77A - Chesterfield - Worksop

Operated by Stagecoach Yorkshire


Chesterfield - Worksop

Chesterfield New Beetwell Street (Stop B6) 20:0523:10
Chesterfield Beetwell Street (Stop G) 20:0623:11
Chesterfield Cavendish Street (Stop T3) 20:0823:13
Chesterfield Durrant Road (NE-bound) 20:0923:14
Chesterfield Brewery Street (SE-bound) 20:1023:15
Chesterfield, opp Tapton Terrace 20:1023:15
Chesterfield, opp Tapton Junction 20:1123:16
Tapton, adj Swaddale Avenue 20:1223:17
Tapton, opp Balmoak Lane 20:1323:18
Tapton Brimington Road Bottom (NE-bound) 20:1423:19
Brimington, opp Crematorium 20:1423:19
Brimington, opp Cemetery 20:1523:20
Brimington, opp Briar View 20:1523:20
Brimington, adj Ark Tavern 20:1623:21
Brimington, adj Three Horseshoes 20:1723:22
Hollingwood, opp Ringwood Hall 20:1823:23
Hollingwood Troughbrook Bottom (E-bound) 20:1923:24
Inkersall, opp Ringwood Park 20:2023:24
Inkersall, adj Double Top 20:2223:26
Inkersall, adj Attlee Road 7 20:2223:26
Inkersall, adj Smith Avenue 20:2323:27
Inkersall, adj Stanley Avenue 69 20:2323:27
Inkersall, opp Dobson Place 20:2423:28
Inkersall, adj Curbar Curve 57 20:2423:28
Inkersall, opp Curbar Curve Shops 20:2523:29
Inkersall, opp Lodge Place 20:2523:29
Inkersall, opp Elliott Drive Top 20:2623:30
Inkersall, adj Westwood Club 20:2623:30
Inkersall, adj Hillman Drive 54 20:2723:31
Inkersall, opp Hillman Drive Shops 20:2723:31
Inkersall Summerskill Green (NW-bound) 20:2823:32
Middlecroft, adj Wensley Way 20:3023:34
Middlecroft, opp Springwell School 20:3023:34
Middlecroft, adj Ladybower Lane 20:3123:35
Middlecroft, adj Cavendish Street 20:3223:36
Middlecroft, opp Frecheville Street 20:3323:37
Staveley, opp Lime Avenue 20:3423:38
Staveley Market Street (Stop 2) 20:3523:39
Staveley Duke Street (N-bound) 20:3523:39
Staveley, adj Duke Street Roundabout 20:3623:40
Staveley Lowgates (E-bound) 20:3623:40
Staveley, opp Ralph Road 20:3723:41
Mastin Moor, opp Norbriggs 20:3923:43
Mastin Moor, adj Lansbury Stores 20:4023:44
Mastin Moor, opp Wickins Place 20:4023:44
Mastin Moor, adj Valley Road 20:4123:45
Mastin Moor, opp Miners Welfare 20:4123:45
Mastin Moor, opp Post Office 20:4323:47
Mastin Moor Crossroads (NE-bound) 20:4323:47
Mastin Moor, adj Providence Place 20:4423:48
Mastin Moor, opp Castle View Nursing Home 20:4423:48
Mastin Moor Worksop Road (E-bound) 20:4423:48
Mastin Moor Motorway Bridge (NE-bound) 20:4523:49
Barlborough, opp Motel 20:4623:50
Barlborough, adj Ashleigh Road 20:4723:51
Barlborough, adj War Memorial 20:4823:52
Barlborough, adj De Rodes Arms 20:4823:52
Barlborough, opp Council Houses 20:4923:53
Clowne, opp Boughton Lane Top 20:5223:55
Clowne, adj Boughton Lane School 20:5323:56
Clowne, adj Chestnut Drive 20:5323:56
Clowne, adj Boughton Lane Bottom 20:5423:57
Clowne, adj Miners Welfare 20:5523:58
Clowne, adj Tesco 20:5523:58
Clowne, adj Wilkinson 20:55
Clowne, adj Recreation Close 20:56
Clowne, adj Victory Signs 20:56
Clowne, opp Travellers Rest 20:58
Clowne, opp Duke Street 20:58
Clowne, adj Gapsick Lane 20:59
Creswell Sheffield Road (SE-bound) 21:01
Creswell, opp Hazelmere Road End 21:02
Creswell, adj Chestnut Drive 21:03
Creswell, opp Cemetery 21:04
Creswell, adj Station Hotel 21:04
Creswell, opp Ann Street 21:04
Creswell Elmton Road (SW-bound) 21:05
Creswell, opp Holbeck Street 21:05
Creswell, adj Bullivant Avenue 21:06
Creswell, adj Manse Avenue 21:06
Creswell Elmton Road (NE-bound) 21:07
Creswell, opp Station Hotel 21:08
Creswell, adj Cemetery 21:08
Creswell, opp Chestnut Drive 21:09
Creswell, adj Hazelmere Road End 21:11
Creswell, opp Boalers Corner 21:11
Bakestone Moor Peter More Hill (N-bound) 21:12
Bakestone Moor, opp New Street 21:14
Bakestone Moor, opp Royal Oak 21:15
Bakestone Moor, opp Franklyn Avenue 21:16
Whitwell, opp Southfield Lane 21:16
Whitwell Square (N-bound) 21:17
Whitwell, opp Co-op 21:17
Whitwell, adj New Middle Club 21:18
Hodthorpe, opp Queens Close 21:19
Hodthorpe, adj Club 21:20
Hodthorpe, adj Birks Close 21:20
Hodthorpe Broad Lane (SE-bound) 21:22
Worksop, adj Ratcliffe Grange Farm 21:23
Worksop, adj Chesterfield Road 21:25
Worksop, adj Manor Lodge Lane 21:26
Worksop Manor (opp) 21:26
Worksop, adj St Annes Drive 21:27
Worksop Mansfield Road (o/s 38) 21:27
Worksop, opp St Annes Church 21:28
Worksop, opp Norfolk Street 21:29
Worksop Bus Station (Bay G) 21:30

Worksop - Chesterfield

Worksop Bus Station (Bay G) 18:3521:35
Worksop, adj Norfolk Street 18:3621:36
Worksop, o/s St Annes Church 18:3621:36
Worksop Mansfield Road (opp 56) 18:3721:37
Worksop, opp St Annes Drive 18:3821:38
Worksop Manor (adj) 18:3821:38
Worksop, opp Manor Lodge Lane 18:3921:39
Worksop, opp Chesterfield Road 18:3921:39
Worksop, opp Ratcliffe Grange Farm 18:4121:41
Hodthorpe Broad Lane (NW-bound) 18:4221:42
Hodthorpe, opp Birks Close 18:4421:44
Hodthorpe, opp Club 18:4421:44
Hodthorpe, adj Queens Close 18:4521:45
Whitwell, opp New Middle Club 18:4621:46
Whitwell, adj Co-op 18:4621:46
Whitwell, before Square 18:4721:47
Whitwell, adj Southfield Lane 18:4821:48
Bakestone Moor, adj Franklyn Avenue 18:4821:48
Bakestone Moor, adj Royal Oak 18:4921:49
Bakestone Moor, adj New Street 18:4921:49
Bakestone Moor Peter More Hill (S-bound) 18:5021:51
Creswell, adj Boalers Corner 18:5221:52
Creswell, adj Chestnut Drive 18:5321:54
Creswell, opp Cemetery 18:5421:55
Creswell, adj Station Hotel 18:5421:55
Creswell, opp Ann Street 18:5421:55
Creswell Elmton Road (SW-bound) 18:5521:56
Creswell, opp Holbeck Street 18:5521:56
Creswell, adj Bullivant Avenue 18:5621:57
Creswell, adj Manse Avenue 18:5621:57
Creswell Elmton Road (NE-bound) 18:5721:58
Creswell, adj Ann Street 18:5821:59
Creswell, opp Station Hotel 18:5821:59
Creswell, adj Cemetery 18:5821:59
Creswell, opp Chestnut Drive 18:5922:00
Creswell, adj Hazelmere Road End 19:0022:01
Creswell Sheffield Road (NW-bound) 19:0222:03
Clowne, opp Gapsick Lane 19:0422:05
Clowne, adj Duke Street 19:0522:06
Clowne, adj Brook Lane 19:0522:06
Clowne, adj Travellers Rest 19:0622:07
Clowne, opp Victory Signs 19:0722:08
Clowne, opp Recreation Close 19:0822:09
Clowne, opp Wilkinson 19:0822:09
Clowne, opp Tesco 19:0922:10
Clowne, opp Miners Welfare 19:0922:10
Clowne, adj Angel Inn 19:1022:11
Clowne, opp Chestnut Drive 19:1022:11
Clowne, opp Boughton Lane School 19:1122:12
Clowne, adj Boughton Lane Top 19:1222:13
Barlborough, adj Council Houses 19:1322:14
Barlborough, adj Sycamore Lane 19:1422:15
Barlborough, opp De Rodes Arms 19:1422:15
Barlborough, opp War Memorial 19:1522:16
Barlborough, opp Ashleigh Road 19:1622:17
Barlborough, adj Motel 19:1722:18
Mastin Moor Motorway Bridge (SW-bound) 19:1822:19
Mastin Moor, opp Highfields Nursery 19:1822:19
Mastin Moor Worksop Road (W-bound) 19:1922:20
Mastin Moor, adj Castle View Nursing Home 19:1922:20
Mastin Moor, opp Providence Place 19:2022:21
Mastin Moor, adj Post Office 19:2122:22
Mastin Moor, adj Miners Welfare 19:2122:22
Mastin Moor, opp Almond Crescent 19:2222:23
Mastin Moor, adj Wickins Place 19:2322:24
Mastin Moor, opp Lansbury Stores 19:2322:24
Mastin Moor, adj Norbriggs 19:2422:25
Staveley, opp Moor View Road 19:2622:27
Staveley, adj Ralph Road 19:2622:27
Staveley, opp Pullman Close 19:2722:28
Staveley Lowgates (W-bound) 19:2722:28
Staveley Duke Street (S-bound) 19:2822:29
Staveley Market Street (Stop 3) 19:2922:30
Staveley, adj Lime Avenue 19:3022:31
Middlecroft, adj Frecheville Street 19:3122:32
Middlecroft, opp Cavendish Street 19:3222:33
Middlecroft, opp Ladybower Lane 19:3222:33
Middlecroft, adj Springwell School 19:3322:34
Middlecroft, opp Wensley Way 19:3422:35
Inkersall Summerskill Green (NW-bound) 19:3522:36
Inkersall, adj Attlee Road 7 19:3522:36
Inkersall, adj Smith Avenue 19:3622:37
Inkersall, adj Stanley Avenue 69 19:3622:37
Inkersall, opp Dobson Place 19:3722:38
Inkersall, adj Curbar Curve 57 19:3822:39
Inkersall, opp Curbar Curve Shops 19:3822:39
Inkersall, opp Lodge Place 19:3922:40
Inkersall, opp Elliott Drive Top 19:3922:40
Inkersall, adj Westwood Club 19:4022:41
Inkersall, adj Hillman Drive 54 19:4122:42
Inkersall, opp Hillman Drive Shops 19:4122:42
Inkersall Summerskill Green (NW-bound) 19:4222:43
Inkersall, adj Ringwood Park 19:4322:44
Hollingwood Troughbrook Bottom (W-bound) 19:4422:45
Hollingwood, adj Ringwood Hall 19:4522:46
Brimington, adj 42 Ringwood Road 19:4622:47
Brimington Hall Road (W-bound) 19:4722:48
Brimington, opp Ark Tavern 19:4722:48
Brimington, adj Briar View 19:4822:49
Brimington, adj Cemetery 19:4922:50
Brimington, adj Crematorium 19:4922:50
Tapton Brimington Road Bottom (SW-bound) 19:5022:51
Tapton, adj Balmoak Lane 19:5122:52
Tapton, opp Swaddale Avenue 19:5222:53
Chesterfield, adj Tapton Junction 19:5422:55
Chesterfield Brewery Street (NW-bound) 19:5522:56
Chesterfield Cavendish Street (Stop U2) 19:5622:57
Chesterfield Rose Hill (Stop M) 19:5722:58
Chesterfield West Bars (Stop E) 19:5822:59
Chesterfield New Beetwell Street (Stop B9) 19:5923:00

Timetable data from Stagecoach Yorkshire, 12 January 2023

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