88 - Whitfield - Broughty Ferry circular

A bus service operated by Moffat & Williamson


Whitfield Drumgeith Road (near) 09:10then hourly until14:1015:05
Whitfield, at Spartleton Place 09:1114:1115:06
Whitfield, at Myrtlehall Gardens 09:1114:1115:06
Whitfield Berwick Drive (near) 09:1214:1215:07
Whitfield, at Aberlady Crescent 09:1314:1315:08
Whitfield, at Haddington Avenue 09:1314:1315:08
Whitfield, opp The Elms 09:1314:1315:08
Whitfield, opp Carberry Crescent 09:1414:1415:09
Whitfield, opp The Willows 09:1414:1415:09
Whitfield, at Ormiston Crescent 09:1414:1415:09
Fintry, opp Findowrie Street 09:1514:1515:10
Whitfield Lothian Crescent (near) 09:1614:1615:11
Whitfield, at Library 09:1714:1715:12
Whitfield Loan (at) 09:1714:1715:12
Whitfield, opp Drumgeith Park 09:1814:1815:12
Pitkerro Balunie Drive (near) 09:1814:1815:13
Douglas Road (near) 09:1914:19
Douglas Ballindean Road (near) 09:2014:20
Douglas, at Ballater Place 09:2114:21
Douglas Baluniefield Road (near) 09:2214:22
Douglas Balunie Place (near) 09:2214:22
Douglas Balunie Terrace (near) 09:2314:23
Douglas, at Baldovie Road 09:2314:23
Douglas, at Sainsburys 09:2514:25
Balgillo, at Aberfoyle Gardens 09:3014:30
Balgillo, at Forthill Road 09:3114:31
Balgillo, at Ballinard Road 09:3114:31
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry Victoria Road (near) 09:3314:33
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry Grove Road (near) 09:3414:34
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Ellieslea Road 09:3514:35
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry Fairfield Road (near) 09:3714:37
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Ogilvie Court 09:3814:38
Broughty Ferry, at YMCA 09:4214:42
Broughty Ferry, at Tesco Express 09:4314:43
Broughty Ferry, at Peking Garden 09:4414:44
Broughty Ferry, opp Fort Hotel 09:4514:45
Broughty Ferry, at Markies 09:4614:46
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry Ogilvie Court (near) 09:5014:50
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Fairfield Road 09:5014:50
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Dunnotar Place 09:5214:52
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, opp Ellieslea Road 09:5214:52
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Grove Road 09:5314:53
West Ferry/Broughty Ferry, at Victoria Road 09:5314:53
Balgillo, at Arbroath Road 09:5514:55
Douglas, at Sainsburys 10:0015:00
Douglas, opp Sainsburys 10:0215:02
Douglas, at Balunie Drive 10:0315:03
Whitfield Drumgeith Road (near) 10:0515:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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