840 - Harrytown High School - Reddish

A bus service operated by Belle Vue Coaches

Monday to Friday, Harrytown High School days

Harrytown High School (cnr) 15:50
Bredbury Green, opp The Ridgeway 15:56
Bredbury Berrycroft Lane (W-bound) 15:57
Bredbury, nr Bents Avenue 15:58
Bredbury, o/s The Queens 15:59
Bredbury Lower Bents Lane (Stop A) 16:00
Bredbury, opp Morrisons 16:01
Lower Bredbury, at Travellers Call 16:03
Castle Hill, opp Oldmoor Road 16:04
Castle Hill, adj Ashton Road 16:05
Brinnington, nr Essex Road 16:05
Brinnington Hall (opp) 16:06
Brinnington, nr Exmouth Avenue 16:07
Brinnington, nr Maycroft 16:08
Brinnington, opp Dunton Green 16:09
Brinnington, o/s Hollow End 16:10
Brinnington, opp Lapwing Lane 16:11
Brinnington, nr Blackberry Lane 16:13
Brinnington Lapwing Lane (Stop A) 16:14
Brinnington The Link (Stop B) 16:15
Brinnington, opp Shropshire Avenue 16:16
Brinnington Hall (adj) 16:16
Brinnington Hall (opp) 16:17
Brinnington, opp Northumberland Road 16:17
Brinnington, opp Manor Road 16:18
Brinnington, opp St Pauls School 16:19
Stockport, nr Gill Street 16:20
Stockport, nr St Pauls Street 16:21
Stockport, opp Brinnington Road 16:22
Lancashire Hill, nr Bankfield Street 16:26
South Reddish, o/s Health Centre 16:27
South Reddish, nr Greg Street 16:28
South Reddish, nr Birkdale Road 16:29
South Reddish, nr Newark Road 16:30
South Reddish, opp Broomfield Post Office 16:31
South Reddish, opp Brunton Road 16:32
South Reddish, nr Greg Street 16:33
Reddish Houldsworth Square (Stop C) 16:34
Reddish, nr Higginson Road 16:34
Reddish, opp Conservative Club 16:35
Reddish, o/s Christ Church 16:35
Reddish, opp Mill Lane 16:35
North Reddish, opp Somers Road 16:36
North Reddish, opp Spey House 16:36
North Reddish Post Office (Stop A) 16:36
North Reddish, nr Beresford Crescent 16:37
North Reddish, nr Burnfield Road 16:38

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/BEVC/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 11 April 2024

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