87 - Northampton - Brackley

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Midlands


Northampton - Brackley

Northampton Bus Interchange (Bay 19) 09:1813:2018:00
Northampton, opp Sol Central 09:2013:2218:01
Northampton, opp Rail Station approach road 09:2113:2318:02
St James End, o/s Borough Council Depot 09:23
St James End, opp Byfield Road 18:03
Sixfields, o/s Claret Car park 09:25
St James End, o/s Bus Depot 13:2518:03
Sixfields, opp Football Ground 09:29
St James End, opp Natwest Bank 13:2618:04
St James End, o/s Beacon Bingo 13:2618:04
St James End, opp Malcolm Drive 13:2718:05
Duston, adj Peverels Way 13:2818:06
Duston, opp Homebase 13:2818:06
Sixfields, opp Sainsburys 13:3118:09
Sixfields, opp Bella Italia 13:3218:10
Swan Valley Upton Valley Way East (SW-bound) 09:3213:39
Swan Valley Nectar Way (NW-bound) 09:32
Swan Valley, adj Sepals Way 09:32
Swan Valley, adj Sainsburys Distribution Centre 09:33
Swan Valley, adj Blacks 09:36
Swan Valley, adj Cygnet Drive 09:39
Swan Valley, opp The Barn Way 09:40
West Hunsbury, opp Ashpole Spinney 09:4413:4318:14
West Hunsbury, opp Samwell Way 09:4513:4518:15
Rothersthorpe, opp Kislingbury Road 09:4913:4918:19
Dalscote Turn (adj) 09:5513:5518:25
Eastcote, opp Gayton Road 09:5613:5618:26
Pattishall, o/s Primary School 09:5613:5618:26
Pattishall, opp The Beeches 09:5813:5818:28
Pattishall, opp Holy Cross Church 09:5813:5818:28
Pattishall, adj Leys Road 09:5913:5918:29
Pattishall, o/s Red Lion PH 09:5913:5918:29
Pattishall, opp Peggotty's 10:0014:0018:30
Pattishall, opp School Road 10:0114:0118:31
Astcote, opp Sutton's Walk 10:0414:0418:34
Duncote, adj Letter Box 10:0814:0818:40
Greens Norton, opp St Bartholemew's Church 10:1214:1218:43
Greens Norton, adj School Lane 10:1314:1318:44
Greens Norton, opp Bengal View 10:1314:1318:44
Towcester, adj Northgate 10:2014:20
Towcester, o/s Saracens Head Hotel 14:20
Towcester, opp Technology College 14:20
Towcester, o/s Cemetery 14:21
Silverstone, o/s Cach Yard Farm 09:1814:2717:1218:58
Silverstone, opp Cattle End 09:1814:2717:1218:58
Syresham, opp Weslyan Reform Church 17:21
Syresham, opp Primary School 17:21
Syresham, opp Kings Head PH 17:22
Brackley Northampton Road (S-bound) 09:2814:3717:2719:08
Brackley, opp Jutland Drive 09:3017:29
Brackley, adj Top Station Road 14:3719:08
Brackley, adj Ash Drive 09:3217:31
Brackley, adj Valley Road 14:3819:09
Brackley, opp Cemetery Entrance 09:3317:32
Brackley, adj Church Road 14:3919:10
Brackley, opp De Montfort Court 09:3417:33
Brackley, opp Winchester House 14:4019:11
Brackley, opp Magdalen Meadows 09:3417:33
Brackley, opp Bracken Leas School 09:3517:34
Brackley Springfield Way (near) 09:3617:35
Brackley, adj Tudor Way 09:3617:35
Brackley, adj Stuart Road 09:3617:35
Brackley Woods Court (near) 09:3717:36
Brackley, adj Woods Court 09:3717:36
Brackley, adj Cartwright Crescent 09:3717:36
Brackley, opp Farthinghoe Close 09:3817:37
Brackley, adj Westhill Avenue 09:3817:37
Brackley, adj Manor Road 09:3917:38
Brackley, opp Southfield Primary School 09:4017:39
Brackley, adj Churchill Way 09:4017:39
Brackley, adj St James Road 09:4117:40
Brackley, opp Westminster Crescent 09:4217:44
Brackley, o/s St Rumbolds Court 09:4217:44
Brackley, adj Market Place 09:4314:4217:4619:13

Brackley - Northampton

Brackley, opp Market Place 06:4409:44
Brackley, adj Market Place 14:45
Brackley, o/s Winchester House 06:4509:45
Brackley, adj Churchill Way 14:46
Brackley, opp Church Road 06:4509:45
Brackley, adj St James Road 14:47
Brackley, opp Jarvis Court 06:4609:46
Brackley, opp St James Road 14:48
Brackley, opp Top Station Road 06:4709:47
Brackley, opp Churchill Way 14:49
Brackley, adj Southfield Primary School 14:50
Brackley, opp Westhill Avenue 14:51
Brackley, adj Farthinghoe Close 14:52
Brackley, opp Woods Court 14:53
Brackley, opp Stuart Road 14:53
Brackley, opp Tudor Way 14:54
Brackley, adj Springfield Way 14:55
Brackley, adj Bracken Leas School 14:55
Brackley Magdalen Meadows (near) 14:56
Brackley, adj Cemetery Entrance 14:57
Brackley, adj Jutland Drive 15:01
Brackley Northampton Road (N-bound) 06:4909:4915:03
Whitfield Turn (opp) 06:5109:51
Silverstone, adj Cattle End 06:5909:59
Silverstone, opp Cach Yard Farm 07:0010:00
Towcester, adj Northgate 10:0912:48
Towcester, o/s Saracens Head Hotel 10:0912:48
Towcester, opp Technology College 10:1012:49
Towcester, o/s Cemetery 10:1112:50
Greens Norton, adj Bengal View 07:0910:1512:54
Greens Norton, opp School Lane 07:1010:1712:56
Greens Norton St Bartholemew's Church (near) 07:1010:1712:56
Duncote, opp Letter Box 07:1210:2012:59
Astcote, adj Sutton's Walk 07:1710:2513:04
Pattishall, o/s Primary School 07:1810:2613:05
Pattishall, opp The Beeches 07:2010:2813:07
Pattishall, opp Holy Cross Church 07:2010:2813:07
Pattishall, adj Leys Road 07:2110:2913:08
Pattishall, o/s Red Lion PH 07:2210:3013:09
Pattishall, opp Peggotty's 07:2310:3113:10
Pattishall, opp School Road 07:2410:3113:10
Eastcote, adj Gayton Road 07:2610:3313:12
Dalscote Turn (opp) 07:2610:3313:12
Rothersthorpe, adj Kislingbury Road 07:3308:5110:4013:19
West Hunsbury, adj Samwell Way 07:3708:5510:4413:23
West Hunsbury, adj Ashpole Spinney 07:3708:5510:4413:23
Swan Valley Upton Valley Way East (SW-bound) 07:39
Sixfields, opp Bella Italia 07:4409:0010:4813:27
Sixfields, o/s Sainsburys 07:4509:0110:4913:28
Duston, o/s Homebase 07:4709:0310:5113:30
St James End, adj Malcolm Drive 07:4809:0410:5213:31
St James End, opp Beacon Bingo 07:4909:0510:5313:32
St James End, o/s NatWest Bank 07:5009:0610:5413:33
St James End, opp Bus Depot 07:5109:0710:5513:34
St James End, adj Byfield Road 07:5109:0710:5513:34
Northampton, adj Rail Station approach road 07:5309:0910:5713:36
Northampton, o/s Sol Central 07:5309:0910:5713:36
Northampton, opp St Peters Walk 07:5409:1010:5813:37
Northampton Bus Interchange (Bay 19) 07:5509:1110:5913:38

Timetable data from Stagecoach Midlands, 27 May 2023

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