84n - Dublin City South, D'Olier Street - Charlesland Road (Seaborne View Apts)

A bus service operated by Nitelink, Dublin Bus


Saturdays and Sundays from Saturday 7 October 2023 until Sunday 29 October 2023

Dublin City South D'Olier Street 00:0002:0004:00
Pearse Station Erne Street 00:04s02:04s04:04s
Grand Canal Dock Pearse Square 00:05s02:05s04:05s
Grand Canal Dock Grand Canal Quay 00:05s02:05s04:05s
Grand Canal Dock Ringsend Road 00:07s02:07s04:07s
Grand Canal Dock Ringsend Garage 00:08s02:08s04:08s
Ringsend 00:1002:1004:10
Irishtown Road 00:10s02:10s04:10s
Sandymount Tritonville Road 00:10s02:10s04:10s
Sandymount Star of the Sea 00:11s02:11s04:11s
Sandymount Farney Park 00:11s02:11s04:11s
Sandymount 00:12s02:12s04:12s
Sandymount Dromard Terrace 00:12s02:12s04:12s
Sandymount Strand Road 00:12s02:12s04:12s
Sandymount Lea Road 00:13s02:13s04:13s
Sandymount Gilford Road 00:13s02:13s04:13s
Sandymount Tower 00:14s02:14s04:14s
Merrion Gates 00:16s02:16s04:16s
Booterstown Merrion Road 00:16s02:16s04:16s
Booterstown Rock Road 00:17s02:17s04:17s
Blackrock Booterstown Station 00:18s02:18s04:18s
Blackrock College 00:18s02:18s04:18s
Blackrock Clinic 00:19s02:19s04:19s
Blackrock Park 00:2002:2004:20
Blackrock Temple Road 00:21s02:21s04:21s
Monkstown Temple Hill 00:22s02:22s04:22s
Monkstown Stradbrook Road 00:22s02:22s04:22s
Kill of The Grange Rowan Park 00:23s02:23s04:23s
Kill of The Grange Deansgrange Road 00:24s02:24s04:24s
Deansgrange St Fintan's Villas 00:24s02:24s04:24s
Deansgrange Cemetery 00:25s02:25s04:25s
Deansgrange Clonkeen Road 00:26s02:26s04:26s
Cabinteely Beech Park Road 00:27s02:27s04:27s
Deansgrange Meadow Vale 00:27s02:27s04:27s
Cabinteely South Park 00:28s02:28s04:28s
Cabinteely Monaloe Crescent 00:28s02:28s04:28s
Deansgrange Old Bray Road 00:29s02:29s04:29s
Cabinteely Park 00:3002:3004:30
Cabinteely PO 00:30s02:30s04:30s
Ballybrack Johnstown Road 00:30s02:30s04:30s
Ballybrack Shrewsbury Lawn 00:31s02:31s04:31s
Ballybrack Kilbogget Grove 00:32s02:32s04:32s
Ballybrack Shanganagh Vale 00:33s02:33s04:33s
Ballybrack St Laurence College 00:33s02:33s04:33s
Loughlinstown Wyattville Road 00:34s02:34s04:34s
Loughlinstown St Columcille's Hospital 00:35s02:35s04:35s
Shankill Kentfield 00:36s02:36s04:36s
Shankill Station Road 00:37s02:37s04:37s
Shankill Stonebridge Close 00:38s02:38s04:38s
Shankill Claremount 00:39s02:39s04:39s
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Shanganagh Castle 00:40s02:40s04:40s
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Shanganagh Cemetery 00:40s02:40s04:40s
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown St James's Church 00:41s02:41s04:41s
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Woodbrook College 00:41s02:41s04:41s
Bray Old Connaught Avenue 00:42s02:42s04:42s
Bray Castle Street 00:43s02:43s04:43s
Bray Dwyer Park 00:44s02:44s04:44s
Bray Main Street 00:4502:4504:45
Bray Vevay Road 00:45s02:45s04:45s
Bray Church Road 00:45s02:45s04:45s
Bray Lauderdale 00:46s02:46s04:46s
Bray Putland Road 00:46s02:46s04:46s
Bray St Andrew's NS 00:47s02:47s04:47s
County Wicklow Briar Wood 00:47s02:47s04:47s
County Wicklow Kilruddery Cottages 00:49s02:49s04:49s
County Wicklow Lord Meaths Gate 00:50s02:50s04:50s
County Wicklow Rathdown Road 00:50s02:50s04:50s
County Wicklow Windgates North 00:51s02:51s04:51s
Cliff Manor Windgates 00:52s02:52s04:52s
County Wicklow Windgate Cottages 00:52s02:52s04:52s
County Wicklow Redford 00:53s02:53s04:53s
Greystones Redford Park 00:54s02:54s04:54s
Greystones Chapel Road 00:54s02:54s04:54s
Greystones St Kevin's School 00:55s02:55s04:55s
Greystones Fire Stn 00:55s02:55s04:55s
Greystones Victoria Road 00:55s02:55s04:55s
Greystones Trafalgar Road 00:56s02:56s04:56s
Greystones La Touche Road 00:56s02:56s04:56s
Greystones Village 00:56s02:56s04:56s
Greystones Station 00:57s02:57s04:57s
Greystones Mill Road 00:58s02:58s04:58s
Greystones St Vincent's Road 00:58s02:58s04:58s
Greystones Charlesland 01:0003:0005:00

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 3 October 2023

Nitelink, Dublin Bus