86C - Newtown Bus Station - Newtown Bus Station via Maesydail, Trehafren

A bus service operated by Owen’s Travelmaster and Tanat Valley Coaches


Following the announcement of a two week “circuit breaker” lockdown, timetables continue to change at short notice. Check the Traveline Cymru web page for details.


Newtown, o/s Bus Station Stand D 09:0510:00then hourly until14:0015:3517:0518:05
Newtown Tesco 10:0314:0315:3817:0818:08
Treowen, opp Primary School 10:0714:0715:4217:1218:12
Newtown Plantation Lane 17:1318:13
Garth Owen, o/s Post Office 09:0910:0914:0915:4417:1418:14
Maesyrhandir Primary School 09:1010:1014:1015:4517:1518:15
Maesyrhandir Falcon Court 09:1110:1114:1115:4617:1618:16
Maesyrhandir, after Youth Centre 09:1110:1214:1215:4617:1618:16
Maesyrhandir, before Violet Close 09:1210:1214:1215:4717:1718:17
Nantoer Maesydail 09:1310:1414:1415:4817:1818:18
Maesyrhandir, before Lon Pantllyn 09:1310:1414:1415:4817:1818:18
Newtown Coleg Powys (Grounds) 09:1510:1514:1515:50
Garth Owen Mochdre Industrial Estate 17:20
Nantoer, before Heol-y-nant 09:1710:1714:1715:5217:2218:20
Nantoer, after Heol Pengwern 09:1710:1714:1715:5217:2318:20
Nantoer, after Vaynor Turning Circle 09:1910:1914:1915:5417:2518:22
Nantoer, before Heol-y-nant 09:2010:2014:2015:5517:2618:23
Newtown, nr Flying Shuttle 09:2110:2114:2115:5617:2718:24
Newtown, after Lon Gwern 09:2310:2314:2315:5817:2918:26
Newtown, after Lon Masarn 09:2310:2314:2315:5817:2918:26
Newtown, after Lon Pinwydd 09:2310:2314:2315:5817:2918:26
Newtown, after Lon Rhosod 09:2410:2414:2415:5917:3018:27
Newtown, after Llys Dulais 09:2410:2414:2415:5917:3018:27
Milford Trehafren Roundabout 09:2510:2514:2516:0017:3118:28
Newtown Llys Dulais 09:2510:2514:2516:0017:3118:28
Newtown Lon Rhosod 09:2510:2514:2516:0017:3118:28
Newtown Lon Pinwydd 09:2510:2514:2516:0017:3118:28
Newtown Lon Masarn 09:2510:2514:2516:0017:3118:28
Newtown Lon Gwern 09:2610:2614:2616:0117:3218:28
Newtown, after Hill View Close 09:2610:2614:2616:0117:3218:29
Newtown, before Ladywell House 09:2710:2714:2716:0217:3318:29
Newtown, o/s Bus Station Stand E 09:2810:2814:2816:0317:3418:30

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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