78A - Dundee - Monikie

A bus service operated by Moffat & Williamson

Dundee - Monikie

Dundee High Street (Stop 1) 07:13
Dundee, at Caird Hall 07:13
Dundee, at Marks and Spencer 07:15
Dundee, opp Bus Station 07:16
Eastport, opp Foundry Lane 07:16
Eastport Wallace Street (near) 07:16
Eastport Lillybank Road (near) 07:17
Eastport, at South Baffin Street 07:17
Eastport Thornbank Terrace (near) 07:17
Eastport Kenilworth Avenue (near) 07:18
Craigiebank, at Murray Street 07:18
Craigiebank, at Dalgleish Road 07:19
Craigiebank, opp East Haddon Road 07:19
Craigiebank Noran Avenue (near) 07:20
Craigiebank Strips Of Craigie (near) 07:20
Craigiebank, at Southampton Road 07:21
Craigiebank, at Craigiebarns Road 07:21
Craigiebank, at Gardyne Road 07:22
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry Crawford Place (near) 07:22
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Dunnotar Place 07:23
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Ellieslea Road 07:23
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Grove Road 07:24
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Victoria Road 07:24
Broughty Ferry, at Claypotts Road 07:25
Broughty Ferry, at Davidson Street 07:25
Broughty Ferry, adj Claypotts Road 07:26
Broughty Ferry, at Queen Street 07:27
Broughty Ferry, opp Anton Drive 07:27
Broughty Ferry, at Stewart Street 07:27
Balgillo, at Fintry Place 07:28
Balgillo, at Forthill Road 07:28
Balgillo, at Ballinard Road 07:29
Balgillo, at Arbroath Road 07:29
Douglas, opp Sainsburys 07:30
Douglas, at Balunie Drive 07:30
Drumsturdy, opp Laws Road End 07:38
Newbigging, opp Toll 07:39
Newbigging, at Phone Box 07:41
Monikie, opp Denfind Road End 07:43
Monikie, at Village Hall 07:44
Monikie, opp Primary School 07:46
Monikie, at Village Shop 07:48
Monikie, at Broomwell Gardens 07:49

Monikie - Dundee

Monikie, at Broomwell Gardens 07:4915:10
Monikie, opp Luckyslap Garage 07:5215:12
Wellbank Forge (opp) 07:5715:16
Kellas, opp Keillorcroft 07:5915:18
Kellas, opp Smiddy 08:0115:20
Kellas, at South Kingennie Road End 08:0115:20
Ballumbie Castle, opp Hawthorn Grove 08:0315:22
Whitfield Pitkerro House (near) 08:0415:22
Whitfield, at Drumsturdy Road 08:0515:23
Douglas, at Kellas Road 08:0515:23
Douglas Pearce Avenue (near) 08:0715:25
Douglas Sainsburys (near) 08:0715:25
Balgillo Arbroath Road (near) 08:0915:26
Balgillo, at Muirside Terrace 08:1015:27
Balgillo Road (at) 08:1115:27
Balgillo, opp Fintry Place 08:1115:28
Broughty Ferry, at Anton Drive 08:1215:29
Broughty Ferry, at Post Office 08:1415:30
Broughty Ferry Claypotts Road (near) 08:1415:30
Broughty Ferry, opp Grove Academy 08:1415:30
Broughty Ferry, opp Ferndale Drive 08:1515:31
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry Victoria Road (near) 08:1615:32
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry Grove Road (near) 08:1615:32
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Ellieslea Road 08:1615:32
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Fairfield Road 08:1715:33
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Crawford Place 08:1815:34
Craigiebank, at Belsize Road 08:1915:35
Craigiebank, at Lavender Street 08:1915:35
Craigiebank, opp Strips of Craigie 08:2015:36
Craigiebank, opp Lunan Terrace 08:2015:36
Craigiebank, opp Dalgleish Road 08:2115:37
Eastport, adj Kenilworth Avenue 08:2215:38
Eastport, opp Thornbank Terrace 08:2315:39
Eastport, opp South Baffin Street 08:2315:39
Eastport, opp Lillybank Road 08:2415:40
Eastport Peep o Day Lane (near) 08:2415:40
Eastport Foundry Lane (near) 08:2515:41
Dundee Seagate (stop 2) 08:2615:42
Dundee Waterstones (Stop 2) 08:2715:43
Dundee, opp Caird Hall 08:2815:44
Dundee Whitehall Street (Stop 3) 08:2915:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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