808 - Brentwood Community Hospital - Brentwood Station - Brentwood Community Hospital

A bus service operated by Brentwood Community Transport

Shenfield Community Hospital (N-bound) 09:15then every 30 minutes until13:1513:4514:15
Shenfield, adj Shorter Avenue 09:1813:1813:4814:18
Shenfield Railway Station (opp) 09:2013:2013:5014:20
Hutton, adj Poplar Drive 09:2213:2213:5214:22
Hutton, opp Hanging Hill Lane 09:2313:2313:5314:23
Hutton, opp The Chequers 09:2513:2513:5514:25
Hutton Wash Road (NE-bound) 09:2713:2713:5714:27
Shenfield Woodland Avenue (W-bound) 09:3013:3014:0014:30
Shenfield, adj Whittington Road 09:3013:3014:0014:30
Shenfield, opp Arnold Avenue 09:3113:3114:0114:31
Shenfield, opp Walton Gardens 09:3213:3214:0214:32
Shenfield, o/s Long Ridings School 09:3313:3314:0314:33
Shenfield Railway Station (o/s) 09:3513:3514:0514:35
Shenfield, opp Shorter Avenue 09:3613:3614:0614:36
Shenfield Community Hospital (N-bound) 09:1009:4013:4014:1014:40
Shenfield, adj Crescent Drive 09:1209:4213:4214:12
Brentwood, adj Middleton Hall Lane 09:1209:4213:4214:12
Brentwood High Street (Stop E) 09:1509:4513:4514:15
Brentwood Crown Street (Stop J) 09:1609:4613:4614:16
Brentwood, adj Queens Road Rbt 09:1809:4813:4814:18
Brentwood Railway Station (o/s) 09:2009:5013:5014:20
Brentwood, adj Warley Mount 09:2209:5213:52
Warley, adj Albert Street 09:2509:5513:55
Warley The Drive (S-bound) 09:2509:5513:55
Warley, opp Essex Way 09:2609:5613:56
Warley Eagle Way (SE-bound) 09:2609:5613:56
Warley, opp The Horse & Groom 09:2809:5813:58
Warley, o/s Walter Boyce Centre 09:2909:5913:59
Warley, opp Albert Street 09:3010:0014:00
Brentwood, opp Warley Mount 09:3310:0314:03
Brentwood Railway Station (opp) 09:3510:0514:05
Brentwood, opp Queens Road Rbt 09:3610:0614:06
Brentwood Crown Street (Stop K) 09:3810:0814:08
Brentwood High Street (Stop A) 09:4010:1014:10
Brentwood, opp Middleton Hall Lane 09:4210:1214:12
Shenfield Community Hospital (N-bound) 09:4510:1514:15
School Days Only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024

Brentwood Community Transport