78 - Winson - Cirencester

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West


Wednesdays and Fridays (not bank holidays)

Winson - Cirencester

Winson, nr Village Turn 09:05
Winson, by Mill Farm 09:05
Coln Rogers, by Phone Box 09:07
Coln Rogers, opp Calcot Footpath 09:08
Coln St Dennis, nr St James' Church 09:10
Fossebridge, by Fosse Bridge 09:13
Fossebridge, o/s Hill View 09:14
Fossebridge, by Riverside 09:14
Yanworth, o/s Village Hall 09:20
Yanworth, by Roman Villa 09:24
Yanworth, nr Hutnage Cottage 09:25
Cassey Compton, opp Compton House 09:28
Withington, before Compton Rise 09:32
Withington, opp The Mill Inn 09:33
Withington, before Primary School 09:33
Chedworth, after Seven Tuns Turn 09:43
Chedworth, opp The Vicarage 09:43
Chedworth, opp The Ladder House 09:44
Chedworth, opp Hartpury Farm 09:45
Lower Chedworth, by Denfurlong Lodge 09:46
Chedworth, after Hemplands Turn 09:47
Chedworth, opp Normannia 09:48
Chedworth, before Village Hall Crossroads 09:49
Chedworth, by Calmsden Turn 09:50
Calmsden, by Manor 09:54
Nordown Crossroads (nr) 09:57
North Cerney, nr Phone Box 09:59
Rendcomb, nr Hammerton House 10:01
Rendcomb, opp Post Office 10:04
Woodmancote, by The Apiary 10:09
Woodmancote, before Burcombe Lane 10:09
Woodmancote, opp Telephone Box 10:09
Bagendon, opp St Margaret's Church 10:14
Perrott’s Brook, by The Malt House 10:15
Perrott’s Brook, by The Bear 10:15
Perrott’s Brook, by Toft Cottage 10:16
Perrott’s Brook, opp Mayfield Park 10:16
Baunton, by Cirencester Golf Club 10:17
Baunton, nr Mill 10:18
Stratton, opp Churn Court 10:18
Stratton, opp Roberts Close 10:19
Stratton, nr Old Meeting Hall 10:20
Bowling Green Lane (after) 10:21
Cirencester, by Beeches Car Park 10:23
Cirencester, opp The Forum 10:25

Cirencester - Winson

Cirencester, opp The Forum 12:40
Cirencester, opp Beeches Car Park 12:41
Cirencester, after Spitalgate Lane 12:43
Bowling Green Lane (opp) 12:43
Stratton, opp Old Meeting Hall 12:45
Stratton, after Roberts Close 12:45
Stratton, o/s Churn Court 12:46
Baunton, opp Mill 12:46
Baunton, nr Cirencester Golf Club 12:47
Perrott’s Brook, nr Mayfield Park 12:48
Perrott’s Brook, nr Toft Cottage 12:48
Perrott’s Brook, nr The Malt House 12:49
Bagendon, by St Margaret's Church 12:51
Woodmancote, by Telephone Box 12:57
Woodmancote Burcombe Lane (corner of) 12:57
Woodmancote, nr The Apiary 12:58
Rendcomb, opp Post Office 13:01
Rendcomb Turn (corner of) 13:01
Rendcomb, by Hammerton House 13:02
North Cerney, nr Village Hall 13:05
Nordown Crossroads (by) 13:06
Calmsden, nr Manor 13:08
Chedworth, nr Calmsden Turn 13:13
Chedworth, after Village Hall Crossroads 13:13
Chedworth, o/s Normannia 13:14
Chedworth, before Hemplands Turn 13:15
Lower Chedworth, opp Denfurlong Lodge 13:16
Chedworth, o/s Hartpury Farm 13:17
Chedworth, o/s The Ladder House 13:19
Chedworth, by The Vicarage 13:19
Withington, after Primary School 13:30
Withington, by The Mill Inn 13:30
Withington, before Compton Rise 13:32
Cassey Compton, by Compton House 13:36
Yanworth, by Hutnage Cottage 13:39
Yanworth, nr Roman Villa 13:40
Yanworth, o/s Village Hall 13:45
Fossebridge, opp Hill View 13:51
Fossebridge Inn (by) 13:51
Coln St Dennis, by St James' Church 13:54
Coln Rogers, by Calcot Footpath 13:56
Coln Rogers, opp Phone Box 13:57
Winson, nr Mill Farm 13:59
Winson, by Village Turn 14:00

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 19 August 2022

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