76 - Cirencester - Highworth

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Highworth Swindon Street - Cirencester The Forum

Highworth Swindon Street (N-bound) 07:40
Highworth Stapleton Close (W-bound) 07:40
Highworth Station Road (N-bound) 07:40
Highworth Home Farm (N-bound) 07:41
Highworth Islay Crescent (E-bound) 07:41
Highworth Folly Crescent (SE-bound) 07:42
Highworth Westrop (SE-bound) 07:42
Highworth Haresfield Roundabout (N-bound) 07:43
Upper Inglesham (N-bound) 07:47
Lechlade, nr Londis Shop 07:52
Lechlade, by The Bakery 07:52
Lechlade, after Jubilee Hall 07:52
Lechlade, opp The Close 07:53
Lechlade, opp Kingsmead 07:54
Lechlade, nr Hambidge Lane Crossroads 07:57
Southrop, nr Great Lemhill School stop 07:59
Southrop Quarry View (corner of) 08:02
Southrop, adj The Swan 08:04 09:16
Southrop School (by) 08:04 09:16
Fyfield, by Baxters Barns 08:06 09:18
Eastleach Martin, by Churches 08:10 09:22
Eastleach Turville, opp The Victoria Inn 08:12 09:24
Eastleach Turville, before Beer Furlong Turn 08:12 09:24
Hatherop, opp Willamstrip Farm 08:18 09:30
Hatherop, by The Piece 08:22
Fairford, opp Fire Station 08:31
Hatherop, o/s Primary School 09:32
Hatherop, nr Castle School 09:33
Coln St Aldwyns, opp Post Office 09:34
Coln St Aldwyns, by The New Inn 09:35
Quenington, opp Coneygar Road 09:36
Quenington, on The Green 09:37
Fairford, nr Mill Lane 09:41
Fairford, after Churchill Place 08:31
Fairford, nr The Vortex Inn 09:42
Fairford, in Farmors School Grounds 08:35
Fairford, opp Cricket Field 08:38 09:44
Fairford, nr Market Place 08:40 09:45
Fairford, nr Lakeside 09:46
Fairford, o/s St Thomas Church 09:47
RAF Fairford Main Gate (by) 09:50
Whelford, by Pope's Court 09:54
Kempsford, by Washpool Lane 09:55
Kempsford, by The Knoll 09:56
Kempsford, by Cross Tree Crescent 09:57
Kempsford, by Primary School 09:58
Kempsford, by Mount Pleasant School stop 09:58
Marston Meysey The Turn (W-bound) 10:01
Marston Meysey The Turn (NW-bound) 10:02
Marston Meysey Stonewold House (N-bound) 10:03
Marston Meysey Greenleaze (NE-bound) 10:04
Down Ampney, nr Broadleaze 10:10
Poulton, nr Priory 10:13
Poulton, opp The Falcon 10:15
Ampney St Peter, opp Red Lion 10:16
Ampney St Peter, opp Village Street 10:17
Ampney Crucis, by St Mary's Church 10:18
Ampney Crucis, opp Crown of Crucis Hotel 10:19
Ampney Crucis, opp Ampney Park 10:20
Norcote House (by) 10:21
Cirencester, after Kingshill Lane 10:22
The Beeches Pheasant Way (corner of) 10:23
The Beeches Churchill Road (corner of) 10:23
Cirencester, before Burford Road 10:23
Cirencester, by Beeches Car Park 10:24
Cirencester, opp The Forum 10:25

Cirencester The Forum - Highworth Swindon Street

Cirencester, opp The Forum 12:40
Cirencester, opp Beeches Car Park 12:40
Cirencester Burford Road (corner of) 12:41
The Beeches, opp Churchill Road 12:41
The Beeches, opp Pheasant Way 12:42
Cirencester, before Kingshill Lane 12:42
Norcote House (nr) 12:44
Ampney Crucis, nr Ampney Park 12:46
Ampney Crucis, nr Crown of Crucis Hotel 12:48
Ampney Crucis, opp St Mary's Church 12:48
Ampney St Peter, before Village Street 12:49
Poulton, by The Falcon 12:51
Poulton, by Priory 12:53
Down Ampney, after Broadleaze 12:58
Marston Meysey Greenleaze (SW-bound) 13:05
Marston Meysey Stonewold House (S-bound) 13:06
Marston Meysey The Turn (SE-bound) 13:07
Marston Meysey Turn (E-bound) 13:07
Kempsford, nr Primary School 13:13
Kempsford, opp Cross Tree Crescent 13:13
Kempsford, by Chapel Close School stop 13:13
Kempsford, opp The Knoll 13:14
Fairford, in Farmors School Grounds 14:30
Kempsford, opp Washpool Lane 13:16
Whelford, nr Pope's Court 13:18
RAF Fairford Main Gate (nr) 13:22
Fairford, opp St Thomas Church 13:24
Fairford, by Lakeside 13:25
Fairford, nr The Vortex Inn 13:26
Fairford, opp Churchill Place 14:32
Fairford, after Market Place 13:28
Fairford, by Fire Station 14:32
Hatherop, opp The Piece 14:38
Fairford, o/s Cricket Field 13:28
Fairford, nr The Garretts 13:31
Quenington, opp The Green 13:35
Quenington, by Coneygar Road 13:35
Coln St Aldwyns, opp The New Inn 13:36
Coln St Aldwyns, o/s Post Office 13:36
Hatherop, opp Castle School 13:37
Hatherop, opp Primary School 13:37
Hatherop, by Williamstrip Farm 13:40 14:42
Eastleach Turville, after Beer Furlong Turn 13:45 14:47
Eastleach Turville, by The Victoria Inn 13:47 14:49
Eastleach Martin, nr Churches 13:48 14:50
Fyfield, opp Baxters Barns 13:52 14:54
Southrop School (before) 13:54 14:56
Southrop, opp The Swan 13:55 14:57
Southrop, opp Quarry View 14:58
Southrop, nr Great Lemhill School stop 15:01
Lechlade, by Hambidge Lane Crossroads 15:03
Lechlade, after Roman Way School stop 15:08
Lechlade, nr Jubilee Hall 15:09
Lechlade, opp The Bakery 15:09
Lechlade, on Market Place 15:10
Upper Inglesham (S-bound) 15:15
Highworth Haresfield Roundabout (S-bound) 15:20
Highworth Swindon Street (S-bound) 15:25

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 4 June 2021

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