81 - Norman Way Schools - Osborne Street

Operated by First Essex

Colchester, o/s Norman Way Schools 16:00
Colchester, opp Park Road 16:03
Colchester, opp The Avenue 16:05
Colchester, opp Beverley Road 16:06
Colchester, opp Essex County Hospital 16:09
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Aa) 11:3516:13
Colchester St John's Street (Stop Cb) 11:3716:15
Colchester Head Street (Stop Ec) 11:3816:17
Colchester Middleborough (N-bound) 11:4116:20
Colchester, opp Causton Road 11:4216:21
Colchester, opp The Albert 11:4216:22
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand Ea) 11:4316:24
Colchester Bruff Close (E-bound) 11:4416:25
Colchester, opp Turner Rise 11:4516:27
Colchester, opp Wryneck Close 11:4616:28
Colchester, o/s General Hospital - main Rd 11:4716:29
Colchester, opp Kingswood Road 11:4716:30
Mile End, opp Thornwood 11:4816:31
Mile End, opp Bedford Road 11:4916:31
Mile End, o/s The Water Tower 11:5016:32
Mile End, opp Julian Avenue 11:5116:33
Mile End, adj Matchett Drive 11:5116:33
Severalls Park, adj Cuckoo Point 11:5116:34
Langham Runkins Corner (N-bound) 11:5316:36
Dedham Rye Farm (W-bound) 06:51
Langham, adj Chapel Road 11:5616:39
Langham, o/s The Shepherd & Dog 11:5716:40
Langham, o/s School 11:5816:41
Langham St Margaret's Cross (E-bound) 12:0016:43
Langham Birchwood Road (E-bound) 06:1512:0116:44
Langham Birchwood Corner (S-bound) 06:1812:0216:45
Dedham, adj Monks Lane 06:2012:0416:47
Dedham, o/s The Marlborough Head 06:2306:5612:0813:1816:51
Dedham, adj Forge Street 06:2406:5712:1013:2016:53
Dedham, opp Kiln Cottages 06:2506:5812:1113:2116:54
Dedham, opp Coopers Lane 06:2506:5812:1113:2116:54
Dedham Heath, opp The Anchor 06:2606:5912:1213:2216:55
Dedham Heath The Heath (S-bound) 06:2606:5912:1313:2316:56
Ardleigh, opp Home Farm Lane 06:2807:0116:58
Lawford, opp Bargate Lane 17:01
Lawford, adj Bargate Lane 06:3007:03
Lawford, opp Garden City 06:3207:0517:02
Lawford, opp Hungerdown Lane 06:3307:0617:03
Lawford, adj Church Hill 06:3307:0617:03
Lawford Place (o/s) 06:3407:0717:04
Dedham Heath, adj Duck Lane 12:1413:24
Dedham Rye Farm (W-bound) 12:1613:26
Dedham, opp Monks Lane 12:1613:26
Langham Birchwood Corner (N-bound) 12:1813:28
Langham, opp Birchwood Road 12:1913:29
Langham St Margaret's Cross (W-bound) 12:1913:29
Langham, opp School 12:2113:31
Langham, opp The Shepherd & Dog 12:2213:32
Langham, opp Chapel Road 12:2313:33
Langham Runkins Corner (S-bound) 12:2713:37
Severalls Park, opp Cuckoo Point 12:2913:39
Mile End, adj Julian Avenue 12:3013:40
Mile End, adj Maximus Drive 12:3013:40
Mile End, opp The Water Tower 12:3113:41
Mile End, adj Bedford Road 12:3213:42
Mile End, adj Thornwood 12:3213:42
Mile End, opp Beaumont Close 12:3213:42
Colchester, adj Kingswood Road 12:3313:43
Colchester, adj Wryneck Close 12:3413:44
Colchester, adj Turner Rise 12:3513:45
Colchester Bruff Close (W-bound) 12:3613:46
Colchester Groves Close (Stop A) 12:3613:46
Colchester Railway Station Layby (Stand F) 12:3713:47
Colchester, o/s The Albert 12:3913:49
Colchester, adj Causton Road 12:3913:49
Colchester Middleborough (S-bound) 12:4013:50
Colchester High Street (Stop Fb) 12:4213:52
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Aa) 12:4513:55
Lawford, opp Long Road 06:3407:0717:04
Lawford, opp Summers Park 06:3507:0817:05
Manningtree, o/s Railway Station 06:3707:10
Manningtree Station (inside) 06:3807:1117:09

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