Hospital, adj Bluecoat Pond 07:08
Christ’s Hospital, adj The Old Lodge 07:09
Tower Hill, opp Tower Close 07:11
Horsham, adj Larksfield 07:12
Horsham, opp Cricketfield Road 07:13
Horsham Bus Station (Bay A) 07:14

Horsham to Houghton & Storrington

Horsham Bus Station (Bay A) 16:35
Horsham Carfax (Stop H) 16:37
Horsham Albion Way (Stop Q) 16:37
Horsham Railway Station (Stop K) 16:40
Horsham, adj Law Courts 16:40
Horsham, o/s Hospital 16:41
Horsham, adj Parkfield 16:42
Horsham, opp Blunts Way 16:42
Horsham Springfield Road (SW-bound) 16:43
Horsham, adj Cricketfield Road 16:45
Horsham, opp Larksfield 16:45
Tower Hill, adj Tower Close 16:47
Christ’s Hospital, opp The Old Lodge 16:50
Christ’s Hospital, adj Infirmary Drive 16:51
Christ’s Hospital, opp King Edward Close 16:51
Itchingfield Christ's Hospital Road (W-bound) 16:52
Itchingfield Weston's Farm (W-bound) 16:53
Itchingfield Shelley's Wood (S-bound) 16:54
Barns Green Plumtree Cross (SW-bound) 16:54
Barns Green Sandhills Road (S-bound) 16:56
Barns Green, opp Recreation Ground 16:57
Barns Green, adj Farm Close 16:57
Brooks Green, adj Cross Lane 16:59
Brooks Green, opp Saxon Farm 17:00
Brooks Green, o/s Caravan Park 17:01
Brooks Green Emms Lane (SW-bound) 17:01
Brooks Green, before Coolham Road junction 17:02
Brooks Green, opp Purveyor's Farm 17:03
Coolham, adj Slaughter Bridge Farm 17:04
Coolham Crossroads (S-bound) 17:06
Coolham Road (S-bound) 17:06
Coolham, opp Sproutes Lane 17:06
Coolham The Plantation (S-bound) 17:07
Coolham Hunger Hill (S-bound) 17:07
Goose Green Coolham Road (SW-bound) 17:08
Goose Green, opp Harbolets Road 17:09
West Chiltington, adj Picketty Cottages 17:09
Thakeham, adj Goffsland Farm 17:09
Thakeham, opp Town House Farm 17:10
Thakeham, opp South Hill Barn 17:11
Abingworth, opp High Bar Lane 17:11
Abingworth Jackets Hill (S-bound) 17:12
Abingworth, opp Greenhurst Lane 17:13
Storrington, adj Rydon College 17:14
Storrington, opp Sullington Copse 17:15
Storrington, opp Mead Lane 17:15
Storrington, adj Nightingale Lane 17:16
Storrington Bus Station (Stop B) 15:3017:17
Storrington, adj Rectory Road 15:30
Storrington, opp The Willows 15:31
Storrington, opp The Brackens 15:31
Storrington, opp New Town Road 15:32
Storrington, adj Paygate 15:33
Cootham, opp Paddock Wood 15:34
Rackham, opp Springhead Farm 15:35
Rackham Amberley Road (W-bound) 15:37
Rackham Farm (adj) 15:38
Rackham Street (N-bound) 15:38
Rackham House (opp) 15:39
Rackham Cross Gates (SW-bound) 15:40
Amberley, opp The Sportsman 15:40
Amberley, adj Hurst Cottages 15:41
Amberley, o/s Primary School 15:42
Amberley, adj Mill Lane 15:42
Amberley High Titten (S-bound) 15:44
Amberley, adj Bridge Inn 15:46
Houghton Farm (adj) 15:47
Houghton, opp George and Dragon 15:48

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Compass_Travel/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 8 April 2024

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