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888 - Hapton - Huncoat - Billington St Augustines HS

A bus service operated by Pilkingtonbus



Accrington, by Bradshaw Street East 07:37
Accrington, by Addison Street 07:37
Hillock Vale, opp Alice Street 07:38
Hillock Vale, by Hatfield Road 07:38
Hillock Vale, o/s Whittakers Arms 07:39
Huncoat, opp Woodside Road 07:40
Huncoat, by Within Grove 07:41
Huncoat, by Haweswater Road 07:42
Huncoat, by Newhouse Road 07:42
Huncoat, by Oak Bank 07:43
Huncoat, opp Alder Grove 07:44
Huncoat, by Rail Station 07:45
Huncoat, by James Street 07:45
Huncoat, by Marshall Avenue 07:45
Huncoat, by Towneley Avenue 07:46
Huncoat, adj Burnley Lane 07:46
Huncoat, by Griffin Close 07:47
Huncoat, o/s Griffin Head 07:47
Hapton, adj Burnley Road 07:48
Hapton, opp Thorneybank Ind Est 07:49
Hapton, by Mill Hill Lane 07:50
Hapton, by Lyndale Road 07:51
Hapton, by Railway Station 07:51
Hapton, o/s Railway Inn 07:52
Hapton, adj Stone Moor 07:53
Hapton, by Malvern Avenue 07:54
Hapton, by Lancaster Drive 07:55
Hapton, by Shawbrook Walk 07:56
Hapton, by Cambridge Drive Turn Round 07:57
Hapton, opp Lancaster Drive 07:58
Hapton, opp Malvern Avenue 07:59
Hapton, by Stone Moor Bottom 07:59
Padiham, by St John the Baptist RCPS 08:00
Padiham, opp Oat Street 08:01
Padiham, by Waterside Mews 08:02
Padiham, by Town Hall 08:03
Padiham, o/s Bus Stand 08:03
Padiham, by Memorial Park 08:03
Padiham, by Vicarage Avenue 08:04
Simonstone, opp Haugh Avenue 08:06
Read, by Fountains Avenue 08:07
Read, o/s Constitutional Club 08:07
Read, opp Jubilee Street 08:08
Read, by Haywood Caravan Park 08:09
Portfield Burnley Road (Stop 3) 08:12
Whalley, opp Portfield Road 08:14
Whalley, by Rendezvous 08:16
Whalley, by Toby Jug 08:16
Billington, opp Judge Walmesley Hotel 08:18
Billington, by Valley View 08:18
Billington, by Calder Avenue 08:19
Billington Gardens (by) 08:20
Billington, by St Augustines RCHS 08:22
Billington, opp Meadow Close 08:22
Billington Gardens (opp) 08:23
Billington, opp Calder Avenue 08:24
Billington, opp Valley View 08:25
Billington, o/s Judge Walmesley Hotel 08:25
Whalley, opp Toby Jug 08:27
Whalley, o/s Post Office 08:28
Whalley, by Hayhurst Road 08:28
Whalley, by Rookwood 08:29
Whalley, by Cemetery 08:29
Lamb Roe, by The Eagle 08:29
Lamb Roe, opp Whiteacre Lane 08:30
Barrow, opp Trafford Gardens 08:31
Barrow, opp Primary School 08:31
Barrow, adj Garden Centre 08:31
Barrow, o/s Clitheroe Golf Club 08:32
Barrow, opp Limehouse Farm 08:33
Primrose, opp Littlemoor Road 08:35
Primrose, opp Park Street 08:35
Primrose, opp St James Street 08:35
Clitheroe, opp Sainsburys 08:36


Clitheroe, by Queensway 15:08
Primrose, by Park Street 15:08
Primrose, by Littlemooor Road 15:09
Barrow, by Limehouse Farm 15:11
Barrow, opp Clitheroe Golf Club 15:13
Barrow, by Audley House 15:14
Barrow, by County Primary School 15:14
Barrow, adj Trafford Gardens 15:15
Lamb Roe, by Whiteacre Lane 15:16
Lamb Roe, opp The Eagle 15:16
Whalley, opp Cemetery 15:17
Whalley, adj Rookwood 15:17
Whalley, opp Hayhurst Road 15:19
Whalley Bus Station (Stand A) 15:20
Whalley, by Toby Jug 15:20
Billington, opp Judge Walmesley Hotel 15:21
Billington, by Valley View 15:22
Billington, by Calder Avenue 15:23
Billington Gardens (by) 15:23
Billington, by St Augustines RCHS 15:25
Billington Gardens (opp) 15:26
Billington, opp Calder Avenue 15:26
Billington, opp Valley View 15:27
Billington, o/s Judge Walmesley Hotel 15:28
Whalley, opp Toby Jug 15:29
Whalley, by Sydney Avenue 15:30
Whalley, by Portfield Road 15:32
Portfield Burnley Road (Stop 4) 15:34
Read, opp Haywood Caravan Park 15:38
Read, by Jubilee Street 15:40
Read, opp Campbell Street 15:40
Read, o/s Stork Hotel 15:40
Simonstone, by School Lane 15:41
Simonstone, by Clough Lane 15:41
Padiham, opp Vicarage Avenue 15:43
Padiham, opp Memorial Park 15:44
Padiham, by Bus Stand 15:44
Padiham, by Post Office 15:45
Padiham, by St James Place 15:45
Padiham, by Levant Street 15:46
Padiham, opp St John the Baptist RCPS 15:47
Hapton, by Fennyfold Terrace 15:47
Hapton, by Malvern Avenue 15:47
Hapton, by Lancaster Drive 15:48
Hapton, by Shawbrook Walk 15:48
Hapton, by Cambridge Drive Turn Round 15:49
Hapton, opp Shawbrook Walk 15:49
Hapton, opp Lancaster Drive 15:50
Hapton, opp Malvern Avenue 15:50
Hapton, opp Stone Moor 15:52
Hapton, opp Railway Inn 15:52
Hapton, opp Rail Station 15:53
Hapton, opp Lyndale Road 15:53
Hapton, opp Mill Hill Lane 15:54
Hapton Inn (o/s) 15:55
Hapton, by Thorneybank Ind Est 15:55
Hapton, by Burnley Road 15:56
Huncoat, opp Griffin Close 15:57
Huncoat, by Burnley Lane 15:58
Huncoat, opp Towneley Avenue 15:58
Huncoat, by Edgar Street 15:59
Huncoat, opp James Street 15:59
Huncoat, opp Rail Station 16:00
Huncoat, by Enfield Road 16:00
Huncoat, opp Oak Bank 16:00
Huncoat, opp Newhouse Road 16:01
Huncoat, opp Haweswater Road 16:01
Huncoat, opp Within Grove 16:02
Huncoat, adj Bolton Avenue 16:02
Hillock Vale, by Whittakers Arms 16:03
Hillock Vale, by Peel Park Avenue 16:03
Hillock Vale, by Alice Street 16:04
Accrington, by Sydney Street 16:04
Accrington, opp Bradshaw Street East 16:05

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset