76A - Tamworth - Hurley

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus


Tamworth to Hurley

Tamworth, adj Victoria Road Bus Interchange 06:3007:1007:4515:5517:1017:55
Ventura Park, opp McDonalds Restaurant 06:3607:1607:5116:0117:1618:01
Ventura Park, opp Asda Store 06:3807:1807:5316:0317:1818:03
Ventura Park, opp Sutton Avenue 06:4007:2007:5516:0417:2018:05
Fazeley, opp Bitterscote Lane 06:4107:2107:5616:0617:2118:06
Fazeley, opp Brook End 06:4207:2207:5716:0717:2218:07
Two Gates, opp Bletchley Drive 06:4307:2307:5916:0817:2318:08
Two Gates, adj Parkfield Court 06:4507:2508:0016:0917:2518:10
Two Gates, opp Appian Close 06:4507:2508:0016:1017:2518:10
Two Gates, opp Stanegate 06:4507:2508:0116:1017:2518:10
Dosthill, opp Blackwood Road 08:0216:11
Dosthill, adj Cottage Farm Road 06:4707:2708:0216:1117:2718:12
Dosthill, opp Welford Road 06:4807:2808:0416:1317:2818:13
Dosthill, adj The Fox Inn 06:4807:2808:0416:1317:2818:13
Kingsbury, adj Manor Farm 06:5107:3108:0716:1517:3118:16
Kingsbury, opp Ralph Crescent 08:0916:17
Kingsbury, opp Barlow Court 06:5207:3208:0916:1717:3218:17
Kingsbury, opp White Swan 06:5307:3308:1016:1817:3318:18
Kingsbury, opp Church Lane 06:5307:3308:1216:1817:3318:18
Kingsbury, nr Mill Crescent 06:5507:3508:1416:2017:3518:20
Hurley, opp Post Office 06:5907:3908:1816:2417:3918:24
Hurley, adj Queens Way 07:0007:4008:1916:2517:4018:25
Hurley, opp Woodbridge Park 07:0007:4008:1916:2517:4018:25
Hurley, nr Queensway 07:0007:4008:1916:2517:4018:25
Hurley, opp Princes Road 07:0007:4008:1916:2517:4018:25
Hurley, opp Coronation Road 07:0007:4008:1916:2517:4018:25
Hurley, nr Knowle Hill 07:0107:4108:2016:2617:4118:26
Hurley, opp Anchor Inn 07:0207:4208:2116:2717:4218:27
Hurley Common (Adj) 07:0207:4208:2116:2717:4218:27
Hurley, opp Whire Hart 07:0307:4308:2216:2817:4318:28
Wood End, opp Tamworth Road 07:0407:4408:2316:2917:4418:29
Wood End, opp Islington Crescent 07:0507:4508:2416:3017:4518:30
Wood End, adj Smith Street 07:0507:4508:2416:3017:4518:30
Wood End, adj Whateley Villas 07:0607:4608:2516:3117:4618:31
Piccadilly, adj Perryman Drive 07:0807:4808:2716:3317:4818:33

Hurley to Tamworth

Piccadilly, adj Perryman Drive 07:0807:4808:2716:3317:4818:33
Kingsbury, opp Mill Crescent 07:1507:55
Kingsbury, adj Church Lane 07:1607:56
Kingsbury, opp White Swan 07:1707:5708:3116:3617:5118:36
Kingsbury, adj Barlow Court 07:1807:5808:3216:3617:5118:36
Kingsbury, adj Ralph Crescent 07:1807:5808:3216:3617:5118:36
Kingsbury, opp Manor Farm 07:2008:0008:3416:3817:5318:38
Dosthill, opp Ascot Drive 07:2308:0308:3716:4117:5618:41
Dosthill, opp The Fox Inn 07:2308:0308:3716:4117:5618:41
Dosthill, adj Welford Road 07:2408:0408:3816:4217:5718:42
Dosthill, opp Cottage Farm Road 07:2408:0408:3816:4217:5718:42
Dosthill, adj Blackwood Road 07:2508:0508:3916:4317:5818:43
Two Gates, adj Stanegate 07:2508:0508:3916:4317:5818:43
Two Gates, adj Appian Close 07:2608:0608:4016:4417:5918:44
Two Gates, opp Parkfield Court 07:2708:0708:4116:4518:0018:45
Two Gates, adj Bletchley Drive 07:2708:0708:4116:4518:0018:45
Fazeley, adj Brook End 07:2908:0908:4316:4718:0218:47
Fazeley, nr The Square 07:2908:0908:4316:4818:0318:48
Fazeley, adj Bitterscote Lane 07:3008:1008:4416:4918:0418:49
Ventura Park, adj Sutton Avenue 07:3108:1108:4516:4918:0418:49
Ventura Park, adj Lakeview Avenue 07:3108:1108:4516:5018:0518:50
Ventura Park Road (adj) 07:3108:1108:4516:5018:0518:50
Ventura Park, adj Asda Store 07:3308:1308:4716:5218:0718:52
Ventura Park, adj Mcdonalds Restaurant 07:3408:1408:4816:5318:0818:53
Tamworth, adj Victoria Road Bus Interchange 07:4008:2008:5516:5918:1418:59

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 16 January 2023

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