89 - Braintree to Great Yeldham

A bus service operated by Hedingham


Great Yeldham - Braintree

Great Yeldham, opp The Green 06:4807:4808:4509:38then hourly until15:3816:4317:40
Great Yeldham, opp Toppesfield Road 06:4807:4808:4509:3815:3816:4317:40
Great Yeldham, o/s Poole Farm 06:5007:5008:4709:4015:4016:4517:42
Castle Hedingham, adj Colne Valley Railway 06:5107:5108:4809:4115:4116:4617:43
Castle Hedingham Yeldham Road (S-bound) 06:5207:5208:4909:4215:4216:4717:44
Castle Hedingham Memories (E-bound) 06:5307:5308:5009:4315:4316:4817:45
Castle Hedingham Nunnery Street (NE-bound) 06:5307:5308:5009:4315:4316:4817:45
Castle Hedingham, adj Bowmans Park 06:5407:5408:5109:4415:4416:4917:46
Castle Hedingham, opp Till Smiths Garage 06:5507:5508:5209:4515:4516:5017:47
Castle Hedingham, o/s The Bell 06:5607:5608:5309:4615:4616:5117:48
Castle Hedingham Station Road (SW-bound) 06:5607:5608:5309:4615:4616:5117:48
Sible Hedingham Station Road (SW-bound) 06:5807:5808:5509:4815:4816:5317:50
Sible Hedingham, opp Sugar Loaves 06:5907:5908:5609:4915:4916:5417:51
Sible Hedingham, o/s Post Office 06:5907:5908:5609:4915:4916:5417:51
Sible Hedingham, opp The Swan 07:0008:0008:5709:5015:5016:5517:52
Sible Hedingham, opp Lamb Lane 07:0108:0108:5809:5115:5116:5617:53
Sible Hedingham, o/s Wash Farm 07:0108:0108:5809:5115:5116:5617:53
Sible Hedingham, opp Foxborough 07:0308:0309:0009:5315:5316:5817:55
Halstead, o/s Hospital 07:0808:0809:0509:5815:5817:0318:00
Halstead High Street (SW-bound) 07:1008:1009:0710:0016:0017:0518:02
Halstead Park (o/s) 07:1108:1109:0810:0116:0117:0618:03
Halstead, adj Ramsey Road 07:1208:1209:0910:0216:0217:0718:04
Halstead Mount Hill (S-bound) 07:1308:1309:1010:0316:0317:0818:05
Halstead Conies Road (S-bound) 07:1508:1509:1210:0516:0517:1018:07
Halstead, adj Tweed Close 07:1508:1509:1210:0516:0517:1018:07
Halstead White Horse Avenue (N-bound) 07:1508:1509:1210:0516:0517:1018:07
Halstead, adj Parker Way 07:1708:1709:1410:0716:0717:1218:09
Halstead, opp Lock Road 07:1708:1709:1410:0716:0717:1218:09
Halstead, opp Ronald Road 07:1708:1709:1410:0716:0717:1218:09
Halstead, adj Conies Road 07:1808:1809:1510:0816:0817:1318:10
Halstead Mount Hill (N-bound) 07:1908:1909:1610:0916:0917:1418:11
Halstead, adj Blamsters Crescent 07:1908:1909:1610:0916:0917:1418:11
Plaistow Green, opp Attwoods 07:1908:1909:1610:0916:0917:1418:11
Plaistow Green, opp Russell's Road 07:1908:1909:1610:0916:0917:1418:11
Plaistow Green Road (adj) 07:2108:2109:1810:1116:1117:1618:13
Plaistow Green Penny Pot Corner (W-bound) 07:2108:2109:1810:1116:1117:1618:13
High Garrett, adj Rayne Hatch Wood 07:2308:2309:2010:1316:1317:1818:15
High Garrett, opp Crematorium 07:2408:2409:2110:1416:1417:1918:16
High Garrett Foley Corner (SW-bound) 07:2508:2509:2210:1516:1517:2018:17
High Garrett, o/s Hare and Hounds 07:2508:2509:2210:1516:1517:2018:17
High Garrett, opp Grove Field 07:2608:2609:2310:1616:1617:2118:18
High Garrett, opp Four Releet 07:2608:2609:2310:1616:1617:2118:18
Bocking, opp Broad Road Nursery 07:2708:2709:2410:1716:1717:2218:19
Bocking Broad Road (SW-bound) 07:2808:2809:2510:1816:1817:2318:20
Bocking, o/s Larchwood Care Home 07:2808:2809:2510:1816:1817:2318:20
Bocking Convent Hill (S-bound) 07:2908:2909:2610:1916:1917:2418:21
Bocking, opp Six Bells 07:3008:3009:2710:2016:2017:2518:22
Bocking, opp Old Court Hotel 07:3108:3109:2810:2116:2117:2618:23
Braintree, adj Julien Court Road 07:3208:3209:2910:2216:2217:2718:24
Braintree Courtauld Road (SE-bound) 07:3208:3209:2910:2216:2217:2718:24
Braintree Railway Street (S-bound) 07:3308:3309:3010:2316:2317:2818:25
Braintree Clinic (W-bound) 07:3408:3409:3110:2416:2417:2918:26
Braintree Clinic (W-bound) 07:3508:3509:3210:2516:2517:3018:27
Braintree Fairfield Rd (Stand 4) 07:3608:3609:3310:2616:2617:3118:28
Braintree, adj Trinovantian Way 07:3708:3709:3410:2716:2717:3218:29
Braintree, o/s Railway Station 07:4008:4009:3710:3016:3017:3518:32

Braintree - Great Yeldham

Braintree, o/s Railway Station 07:4208:4209:37then hourly until18:37
Braintree Victoria Street (Stand 5) 07:4808:4809:4318:43
Braintree Railway Street (N-bound) 07:5008:5009:4518:45
Braintree, opp Julien Court Road 07:5108:5109:4618:46
Bocking, o/s Old Court Hotel 07:5208:5209:4718:47
Bocking, o/s Six Bells 07:5408:5409:4918:49
Bocking Convent Hill (N-bound) 07:5408:5409:4918:49
Bocking, opp Larchwood Care Home 07:5508:5509:5018:50
Bocking Broad Road (N-bound) 07:5508:5509:5018:50
Bocking, o/s Broad Road Nursery 07:5608:5609:5118:51
High Garrett, adj Four Releet 07:5708:5709:5218:52
High Garrett, adj Grove Field 07:5708:5709:5218:52
High Garrett, opp Hare and Hounds 07:5708:5709:5218:52
High Garrett Foley Corner (NE-bound) 07:5808:5809:5318:53
High Garrett, o/s Crematorium 07:5908:5909:5418:54
High Garrett, opp Rayne Hatch Wood 08:0009:0009:5518:55
Plaistow Green Penny Pot Corner (E-bound) 08:0109:0109:5618:56
Plaistow Green Road (opp) 08:0209:0209:5718:57
Plaistow Green, adj Russell's Road 08:0309:0309:5818:58
Plaistow Green, o/s Attwoods 08:0309:0309:5818:58
Halstead Mount Hill (S-bound) 08:0409:0409:5918:59
Halstead Conies Road (S-bound) 08:0509:0510:0019:00
Halstead, adj Tweed Close 08:0509:0510:0019:00
Halstead White Horse Avenue (N-bound) 08:0609:0610:0119:01
Halstead, adj Parker Way 08:0809:0810:0319:03
Halstead, opp Lock Road 08:0909:0910:0419:04
Halstead, opp Ronald Road 08:1009:1010:0519:05
Halstead, adj Conies Road 08:1109:1110:0619:06
Halstead Mount Hill (N-bound) 08:1209:1210:0719:07
Halstead, opp Blamsters Crescent 08:1209:1210:0719:07
Halstead, adj Monklands Court 08:1309:1310:0819:08
Halstead Park (opp) 08:1409:1410:0919:09
Halstead High Street (NE-bound) 08:1509:1510:1019:10
Halstead, opp Hospital 08:1509:1510:1019:10
Sible Hedingham, adj Foxborough 08:2009:2010:1519:15
Sible Hedingham, opp Wash Farm 08:2109:2110:1619:16
Sible Hedingham, adj Lamb Lane 08:2209:2210:1719:17
Sible Hedingham, o/s The Swan 08:2209:2210:1719:17
Sible Hedingham, opp Post Office 08:2309:2310:1819:18
Sible Hedingham, o/s Sugar Loaves 08:2409:2410:1919:19
Sible Hedingham Station Road (NE-bound) 08:2409:2410:1919:19
Castle Hedingham Station Road (NE-bound) 08:2509:2510:2019:20
Castle Hedingham, opp The Bell 08:2609:2610:2119:21
Castle Hedingham, o/s Till Smiths Garage 08:2609:2610:2119:21
Castle Hedingham, opp Bowmans Park 08:2709:2710:2219:22
Castle Hedingham Nunnery Street (SW-bound) 08:2809:2810:2319:23
Castle Hedingham Memories (W-bound) 08:2909:2910:2419:24
Castle Hedingham Yeldham Road (N-bound) 08:2909:2910:2419:24
Castle Hedingham, opp Colne Valley Railway 08:3109:3110:2619:26
Great Yeldham, opp Poole Farm 08:3209:3210:2719:27
Great Yeldham, adj Toppesfield Road 08:3409:3410:2919:29
Great Yeldham, opp The Green 08:3509:3510:3019:30

Timetable data from Go East Anglia/Bus Open Data Service, 22 October 2020