88B - Colchester Osborne St. - Halstead High St.

A bus service operated by First Essex


Colchester Osborne St. - Halstead High St.

Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Ac) 15:27
Colchester Crouch Street (Stop Db) 15:4315:48
Colchester, o/s Essex County Hospital 15:4515:50
Colchester, adj Beverley Road 15:4615:51
Colchester, adj The Avenue 15:4715:52
Colchester, adj Park Road 15:4815:53
Colchester, adj Fitzwalter Road 15:5015:55
Colchester, opp Glen Avenue 15:5015:55
Lexden, o/s Church 15:5315:58
Lexden, opp Halstead Road Corner 15:5516:00
Lexden, opp Mellor Chase 15:5516:00
Lexden, adj King Coel Road North 15:5616:01
Lexden, adj Peace Road 15:5616:01
Lexden, adj Tudor Rose Close 15:5716:02
Lexden, opp Warren Farm 15:5816:03
Eight Ash Green, o/s Holiday Inn 15:5916:04
Eight Ash Green, adj The Walk 16:0016:05
Eight Ash Green, adj Huxtables Lane 16:0016:05
Eight Ash Green, opp The Cricketers 16:0116:06
Fordham Heath, opp Heath Cottages 16:0316:08
Fordham Heath Wood Lane (W-bound) 16:0316:08
Fordham Heath, adj Fiddlers Folly 16:0316:08
Fordham, o/s Primary School 16:0616:11
Fordham, opp Memorial 16:0816:13
Fordham, opp Quilters Green 16:0816:14
Wakes Colne Colchester Road (N-bound) 16:14
Wakes Colne, adj The Street 16:15
Wakes Colne, opp The Fox & Pheasant 16:18
White Colne, o/s York House 16:20
White Colne, opp Bures Road 16:21
Earls Colne, o/s Riverside Inn 16:21
Earls Colne, opp Colne Priory 16:22
Earls Colne Church Hill (N-bound) 16:23
Earls Colne, o/s Temperance Yard 16:23
Earls Colne, opp The Lion 16:24
Earls Colne, opp Station Road 16:25
Earls Colne, o/s The Kennels 16:26
Halstead, opp Blue Bridge 16:32
Halstead, opp Courtauld Playing Fields 16:33
Halstead, adj Nether Court 16:33
Halstead, opp Pretoria Rd 16:34
Halstead High Street (SW-bound) 16:35

Halstead Conies Rd. - Colchester Osborne St.

Halstead White Horse Avenue (N-bound) 07:18
Halstead, adj Parker Way 07:19
Halstead, opp Lock Road 07:20
Halstead, opp Ronald Road 07:21
Halstead, adj Conies Road 07:22
Halstead Mount Hill (N-bound) 07:23
Halstead, opp Blamsters Crescent 07:23
Halstead, adj Monklands Court 07:25
Halstead Park (opp) 07:26
Halstead High Street (NE-bound) 07:27
Halstead, adj Pretoria Rd 07:30
Halstead, opp Nether Court 07:31
Halstead, adj Courtauld Playing Fields 07:31
Halstead, adj Blue Bridge 07:32
Earls Colne, opp The Kennels 07:39
Earls Colne, adj Station Road 07:39
Earls Colne, o/s The Lion 07:40
Earls Colne, opp Temperance Yard 07:41
Earls Colne Church Hill (S-bound) 07:41
Earls Colne, o/s Colne Priory 07:42
Earls Colne, opp Riverside Inn 07:42
White Colne, adj Bures Road 07:43
White Colne, opp York House 07:44
Wakes Colne, o/s The Fox & Pheasant 07:45
Wakes Colne, opp The Street 07:48
Wakes Colne Colchester Road (S-bound) 07:49
Fordham, adj Quilters Green 07:5507:58
Fordham, o/s Memorial 07:5807:58
Fordham, opp Primary School 07:5908:00
Fordham Heath, opp Fiddlers Folly 08:0208:03
Fordham Heath Wood Lane (E-bound) 08:0308:03
Fordham Heath, o/s Heath Cottages 08:0308:03
Eight Ash Green, o/s The Cricketers 08:0508:05
Eight Ash Green, opp Huxtables Lane 08:0508:05
Eight Ash Green, opp The Walk 08:0608:06
Eight Ash Green, opp Holiday Inn 08:0708:07
Lexden, o/s Warren Farm 08:0808:08
Lexden, opp Cornflower Close 08:0908:09
Lexden, opp Tudor Rose Close 08:0908:10
Lexden, opp King Coel Road North 08:1108:11
Lexden, adj Mellor Chase 08:1208:12
Lexden, o/s The Crown 08:1408:14
Lexden, opp Church 08:1408:15
Colchester, adj Glen Avenue 08:1608:16
Colchester, opp Fitzwalter Road 08:1708:17
Colchester, opp Park Road 08:1808:18
Colchester, opp The Avenue 08:1908:19
Colchester, opp Beverley Road 08:1908:19
Colchester, opp Essex County Hospital 08:2008:20
Colchester Head Street (Stop Ea) 08:2208:22
Colchester High Street (Stop Fd) 08:2508:25
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Ac) 08:2808:28

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