853 - St Annes - Mysercough College via Kirkham

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St Annes - Mysercough College

St Annes Square (Stand 1) 07:45
St Annes, opp Our Lady Church 07:46
St Annes, by St Albans Road 07:46
St Annes, opp YMCA 07:47
St Annes, o/s Methodist Church 07:48
St Annes, by Albert Road 07:49
St Annes, by Moorland Road 07:49
St Annes, opp Lindsay Avenue 07:51
St Annes, by Smithy Lane 07:51
Ansdell, opp Lytham St Annes HTC 07:52
Ansdell, by Fylde Road 07:53
Ansdell, opp St Josephs Church 07:54
Ansdell, opp Milner Road 07:55
Lytham, opp Elms Ave 07:56
Lytham, opp Seafield Road 07:57
Lytham, opp Lowther Terrace 07:58
Lytham, o/s The County 07:59
Lytham Square (Stand 1) 08:00
Lytham, by Station Rd 08:00
Lytham, opp St John's Street 08:01
Lytham, opp Grosvenor Street 08:02
Lytham Hospital (o/s) 08:02
Lytham, by Wordsworth Ave 08:03
Lytham, by Bedford Rd 08:03
Lytham, by Saltcotes Road 08:03
Lytham, by Meadow Lane 08:04
Lytham, by Stanway Garage 08:04
Lytham, by Lodge Lane 08:05
Warton, by Great Birchwood 08:07
Warton, opp Land Registry 08:07
Warton, by West End Lane 08:08
Warton, opp Florence Ave 08:09
Warton, o/s Post Office 08:10
Warton, by Church Road 08:11
Warton, opp Mill Lane 08:12
Freckleton, opp Lamaleach Drive 08:15
Freckleton, opp Derwent Drive 08:16
Freckleton, by Blackfield Road 08:18
Freckleton, opp War Memorial 08:20
Freckleton Rd (adj) 08:20
Freckleton, opp Strike Lane 08:21
Hall Cross, by Kirkham Rd North 08:22
Hall Cross, by Orchard Court 08:22
Hall Cross, adj Hillock Lane 08:23
Hall Cross, by Lower Lane East 08:26
Hall Cross, by Kirkham The Mede 08:26
Kirkham, opp Royal Avenue 08:28
Kirkham, opp Market Square 08:30
Kirkham, o/s Swan Hotel 08:30
Kirkham, by Library 08:30
Kirkham, opp Railway Station 08:30
Wesham, opp Wyre Street 08:30
Wesham, opp St. Josephs Church 08:31
Wesham, by AFC Fylde 08:31
Corner Row, by Garden Centre 08:32
Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton, by Fleetwood Old Road 08:32
Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton, by Greenhalgh Lane 08:32
Esprick, by Old School 08:32
Little Singleton, by Windy Harbour Crossroads 08:35
Larbreck Hall (by) 08:35
Larbreck Gardens (by) 08:36
Little Eccleston, by Blackpool Old Road 08:38
Great Eccleston, by Marsh Farm 08:41
St Michael’s on Wyre, opp Village Hall 08:44
St Michael’s on Wyre, opp Primary School 08:45
Myerscough, by College 08:50

Mysercough College - St Annes

Myerscough, by College 17:10
St Michael’s on Wyre, by New House Farm 17:13
St Michael’s on Wyre, by Primary School 17:15
St Michael’s on Wyre, by Village Hall 17:15
Great Eccleston, by White House Lane 17:17
Little Eccleston, opp Blackpool Old Road 17:19
Larbreck Gardens (opp) 17:20
Larbreck Hall (opp) 17:20
Little Singleton, opp Windy Harbour 17:21
Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton, opp Old School 17:24
Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton, opp Greenhalgh Lane 17:25
Greenhalgh-with-Thistleton, opp Fleetwood Old Road 17:25
Corner Row, opp Garden Centre 17:26
Wesham, opp AFC Fylde 17:27
Wesham Recreation Ground (by) 17:27
Wesham, opp Morland Avenue 17:27
Wesham, by Wyre Street 17:28
Kirkham, by Rail Station 17:28
Kirkham, opp Library 17:29
Kirkham, by Morrisons 17:29
Kirkham, by Market Square 17:30
Kirkham, by Royal Avenue 17:31
Hall Cross, opp Kirkham The Mede 17:33
Hall Cross, by Lower Lane West 17:33
Freckleton, by Strike Lane 17:38
Freckleton Rd (by) 17:38
Freckleton, by War Memorial 17:40
Freckleton, by Blackfield Rd 17:42
Freckleton, by Derwent Drive 17:43
Freckleton, by Lamaleach Drive 17:44
Freckleton, opp Holy Family Church 17:45
Warton, by Holy Family Primary School 17:47
Warton, opp Church Road 17:49
Warton, opp Post Office 17:50
Warton, by Florence Ave 17:50
Warton, opp West End Lane 17:51
Warton, by Land Registry 17:51
Warton, opp Great Birchwood 17:52
Lytham, opp Lodge Lane 17:54
Lytham, opp Stanway Garage 17:55
Lytham, opp Meadow Lane 17:55
Lytham, by Wordsworth Avenue 17:56
Lytham, by South St 17:56
Lytham Hospital (by) 17:57
Lytham, by Grosvenor Street 17:58
Lytham, by St John's Street 17:58
Lytham, opp Station Rd 17:59
Lytham Square (Stand 2) 18:00
Lytham, opp The County 18:00
Lytham, by Lowther Terrace 18:01
Lytham, by Seafield Road 18:02
Lytham, by Eden Ave 18:02
Ansdell, by Milner Rd 18:04
Ansdell, by St Josephs church 18:05
Ansdell, adj Fylde Road 18:06
Ansdell, by Lytham St Annes HTC 18:07
St Annes, opp Smithy Lane 18:08
St Annes, by Lindsay Avenue 18:08
St Annes, opp Moorland Road 18:10
St Annes, opp Albert Road 18:10
St Annes, adj Holmefield Road 18:11
St Annes, o/s YMCA 18:12
St Annes, opp St Albans Road 18:13
St Annes, o/s Our Lady Church 18:13
St Annes Square (Stop 7) 18:14
St Annes Square (Stand 5) 18:15

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