874 - Acomb Green - Buckden via Otley

Operated by York Pullman


Sundays (not bank holidays)

Acomb Green to Buckden via Otley

Wetherby Bus Stn A 08:35
Wetherby Police Stn 08:36
Collingham, at Jewitt Lane 08:39
Collingham Main St 08:39
Collingham Brookside 08:39
Collingham, at Crabtree Hill 08:40
Collingham Crabtree Green 08:40
Bardsey Rigton Hill 08:41
Bardsey, at Congreve Approach 08:42
Bardsey First Avenue 08:42
Bardsey, at Rigton Bank 08:43
Bardsey, at Mill Lane 08:43
Bardsey, opp Church Lane 08:43
Bardsey Hetchell View 08:44
Scarcroft, opp Wayside Mount 08:45
Scarcroft Thorner Lane 08:45
Scarcroft Vill Hall (opp) 08:46
Scarcroft Ling Lane 08:46
Scarcroft Eversley View 08:47
Scarcroft Wood Farm 08:47
Scarcroft, opp Grange Cottages 08:48
Shadwell, opp Stoney Lane 08:49
Shadwell Carr Lane (S bound) 08:50
Wellington Hill, opp Whinmoor Lane 08:52
Wellington Hill Red Hall Lane 08:53
Wellington Hill Red Hall Gardens 08:53
Wellington Hill Roundhay Grange 08:54
Wellington Hill, at Kentmere Gate 08:55
Roundhay Easterly Road (W bound) 08:56
Roundhay Elmete Lane (W bound) 08:57
Roundhay, adj Elmete Drive 08:58
Roundhay Park Gates 08:58
Roundhay North Lane 08:59
Oakwood Clock (S bound) 09:00
Oakwood Ravenscar Avenue (SW bound) 09:01
Oakwood Roundhay Road Tesco 09:02
Harehills Copgrove Road 09:04
Harehills Fforde Grene Jct (SW bound) 09:05
Leeds Bus Stn (Stand 16) 09:15
Leeds Station C 09:19
Woodhouse Leeds University (stop C) 09:23
Hyde Park Corner 09:25
Headingley Arndale (opp) 09:28
Headingley, opp Glen Road 09:30
West Park Kepstorn Road 09:31
Lawnswood Cemetery 09:33
Adel Holt Lane 09:35
Adel, at Kingsley Drive 09:36
Adel Parkway Hotel 09:37
Bramhope, opp Golden Acre Park 09:38
Bramhope Kings Road 09:39
Bramhope The Poplars 09:40
Bramhope, at Wynmore Avenue 09:40
Bramhope, adj Breary Lane 09:40
Bramhope Hall Rise 09:41
Bramhope Ch Hill 09:42
Bramhope Moorlands Farm 09:43
Otley, opp Dyneley Arms 09:43
Old Pool Bank Top (at) 09:44
Otley Old Pool Bank 09:44
Otley Caley Crags 09:46
Otley Pools Carr 09:47
Otley Stubbings Farm 09:47
Otley Russell Farm 09:48
Otley The Old Orchard 09:48
Otley, at Silver Mill Hill 09:49
Otley Gay Lane 09:49
Otley Bus Stn 01 09:50
Otley Waitrose 09:51
Otley West Chevin Road 09:52
Otley Grove Hill Park 09:52
Otley Burley Water Works 09:55
Burley-in-Wharfedale Main Street Norwood Ave 09:57
Burley-in-Wharfedale Main Street Iron Row 09:58
Burley-in-Wharfedale Main St Station Road 09:58
Burley-in-Wharfedale Main Street North Parade 09:58
Burley-in-Wharfedale, opp Ilkley Road Far Mead Croft 09:59
Burley-in-Wharfedale Ilkley Road Leather Bank (W bound) 10:00
Burley-in-Wharfedale, adj Esscroft Cottage 10:01
Ben Rhydding, before Coutances Way Saxon Lodge 10:02
Ben Rhydding, opp Treatment Works 10:03
Ben Rhydding, opp Denton Bridge 10:05
Ben Rhydding, after Bolling Road Wheatley Ln 10:06
Ben Rhydding, after Bolling Road Manley Rd 10:07
Ben Rhydding, at Bolling Road Southway 10:07
Ben Rhydding, adj Bolling Road Marlborough Grove 10:08
Ilkley Springs Lane Wheatley Rd (stop) 10:08
Ilkley, adj Springs Medical Centre 10:09
Ilkley, adj Springs Lane Tivoli Place 10:09
Ilkley Bus Station stand B 10:10
Ilkley Skipton Rd Middleton Road 10:1614:11
Ilkley, adj Skipton Rd Easby Drive 10:1714:12
Ilkley Skipton Rd Appletree Gardens 10:1714:12
Ilkley Skipton Rd Layby 10:1814:13
Ilkley Skipton Rd Cocking Lane 10:1814:13
Ilkley Skipton Road Netherwood 10:1914:14
Ilkley Skipton Rd Cocking Lane (corner) 10:1914:14
Addingham Wharfedale Rd Lumb Gill Lane (corner) 10:2014:15
Addingham Main St Church Street (stop) 10:2114:16
Addingham, after Cricket Ground 10:2214:17
Addingham Main Street The Fleece PH 10:2214:17
Addingham Bolton Rd Main St 10:2214:17
Addingham Bolton Rd The Acres 10:2314:18
Addingham Bolton Rd Farfield House 10:2414:19
Addingham Farfield Hall (N bound) 10:2514:20
Bolton Abbey Bolton Bridge (S-bound) 10:2914:24
Bolton Abbey, adj Well 10:3014:25
Storiths Cavendish Memorial (NE-bound) 10:3114:26
Bolton Abbey, opp The Riddings 10:3314:28
Barden, opp Strid Wood 10:3514:30
Barden, adj Scale 10:3614:31
Barden, opp Tower 10:3714:32
Barden, adj Craft 10:3814:33
Drebley Lane (opp) 10:4014:35
Burnsall Red Lion Hotel (S-bound) 10:4514:40
Thorpe Lane End (W-bound) 10:4814:43
Thorpe Lythe Plantation (NW-bound) 10:5014:45
Linton High Bank (NW-bound) 10:5214:47
Threshfield Home Croft (NW-bound) 10:5414:49
Threshfield Toft House Farm (SW-bound) 10:5414:49
Threshfield Piece Fields End (SE-bound) 10:5514:50
Grassington Station Road (NE-bound) 10:5914:54
Grassington National Park Centre (NW-bound) 11:0114:56
Grassington Station Road (SW-bound) 11:0615:01
Threshfield, adj Doctor Laithe 11:0715:02
Threshfield Skirethorne Lane End (NW-bound) 11:0815:03
Skirethorns, opp Caravan Park 11:0915:04
Kilnsey Tennant's Arms Hotel (N-bound) 11:1315:08
Kettlewell Carpark (NE-bound) 11:2315:25
Starbotton Fox and Hounds PH (N-bound) 11:2815:30
Buckden, opp The Buck Inn 11:3315:35
Buckden Car Park (N-bound) 11:3515:37

Buckden via Otley to Acomb Green

Buckden Car Park (N-bound) 12:2816:25
Buckden, adj The Buck Inn 12:3016:25
Starbotton Fox And Hounds (S-bound) 12:3516:30
Kettlewell Carpark (W-bound) 12:4016:35
Kilnsey Tennant's Arms Hotel (S-bound) 12:4716:42
Skirethorns, adj Caravan Park 12:5116:46
Threshfield Skirethorne Lane End (SE-bound) 12:5216:47
Threshfield Piece Fields End (SE-bound) 12:5316:48
Grassington Station Road (NE-bound) 12:5616:51
Grassington, opp National Park Centre 12:5816:53
Grassington Station Road (SW-bound) 13:0117:01
Threshfield, adj Doctor Laithe 13:0217:02
Threshfield Home Croft (S-bound) 13:0317:03
Linton High Bank (SE-bound) 13:0417:04
Thorpe Lane End (SE-bound) 13:0717:06
Thorpe Lane End (NW-bound) 13:0817:08
Burnsall Red Lion Hotel (S-bound) 13:1117:11
Drebley Lane (adj) 13:1417:15
Barden, opp Craft 13:1817:18
Barden, adj Tower 13:1917:18
Barden, opp Scale 13:1917:19
Barden, adj Strid Wood 13:2017:20
Bolton Abbey, adj The Riddings 13:2217:22
Storiths Cavendish Memorial (SW-bound) 13:2417:24
Bolton Abbey, opp Well 13:2517:25
Bolton Abbey Devonshire Arms (S-bound) 13:2517:27
Addingham Farfield Hall 13:2617:30
Addingham, opp Bolton Rd Farfield House 13:2617:31
Addingham Bolton Rd The Acres (SW bound) 13:2617:32
Addingham Bolton Rd Main St (SW bound) 13:2617:33
Addingham Main Street The Fleece PH 13:3317:33
Addingham Cricket Ground 13:3417:34
Addingham, before Ilkley Rd Church Street 13:3517:35
Addingham, opp Wharfedale Rd Lumb Gill Lane 13:3617:36
Ilkley, opp Skipton Rd Cocking Lane 13:3817:38
Ilkley Skipton Road Netherwood (stop) 13:3917:39
Ilkley Skipton Road The Hollins 13:4017:40
Ilkley Skipton Road Dale View 13:4117:41
Ilkley Skipton Rd Victoria Avenue 13:4217:42
Ilkley Skipton Rd Easby Drive 13:4217:42
Ilkley Skipton Rd Westville Road 13:4317:43
Ilkley Bus Station stand B 13:4517:45
Ilkley, opp Springs Lane Tivoli Place 17:49
Ilkley, opp Springs Medical Centre 17:49
Ilkley Springs Lane Wheatley Rd 17:50
Ben Rhydding, opp Bolling Road Marlborough Grove 17:50
Ben Rhydding, before Bolling Road Manley Rd 17:51
Ben Rhydding, before Bolling Road Wheatley Ln 17:52
Ben Rhydding Wheatley Ln Valley Drive 17:52
Ben Rhydding, adj Denton Bridge 17:53
Ben Rhydding, adj Treatment Works 17:54
Ben Rhydding, opp Coutances Way Saxon Lodge 17:55
Burley-in-Wharfedale, opp Esscroft Cottage 17:56
Burley-in-Wharfedale Ilkley Road Leather Bank 17:57
Burley-in-Wharfedale, at Ilkley Road Far Mead Croft 17:58
Burley-in-Wharfedale Main Street Peel Pl 17:58
Burley-in-Wharfedale Main St York Road 17:59
Otley Burley Water Works 18:01
Otley Grove Hill Park 18:03
Otley West Chevin Road 18:03
Otley Waitrose 18:04
Otley Bus Stn 01 18:05
Otley Gay Lane 18:06
Otley Silver Mill Hill (E bound) 18:06
Otley The Old Orchard 18:07
Otley Russell Farm 18:07
Otley Stubbings Farm 18:07
Otley Pools Carr 18:08
Otley Caley Crags 18:09
Otley Old Pool Bank 18:10
Old Pool Bank Top 18:10
Otley, at Dyneley Arms 18:10
Bramhope Moorlands Farm (near) 18:11
Bramhope Ch Hill (S bound) 18:12
Bramhope, at Hall Rise 18:12
Bramhope, opp Breary Lane 18:13
Bramhope Wynmore Avenue 18:13
Bramhope, opp The Poplars 18:13
Bramhope Kings Road (near) 18:14
Bramhope, at Golden Acre Park 18:15
Adel, at Parkway Hotel 18:15
Adel Kingsley Drive 18:16
Adel, opp Holt Lane 18:17
Adel The Crescent 18:18
Adel, at St Helen's Lane 18:18
Lawnswood Cemetery (opp) 18:19
Lawnswood YMCA 18:19
Weetwood Police Stn 18:20
Weetwood Lawnswood School 18:21
West Park Kepstorn Road 18:21
West Park Ancaster Road 18:22
Headingley Glen Road 18:22
Headingley Weetwood Lane 18:23
Headingley, opp St Chads Drive 18:23
Headingley Arndale (at) 18:24
Headingley St Michaels Church 18:25
Headingley Richmond Avenue 18:26
Headingley North Grange Road 18:26
Hyde Park Corner North Hill Road 18:27
Hyde Park Corner, at Cumberland Road 18:27
Hyde Park Corner Hyde Prk Corner (SE bound) 18:28
Woodhouse Clarendon Road 18:29
Woodhouse Leeds University (stop G) 18:30
Woodhouse Leeds University (stop A) 18:31
Woodhouse Blackman Lane 18:31
Leeds Merrion C 18:33
Leeds Headrow N 18:33
Leeds City Square J 18:35
Leeds Cultural A 18:40
Mabgate, on Byron Street 18:42
Mabgate, adj Cross Stamford St 18:43
Harehills Grant Avenue 18:44
Harehills Roseville Road 18:45
Harehills, opp Elford Place 18:45
Harehills Lascelles Terrace 18:46
Harehills Fforde Grene Jct (NE bound) 18:47
Harehills Avenue 18:48
Oakwood Roundhay Road Tesco (NE bound) 18:48
Oakwood Ravenscar Avenue 18:49
Oakwood Clock (NE bound) 18:50
Roundhay North Lane 18:50
Roundhay Park Gates (at) 18:51
Roundhay Elmete Drive 18:51
Roundhay Elmete Lane (E bound) 18:52
Roundhay Easterly Road 18:52
Wellington Hill Kentmere Gate 18:53
Wellington Hill Roundhay Grange (N bound) 18:54
Wellington Hill, at Red Hall Gardens 18:54
Wellington Hill Red Hall Lane (NE bound) 18:55
Wellington Hill Whinmoor Lane 18:55
Shadwell Carr Lane 18:57
Shadwell Stoney Lane 18:57
Scarcroft Grange Cottages 18:58
Scarcroft Wood Farm (N bound) 18:59
Scarcroft, adj Ling Lane 18:59
Scarcroft Vill Hall 18:59
Scarcroft, opp Thorner Lane 19:00
Scarcroft Wayside Mount 19:00
Bardsey Church Lane 19:01
Bardsey Mill Lane 19:02
Bardsey Rigton Bank 19:02
Bardsey, at First Avenue 19:03
Bardsey Congreve Approach 19:03
Bardsey Rigton Hill (N bound) 19:03
Collingham, opp Crabtree Green 19:04
Collingham Crabtree Hill 19:05
Collingham Main St 19:05
Collingham Jewitt Lane 19:06
Wetherby Police Stn 19:09
Wetherby Bus Stn A 19:10

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/KJTR/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 31 October 2022

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York Pullman