77A - St Osyth Beach - Colchester

Operated by Hedingham


Monday to Friday

St Osyth Beach to Colchester

St Osyth Beach Front (S-bound) 14:06
St Osyth Hutleys Shops (S-bound) 14:09
St Osyth Colchester Road (N-bound) 14:12
St Osyth, opp The Kings Arms 14:15
St Osyth, o/s Wellwick House 14:16
St Osyth Clay Lane (N-bound) 14:18
Aingers Green, opp Weeley Road 14:20
Aingers Green The Oaks (S-bound) 14:22
Aingers Green, opp Plough Road 14:24
Aingers Green, opp The Paddocks 14:26
Great Bentley, opp Railway Station 14:28
Great Bentley, opp Sturrick Lane 14:31
Frating The Kings Arms (N-bound) 14:36
Frating, opp Chapel Lane 14:38
Hare Green, opp Stables 14:40
Hare Green, opp Mary Lane 14:42
Hare Green, o/s Stables 14:43
Hare Green, opp The Old Courthouse 14:44
Great Bromley School (opp) 14:45
Ardleigh, adj Hall Rd 14:53
Ardleigh, opp Cherry Tree Farm 14:55
Greenstead, adj Owls Retreat 14:57
Greenstead, adj Egret Crescent 14:58
Greenstead, opp Kingfisher Close 14:59
Greenstead, adj Titania Close 15:00
Greenstead, opp Magnolia Drive 15:01
Greenstead, o/s University Residences 15:02
Greenstead, adj Scarfe Way 15:03
Greenstead, adj Delius Walk 15:04
The Hythe, o/s Tesco Store 15:04
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Ad) 15:14
Colchester St John's Street (Stop Cc) 15:15
Colchester Head Street (Stop Ed) 15:17
Colchester Middleborough (N-bound) 15:18
Colchester, opp Causton Road 15:19
Colchester, opp The Albert 15:20
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand-Eb) 15:22
Colchester, opp The Bricklayers Arms 15:23
Colchester, opp Enid Way 15:25
Colchester, adj Aerofoil Grove 15:26
Colchester Apprentice Drive (W-bound) 15:28

Colchester to St Osyth Beach

Colchester Apprentice Drive (W-bound) 08:40
Colchester, adj Turbine Road 08:41
Colchester Axial Drive (E-bound) 08:42
Colchester, opp Aerofoil Grove 08:43
Colchester, opp Tufnell Way 08:44
Colchester, adj Enid Way 08:45
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand F) 08:46
Colchester, o/s The Albert 08:47
Colchester, adj Causton Road 08:49
Colchester Middleborough (S-bound) 08:50
Colchester High Street (Stop Fc) 08:52
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Ad) 08:54
Colchester Stanwell Street (Stop Bc) 08:56
Colchester Town Railway Station (Stop B) 08:57
Colchester, o/s Sportsman's Club 08:58
Colchester, opp Cannon Street 08:59
Colchester, opp Port Lane 09:01
Colchester, o/s St Leonard's Church 09:02
The Hythe, opp Maudlyn Road 09:03
The Hythe, o/s Hythe Railway Station 09:04
The Hythe, opp Tesco Store 09:06
Greenstead, opp Arnold Drive 09:07
Greenstead, opp Scarfe Way 09:08
Greenstead, adj University Residences 09:09
Greenstead, adj Magnolia Drive 09:10
Greenstead, opp Titania Close 09:11
Greenstead, adj Kingfisher Close 09:12
Greenstead, opp Owls Retreat 09:13
Ardleigh, o/s Cherry Tree Farm 09:15
Ardleigh, opp Hall Rd 09:17
Great Bromley School (o/s) 09:25
Hare Green, o/s The Old Courthouse 09:26
Hare Green, opp Stables 09:27
Hare Green, opp Mary Lane 09:28
Hare Green, o/s Stables 09:30
Frating, adj Chapel Lane 09:32
Frating The Kings Arms (S-bound) 09:34
Great Bentley, adj Sturrick Lane 09:39
Great Bentley, o/s Railway Station 09:42
Aingers Green, adj Plough Road 09:46
Aingers Green The Oaks (N-bound) 09:47
Aingers Green, adj Weeley Road 09:47
St Osyth Clay Lane (S-bound) 09:50
St Osyth, opp Wellwick House 09:53
St Osyth, adj The Kings Arms 09:55
St Osyth Colchester Road (S-bound) 09:58
St Osyth Hutleys Shops (S-bound) 10:01
St Osyth Beach Front (S-bound) 10:04

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service, 7 March 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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