789 - Paddock Wood - Tonbridge - London

A coach service operated by Centaur Coaches

Paddock Wood - Millbank

Paddock Wood, opp Eastlands 05:55
Paddock Wood Whites Corner (S-bound) 05:56
Paddock Wood, before Mascalls Corner 05:57
Paddock Wood, adj Foal Hurst Wood 05:58
Five Oak Green, opp Post Office 06:00
Tonbridge, adj Vauxhall Inn 06:0906:49
Tonbridge, opp Goldsmid Road 06:1006:50
Tonbridge, opp Lavender Hill 06:1106:51
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade (Stop I) 06:1206:52
Tonbridge High Street (Stop G) 06:1306:53
Tonbridge Castle (Stop B) 06:1406:54
Tonbridge Bordyke (SE-bound) 06:1506:55
Tonbridge, opp Mitre Court 06:1506:55
Tonbridge, opp Cannon Lane 06:1606:56
Cage Green, adj Yardley Park Road 06:1706:57
Higham Wood, adj The Ridgeway 06:1706:57
Higham Wood, adj Higham Lane 06:1806:58
Higham Wood, adj Romney Way 06:1806:58
Higham Wood, adj Martin Hardie Way 06:1906:59
Higham Wood, adj Methodist Church 06:2007:00
Higham Wood, adj Turner Road 06:2107:01
Higham Wood, opp Raeburn Close 06:2207:02
Higham Wood, adj Darwin Drive 06:2207:02
Trench Wood, adj Denbeigh Drive 06:2307:03
Cage Green, adj White Cottage Road 06:2407:04
Cage Green Road (adj) 06:2407:04
Cage Green Pinnacles (S-bound) 06:2507:05
Cage Green, adj Greyhound House 06:2607:06
Cage Green, opp Uridge Road 06:2707:07
Tonbridge, opp Dry Hill Park Road 06:2807:08
Hilden Park, opp High Hilden Close 06:2807:08
Hilden Park, adj Hilden Manor 06:2907:09
Hilden Park, adj BP Garage 06:3007:10
Hildenborough, opp The Flying Dutchman 06:3107:11
Hildenborough, opp The Half Moon 06:3207:12
Hildenborough, opp Church 06:3307:13
Hildenborough Noble Tree Road (W-bound) 06:3507:15
Hildenborough Watt's Cross (NW-bound) 06:3807:18
Hildenborough, adj The Cock Horse 06:3907:19
Hildenborough, opp Oakridge Farm 06:3907:19
Sevenoaks Weald Morleys Roundabout (NW-bound) 06:4007:20
Bessels Green Chipstead Corner (E-bound) 06:4407:24
Bexley Black Prince (->W) 07:10s07:51s
Greenwich Blackwall Lane (Stop MU) 07:30s08:11s
Poplar Cotton Street (Stop CO) 07:40s08:21s
Canada Square South / Canary Wharf Stn (Stop J) 07:4108:22
Canary Wharf West India Avenue (Stop E) 07:4208:23
Aldgate Leman Street (Stop OH) 07:5608:37
Tower Hill Tower of London (Stop TA) 07:5708:38
City of London London Bridge (Stop 49) 08:0108:42
Blackfriars Station (Stop B) 08:0708:48
Temple Avenue (->W) 08:0908:50
Temple (Stop O) 08:1108:52
Westminster Banqueting House (Stop) 08:1308:54
St James's Park Station (Stop SD) 08:1708:58
Westminster Marsham Street (Stop NS) 08:2109:02
Tate Britain / Millbank Millen'm Pier (Stop R) 08:2309:04

Times marked s – “set down only” – the coach will only stop to drop passengers off

Millbank - Paddock Wood

Blackfriars Station (Stop A) 16:4017:30
Cannon Street Station (Stop MB) 16:4517:35
City of London Fenchurch Street Station (Stop V) 16:5217:42
Canary Wharf West India Avenue (Stop C) 17:1018:00
Bexley Black Prince (->E) 17:4018:30
Bessels Green Chipstead Corner (E-bound) 17:5418:44
Sevenoaks Weald Morleys Roundabout (SE-bound) 18:0518:55
Hildenborough, adj Oakridge Farm 18:0618:56
Hildenborough, opp The Cock Horse 18:0718:57
Hildenborough Watt's Cross (SE-bound) 18:0818:58
Hildenborough Noble Tree Road 18:1019:00
Hildenborough, adj Church 18:1119:01
Hildenborough, adj The Half Moon 18:1219:02
Hildenborough, adj The Flying Dutchman 18:1319:03
Hilden Park, adj Hilden Avenue 18:1419:04
Hilden Park, opp Hilden Manor 18:1619:06
Hilden Park, adj High Hilden Close 18:1719:07
Tonbridge, adj Dry Hill Park Road 18:1819:08
Cage Green, adj Uridge Road 18:1919:09
Cage Green, opp Greyhound House 18:1919:09
Cage Green Pinnacles (N-bound) 18:2019:10
Cage Green Road (opp) 18:2019:10
Trench Wood, opp Denbeigh Drive 18:2119:11
Higham Wood, adj Cavendish Close 18:2119:11
Higham Wood, adj Reynolds Close 18:2219:12
Higham Wood, opp Turner Road 18:2319:13
Higham Wood Hunt Road (SE-bound) 18:2319:13
Higham Wood, opp Martin Hardie Way 18:2419:14
Higham Wood, opp Romney Way 18:2419:14
Higham Wood, opp Higham Lane 18:2519:15
Cage Green, opp Yardley Park Road 18:2619:16
Tonbridge, adj Cannon Lane 18:2719:17
Tonbridge, adj Mitre Court 18:2819:18
Tonbridge Bordyke (NW-bound) 18:2819:18
Tonbridge Castle (Stop E) 18:2919:19
Tonbridge High Street (Stop F) 18:3019:20
Tonbridge Quarry Hill Parade (Stop J1) 18:3119:21
Tonbridge, adj Lavender Hill 18:3219:22
Tonbridge, adj Goldsmid Road 18:3319:23
Tonbridge, opp Vauxhall Inn 18:3419:24
Five Oak Green, opp Post Office 18:4019:30
Paddock Wood, opp Foal Hurst Wood 18:4219:32
Paddock Wood, after Mascalls Corner 18:4319:33
Paddock Wood Whites Corner (N-bound) 18:4419:34
Paddock Wood, adj Eastlands 18:4519:35

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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