74B - Clacton - Thorrington Cross - Wivenhoe - Colchester

A bus service operated by First Essex

Clacton Jackson Road - Colchester Stanwell St.

Clacton Jackson Road (Stand F) 19:12
Clacton, o/s Morrisons 19:1521:15
Clacton, adj Anchor Road 19:1621:16
Clacton, opp Bryans Garage 19:1621:16
Clacton, opp Dudley Road 19:1721:17
Clacton, opp Jameson Road 19:1821:18
Clacton, adj Coopers Lane Shops 19:2021:20
Clacton, opp Lake Avenue 19:2021:20
Clacton, opp Birch Close 19:2121:21
Bockings Elm, opp Nien Oord 19:2221:22
Bockings Elm, adj Waterworks Drive 19:2321:23
Bockings Elm, o/s Brace of Pistols 19:2421:24
Bockings Elm, opp Clacton Garden Centre 19:2421:24
Bockings Elm, adj Jaywick Lane 19:2521:25
Bockings Elm, adj Rouses Lane 19:2621:26
Bockings Elm, opp Earls Hall 19:2621:26
Bockings Elm St John's Road Layby (W-bound) 19:2721:27
Bockings Elm, opp Pump Hill Garage 19:2721:27
St Osyth, opp D'Arcy Road 19:2921:29
St Osyth, adj Rochford Road 19:2921:29
St Osyth, o/s The Red Lion 19:3021:30
St Osyth Colchester Road (N-bound) 19:3021:30
St Osyth, opp The Kings Arms 19:3021:30
St Osyth, o/s Wellwick House 19:3021:30
St Osyth, opp Oaklands 19:3221:32
St Osyth, opp Frowick Lane 19:3321:33
Aingers Green, o/s Bentley Country Park 19:3321:33
Thorrington, opp The Red Lion 19:3621:36
Thorrington, opp Post Office 19:3721:37
Thorrington, adj Brightlingsea Road 19:3821:38
Alresford, opp Brook Farm 19:3921:39
Alresford St Osyth Road (W-bound) 19:4021:40
Alresford Coach Road Corner (W-bound) 19:4021:40
Alresford, opp The Pointer 19:4121:41
Alresford Wivenhoe Road (W-bound) 19:4121:41
Alresford, o/s Marsh Farm Corner 19:4221:42
Wivenhoe, o/s Villa Farm 19:4321:43
Wivenhoe, adj Bowes Road 19:4421:44
Wivenhoe Cemetery (S-bound) 19:4521:45
Wivenhoe, opp Co-op 19:4621:46
Wivenhoe, adj Rosabelle Avenue 19:4621:46
Wivenhoe Cross (N-bound) 19:4721:47
Wivenhoe, opp The Flag 19:4821:48
University of Essex, opp South Courts 19:5121:51
University of Essex, opp Valley Road 19:5221:52
University of Essex Subway (NW-bound) 19:5321:53
University of Essex Knowledge Gateway (N-bound) 19:5421:54
Colchester, adj Mascot Square 19:5521:55
The Hythe, o/s Tesco Store 19:5721:57
The Hythe, adj Station Road 19:5721:57
Colchester, adj Davey Close 19:5721:57
Colchester, opp Tabor Road 19:5821:58
Colchester, opp Kerry Court 19:5921:59
Colchester, opp The Surgery 20:0122:01
Colchester Coach Stop (W-bound) 20:0222:02
Colchester Greyfriars (Stop Hb) 20:0222:02
Colchester Stanwell Street (Stop Bb) 20:0522:05

Colchester Stanwell St. - Clacton Jackson Road

Colchester Stanwell Street (Stop Bb) 20:1022:10
Colchester Town Railway Station (Stop B) 20:1122:11
Colchester, o/s Sportsman's Club 20:1122:11
Colchester, opp Cannon Street 20:1222:12
Colchester, opp Port Lane 20:1322:13
Colchester, o/s St Leonard's Church 20:1422:14
The Hythe, opp Maudlyn Road 20:1522:15
The Hythe, o/s Hythe Railway Station 20:1622:16
The Hythe, opp Tesco Store 20:1822:18
Colchester, opp Mascot Square 20:1822:18
University of Essex Knowledge Gateway (S-bound) 20:2022:20
University of Essex Subway (SE-bound) 20:2122:21
University of Essex, adj Valley Road 20:2222:22
University of Essex, adj South Courts 20:2422:24
Wivenhoe, o/s The Flag 20:2722:27
Wivenhoe, opp Heath Road 20:2722:27
Wivenhoe Cross (S-bound) 20:2722:27
Wivenhoe, opp Rosabelle Avenue 20:2822:28
Wivenhoe, o/s Co-op 20:2922:29
Wivenhoe Cemetery (N-bound) 20:2922:29
Wivenhoe, opp Bowes Road 20:3022:30
Wivenhoe, opp Villa Farm 20:3122:31
Alresford, opp Marsh Farm Corner 20:3222:32
Alresford Wivenhoe Road (E-bound) 20:3322:33
Alresford, o/s The Pointer 20:3422:34
Alresford Coach Road Corner (E-bound) 20:3422:34
Alresford St Osyth Road (E-bound) 20:3422:34
Alresford, o/s Brook Farm 20:3522:35
Alresford Tenpenny Bridge (SE-bound) 20:3622:36
Thorrington, opp Brightlingsea Road 20:3722:37
Thorrington, o/s Post Office 20:3722:37
Thorrington, o/s The Red Lion 20:3822:38
Aingers Green, opp Bentley Country Park 20:4122:41
St Osyth, adj Frowick Lane 20:4122:41
St Osyth, o/s Oaklands 20:4222:42
St Osyth, opp Wellwick House 20:4422:44
St Osyth, adj The Kings Arms 20:4422:44
St Osyth Colchester Road (S-bound) 20:4422:44
St Osyth, opp The Red Lion 20:4522:45
St Osyth, adj Longfields 20:4522:45
St Osyth, adj Abbots Gardens 20:4622:46
Bockings Elm, o/s Pump Hill Garage 20:4722:47
Bockings Elm, adj Earls Hall 20:4822:48
Bockings Elm, opp Rouses Lane 20:4822:48
Bockings Elm, opp Jaywick Lane 20:4922:49
Bockings Elm, o/s Clacton Garden Centre 20:5022:50
Bockings Elm, opp Brace of Pistols 20:5122:51
Bockings Elm, opp Waterworks Drive 20:5122:51
Bockings Elm, adj Nien Oord 20:5122:51
Clacton, opp Boxted Ave 20:5222:52
Clacton, adj Birch Close 20:5322:53
Clacton, adj Lake Avenue 20:5322:53
Clacton, opp Coopers Lane Shops 20:5522:55
Clacton, adj Dudley Road 20:5722:57
Clacton, o/s Bryans Garage 20:5822:58
Clacton, opp Aldi 20:5922:59
Clacton Jackson Road (Stand F) 21:0023:00

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