812 - Hedworth Lane - Whitburn Academy

Operated by Stagecoach North East

🧑‍🎓 Closed-door service, not available to the public


Monday to Friday, school Only days

Hedworth Lane (SE-Bound) 07:45
Boldon Colliery Hedworth Lane-West View (SE-Bound) 07:48
Boldon Colliery Hedworth Lane-Front Street (NE-Bound) 07:50
Boldon Colliery North Road-Hedworth Lane (S-Bound) 07:51
Boldon Colliery North Road-Hedworth House (S-Bound) 07:53
Boldon Colliery Boldon Asda (SW-Bound) 07:54
Boldon Hubert Street - Gibson Court (E-Bound) 07:55
Boldon New Road-Ernest Street (E-Bound) 07:56
Boldon New Road-School (E-Bound) 07:58
Boldon New Road-Brooke Avenue (E-Bound) 08:00
Boldon Lane-New Road (N-Bound) 08:01
Whiteleas Benton Road-Heaton Gardens (N-Bound) 08:04
Biddick Hall Galsworthy Road-Benton Road (NE-Bound) 08:06
Whiteleas Way-Hogarth Road (S-Bound) 08:09
Whiteleas Way-Sutherland Court (S-Bound) 08:10
Whiteleas Way-School (N-Bound) 08:12
Whiteleas Shops (N-Bound) 08:13
Whiteleas Way-Holbein Road (N-Bound) 08:14
Whiteleas Nevinson Avenue-Gainsborough Avenue (NE-Bound) 08:15
Whiteleas Nevinson Avenue - Moreland Road (NE-Bound) 08:15
Whiteleas Nevinson Avenue-Tarragon Way (SE-Bound) 08:16
Whiteleas South Shields Community School (E-Bound) 08:18
Cleadon Park Ridgeway (N-Bound) 08:19
Cleadon Park King George Road-Elm Avenue (N-Bound) 08:19
Cleadon Park King George Road-Park Avenue (N-Bound) 08:20
King George Road-Cleadon Park (N-Bound) 08:21
Harton Moor Temple Park Road-Meldon Avenue (NW-Bound) 08:22
Harton Moor Temple Park Road (N-Bound) 08:22
Harton Moor Temple Park Road-Harton Lane (NW-Bound) 08:24
West Park Temple Park Road-Recreation Ground (NW-Bound) 08:24
Harton Moor St Wilfrid's Rc College (E-Bound) 08:25
West Park Temple Park Road-Ullswater Gardens (SE-Bound) 08:26
Harton Moor Temple Park Road-Harton Lane (S-Bound) 08:27
Harton Moor Temple Park Road - Temple Green (S-Bound) 08:28
Harton Nook Prince Edward Road-King George Road (E-Bound) 08:29
Harton Nook (E-Bound) 08:30
Cleadon Park Sunderland Road-Quarry Lane (S-Bound) 08:31
Cleadon Park Sunderland Road-Cleaside Avenue (S-Bound) 08:33
Cleadon Shields Road-Oakleigh Gardens (S-Bound) 08:35
Cleadon Shields Road-Lilac Gardens (S-Bound) 08:36
Cleadon Shields Road (S-Bound) 08:37
Cleadon Sunderland Road-Whitburn Road (S-Bound) 08:38
Cleadon Sunderland Road-Number 45 (SE-Bound) 08:38
Whitburn Sea View Park 08:42
Whitburn Front Street (NE-Bound) 08:43
Whitburn Front Street - East Street (E-Bound) 08:44
Whitburn CoE Academy (W-Bound) 08:45

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 8 March 2023

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