755 - Morecambe - Carnforth - Bowness

Operated by Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire

Morecambe - Carnforth - Bowness

Heysham, by Ocean Edge Leisure Park 08:0509:3510:3513:5016:5019:50
Heysham, by Rothesay Crescent 08:0809:3810:3813:5316:5319:53
Heysham, opp Londonderry Road 08:0909:3910:3913:5416:5419:54
Heysham, adj Combermere Road 08:1009:4010:4013:5516:5519:55
Heysham, opp Bell Aire Park 08:1009:4010:4013:5516:5519:55
Heysham, opp Tomlinson Road 08:1109:4110:4113:5616:5619:56
Heysham, by Towers 08:1309:4310:4313:5816:5819:58
Heysham, by Brentlea Crescent 08:1309:4310:4313:58
Heysham, by Strawberry Gardens 08:1509:4510:4514:00
Heysham Avenue (by) 08:1509:4510:4514:00
Heysham, by Royds Grove 08:1709:4710:4714:02
Sandylands, by Oxcliffe Road 08:1709:4710:4714:02
Sandylands, opp Furness Road 08:1909:4910:4914:04
Sandylands, opp Fairfield Road 08:2009:5010:5014:05
Sandylands, opp Stanley Road 08:2109:5110:5114:06
Sandylands Battery (Stop 1) 08:2209:5210:5214:07
West End, opp Regent Road 08:2409:5410:5414:09
Morecambe, opp Highfield Crescent 08:2509:5510:5514:10
Morecambe, opp ALDI 08:2609:5610:5614:11
Morecambe, by Festival Market 08:2709:5710:5714:12
Morecambe Bus Station (Stand 1) 08:2809:5810:5814:13
Morecambe, o/s Arndale Centre 08:3110:0111:0114:1716:16
Morecambe Euston Road School (Stop C) 08:3310:0311:0314:1816:18
Morecambe, by Health Centre 08:3410:0411:0416:19
Morecambe, by Lord Street 08:3410:0411:0416:19
Morecambe, opp Town Hall 08:3510:0511:0516:20
Morecambe, opp Thornton Road 08:3610:0611:0616:21
Morecambe, opp Broadway 08:3710:0711:0716:22
Bare, opp St Margarets Road 08:3810:0811:0816:23
Bare, opp Beach Street 08:3910:0911:0916:24
Bare, opp Happy Mount Park 08:4010:1011:1016:25
Bare, o/s Leisure Club 08:4110:1111:1116:26
Hest Bank, opp Rushley Drive 08:4210:1211:1216:27
Hest Bank, opp The Crescent 08:4210:1211:1216:27
Hest Bank, o/s Railway Station 08:4310:1311:1316:28
Hest Bank, opp Hatlex Lane 08:4310:1311:1316:28
Hest Bank, opp Greenacre Park 08:4310:1311:1316:28
Bolton-le-Sands, by Pasture Lane 08:4410:1411:1416:29
Bolton-le-Sands, adj Coastal Road 08:4510:1511:1516:30
Bolton-le-Sands, by St Michaels Lane 08:4610:1611:1616:31
Bolton-le-Sands, opp Royal Hotel 08:4710:1711:1716:32
Detron Gate, by Hawthorn Road 08:4810:1811:1816:33
Detron Gate Farm (by) 08:4910:1911:1916:34
Crag Bank (by) 08:5110:2111:2116:36
Carnforth, by Redcourt 08:5210:2211:2216:37
Carnforth Police Station (Stop 1) 08:5310:2311:2316:38
Carnforth Railway Station (Stop 2) 08:5410:2411:2416:39
Carnforth Scotland Road (Stop 5) 08:5510:2611:2616:40
Carnforth, by Pine Lake 09:0110:3211:3216:46
Hale, o/s Kings Arms Hotel 09:0910:4011:4016:54
Beetham, o/s Heron Theatre 09:1010:4111:4116:55
Milnthorpe, opp Methodist Church 09:1310:4411:4416:58
Milnthorpe Grisleymires Lane (near) 09:1310:4411:4416:58
Milnthorpe, opp Top of Church Street 09:1310:4411:4416:58
Levens Bridge (o/s) 09:1810:4911:4917:03
Levens Bridge Slip Road (near) 09:1810:4911:4917:03
Brettargh Holt, o/s Heaves Hotel 09:1910:5011:5017:04
Brettargh Holt, at approach 09:2010:5111:5117:05
Prizet, opp Travelodge 09:2210:5311:5317:07
Kendal, at Lumley Road 09:2510:5611:5617:10
Kendal South, at Thornleigh Road 09:2610:5711:5717:11
Kendal South, at Romney Road 09:2610:5711:5717:11
Kendal South College drop off (near) 09:2710:5811:5817:12
Kendal South K Village (near) 09:2810:5911:5917:13
Kendal, o/s Kirkland 09:3011:0112:0117:15
Kendal, at Highgate 09:3111:0212:0217:16
Kendal, o/s The Shakespeare Inn 09:3111:0212:0217:16
Kendal Bus Station (Ken) (Stand C) 09:3411:0512:0517:19
Kendal, adj Queens Road 11:0812:0817:22
Kendal, opp Whinfell School 11:0912:0917:23
Kendal, opp Helsfell Hall 11:0912:0917:23
Plantation Bridge, at Ratherheath Road End 11:1212:1217:26
Plantation Bridge, at lay-by 11:1412:1417:28
Reston Cottages (opp) 11:1812:1817:32
Ings, at turn for village 11:2012:2017:34
Windermere, at Thwaite Lane 11:2512:2517:39
Windermere Bus Rail Interchange (Stop 1) 11:2612:2617:40
Windermere, o/s Barclays Bank 11:2912:2917:42
Windermere, o/s Library 11:3012:3017:43
Goodley Dale, at Brook Court 11:3112:3117:44
Goodley Dale, at Baddeley Clock 11:3212:3217:45
Goodley Dale, o/s Oakleigh Guest House 11:3312:3317:46
Bowness on Windermere, at Beresford Road 11:3412:3417:47
Bowness on Windermere, opp Royalty Cinema 11:3512:3517:48
Bowness on Windermere, opp St Martins Church 11:3712:3717:50
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Bowness Pier 11:3812:3817:51

Bowness - Carnforth - Morecambe

Bowness on Windermere, o/s Bowness Pier 11:5512:5517:55
Bowness on Windermere, in St Martins Church 11:5512:5517:55
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Royalty Cinema 11:5712:5717:57
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Bank Road 11:5812:5817:58
Goodley Dale, opp Windermere Health Centre 11:5912:5917:59
Goodley Dale, opp Baddeley Clock 12:0013:0018:00
Goodley Dale, o/s Brook Road 12:0113:0118:01
Windermere, opp Library 12:0213:0218:02
Windermere, opp Beech Street 12:0313:0318:03
Windermere Bus Rail Interchange (Stop 1) 12:0513:0518:05
Windermere Thwaite Lane (near) 12:0713:0718:07
Ings, opp turn for village 12:1213:1218:12
Reston Cottages (o/s) 12:1413:1418:14
Plantation Bridge road end (near) 12:1713:1718:17
Plantation Bridge, opp Ratherheath Road End 12:1913:1918:19
Kendal, at Hellsfell 12:2213:2218:22
Kendal, on Underley Road 12:2313:2318:23
Kendal, at Union Street 12:2313:2318:23
Kendal Blackhall Road (Stand F) 12:2413:2418:24
Kendal, at Weavers Court 09:4612:2813:2818:28
Kendal South, opp K Village 09:4812:3013:3018:30
Kendal South Lound Road Garage (near) 09:4812:3013:3018:30
Kendal South Romney Road (near) 09:5012:3213:3218:32
Kendal South, opp Collin Road 09:5112:3313:3318:33
Kendal South Lumley Road (near) 09:5212:3413:3418:34
Prizet Travelodge (near) 09:5312:3513:3518:35
Brettargh Holt roundabout slip road (near) 09:5612:3813:3818:38
Brettargh Holt, at approach 09:5612:3813:3818:38
Brettargh Holt Heaves Hotel (near) 09:5712:3913:3918:39
Levens Bridge (opp) 09:5912:4113:4118:41
Milnthorpe, o/s Top of Church Street 10:0312:4513:4518:45
Milnthorpe, opp Grisleymires Lane 10:0312:4513:4518:45
Milnthorpe, o/s Methodist Church 10:0412:4613:4618:46
Beetham, opp Primary School 10:0612:4813:4818:48
Hale Kings Arms Hotel (near) 10:0712:4913:4918:49
Carnforth, by Pine Lake 10:1612:5813:5818:58
Carnforth Scotland Road (Stop 4) 10:1913:0114:0119:01
Carnforth New Street (Stop 8) 10:2013:0214:0219:02
Carnforth, by Canal Turn 10:2213:0414:0419:04
Crag Bank (opp) 10:2313:0514:0519:05
Detron Gate Farm (opp) 10:2513:0714:0719:07
Bolton-le-Sands, by Whin Grove 10:2613:0814:0819:08
Bolton-le-Sands, by Brookfield View 10:2713:0914:0919:09
Bolton-le-Sands, opp St Michaels Lane 10:2813:1014:1019:10
Bolton-le-Sands, by Coastal Road 10:2813:1014:1019:10
Bolton-le-Sands, opp Pasture Lane 10:2913:1114:1119:11
Hest Bank, by Greenacre Park 10:2913:1114:1119:11
Hest Bank, by Hatlex Lane 10:3013:1214:1219:12
Hest Bank, by Station Road 10:3013:1214:1219:12
Hest Bank, by The Crescent 10:3013:1214:1219:12
Hest Bank, by Rushley Drive 10:3013:1214:1219:12
Bare, opp Leisure Club 10:3113:1314:1319:13
Bare, by Happy Mount Park 10:3313:1514:1519:15
Bare, by Princes Crescent 10:3413:1614:1619:16
Bare, by St Margarets Road 10:3513:1714:1719:17
Morecambe, by Broadway 10:3613:1814:1819:18
Morecambe, by Thornton Road 10:3713:1914:1919:19
Morecambe, by Town Hall 10:3813:2014:2019:20
Morecambe, adj Lord Street 10:3813:2014:2019:20
Morecambe, opp Health Centre 10:3913:2114:2119:21
Morecambe Euston Road School (Stop A) 09:0210:0210:4013:2214:2216:2719:22
Morecambe, by Arndale Centre 09:0210:0210:4013:2214:2216:2719:22
Morecambe Bus Station (Stand 4) 09:0410:0410:4213:2414:2416:2919:24
Morecambe, by Morrisons 09:0510:0510:4313:2516:3019:25
Morecambe, by ALDI 09:0710:0710:4513:2716:3219:27
Morecambe, by Highfield Crescent 09:0810:0810:4613:2816:3319:28
West End, by Regent Road 09:0810:0810:4613:2816:3319:28
West End, by West Street 09:1010:1010:4813:3016:3519:30
Sandylands Battery (Stop 3) 09:1110:1110:4913:3116:3619:31
Sandylands, by Stanley Road 09:1110:1113:3116:3619:31
Sandylands, by Fairfield Road 09:1210:1213:3216:3719:32
Sandylands, by Furness Road 09:1310:1313:3316:3819:33
Heysham, by Oxcliffe Road 09:1410:1413:3416:3919:34
Heysham, by Tranmere Avenue 09:1410:1413:3416:3919:34
Heysham, opp Strawberry Gardens 09:1510:1513:3516:4019:35
Heysham, by Longlands Lane End 09:1510:1513:3516:4019:35
Heysham, by Mossgate Road 09:1610:1613:3616:4119:36
Heysham, by Towers 09:1710:1713:3716:4219:37
Heysham, o/s Primary Care Centre 09:1710:1713:3716:4219:37
Heysham, by Tomlinson Road 09:1810:1813:3816:4319:38
Heysham, by Brooklands Drive 09:1810:1813:3816:4319:38
Heysham, by Bell Aire Park 09:1910:1913:3916:4419:39
Heysham, opp Combermere Road 09:2010:2013:4016:4519:40
Heysham, by Londonderry Road 09:2110:2113:4116:4619:41
Heysham, opp Rothesay Crescent 09:2110:2113:4116:4619:41
Heysham, by Ocean Edge Leisure Park 09:2510:2513:4516:5019:45

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