89 - Hitchin - Henlow Camp

A bus service operated by Centrebus (South)

Hitchin to Henlow Camp

Hitchin, nr Rydal Way 08:5017:0518:32
Hitchin, nr Hunting Gate 08:5017:0618:32
Hitchin, nr Alexander House 08:5117:0818:33
Hitchin, opp Girdle Road 08:5117:1018:34
Hitchin, opp Millstream Close 08:52
Walsworth Common (opp) 17:1318:35
Hitchin, opp Stormont Road 08:53
Walsworth, adj Orchard Road 17:1518:36
Hitchin Walsworth Cross Roads (SW-bound) 17:1718:37
Hitchin, nr North Herts College 17:1918:37
Hitchin Railway Station (Stop E) 15:5517:2218:39
Hitchin Station (Stop C) 15:5517:2218:39
Hitchin, opp Grove Road 08:5615:5617:2318:40
Hitchin, opp Bunyan Road 08:5715:5717:2418:41
Hitchin Bancroft (Stop G) 07:1509:0009:4011:5512:3514:1515:5817:2518:42
Hitchin, nr West Hill 07:1609:0109:4111:5612:3614:1615:5917:2618:43
Hitchin, opp Fishponds Road 07:1709:0209:4211:5712:3714:1716:0017:2718:44
Westmill Estate, adj Angel's Reply PH 07:1709:0209:4211:5712:3714:1716:0017:2718:44
Westmill Estate, nr Wellingham Avenue 07:1809:0309:4311:5812:3814:1816:0117:2818:45
Westmill Estate, nr Burford Way 07:1909:0309:4411:5812:3814:1816:0117:2818:45
Ickleford, opp Turnpike Lane 07:1909:0409:4411:5912:3914:1916:0217:2918:46
Holwell Turn (adj) 07:2309:48
Holwell Turn (W-bound) 09:0812:0312:4314:2316:0617:3318:50
Holwell, opp Ramerick Cottages 07:2509:50
Holwell, nr Rand's Meadow 09:0912:0412:4414:2416:0717:3418:51
Henlow Camp, adj Three Star Park 07:2609:51
Holwell, o/s St Peter's Church 09:1112:0612:4614:2616:0917:3618:53
Henlow Camp Bird In Hand (N-bound) 07:2609:51
Holwell, adj Rectory 09:1112:0612:4614:2616:0917:3618:53
Pirton, adj Royal Oak Lane 09:1412:1012:4914:3016:1217:3918:56
Pirton High Street (SW-bound) 09:1512:1112:5014:3116:1317:4018:57
Pirton, opp Post Office 09:1612:1212:5114:3216:1417:4118:58
Pirton, o/s Motte & Bailey PH 09:1712:1312:5214:3316:1517:4218:59
Shillington, adj Apsley End Road 12:5616:1917:46
Shillington, adj Hanscombe End Road 12:5616:1917:46
Shillington, opp Post Office 12:5816:2117:48
Shillington, opp Bells Close 12:5816:2117:48
Shillington, adj Hillside Road 12:5916:2217:49
Shillington Hillfoot End (N-bound) 13:0016:2317:50
Shillington Woodmer End (N-bound) 13:0216:2517:52
Shillington, after Upton End Road 13:0416:2717:54
Meppershall Rectory Road (W-bound) 13:0616:2917:56
Meppershall, opp Lower School 13:0716:3017:57
Meppershall, opp Gregory Close 13:0716:3017:57
Meppershall, adj Fowlers Drive 13:0716:3017:57
Meppershall, adj Post Office 13:0816:3117:58
Meppershall, adj Brookmead 13:0816:3117:58
Upper Stondon Meppershall Road (E-bound) 13:1116:3418:01
Upper Stondon, o/s All Saints' Church 13:1216:3518:02
Lower Stondon, o/s Stondon Lower School 13:1416:3718:04
Lower Stondon, opp Mount Pleasant Farm 13:1416:3718:04
Lower Stondon, o/s Station Road 13:1516:3818:05
Henlow Camp Bedford Road (W-bound) 07:2709:5213:16
Henlow Camp Bedford Road (NW-bound) 16:3918:06

Henlow Camp to Hitchin

Henlow Camp Bedford Road (W-bound) 07:2909:5213:27
Henlow Camp Bird In Hand (SE-bound) 16:4118:08
Lower Stondon, o/s Station Road 07:3009:5213:27
Henlow Camp, opp Three Star Park 16:4118:08
Lower Stondon, opp Mount Pleasant Farm 07:3109:5313:28
Holwell, nr Ramerick Cottages 16:4218:09
Lower Stondon, opp Stondon Lower School 07:3209:5413:29
Upper Stondon, opp All Saints' Church 07:3309:5513:30
Upper Stondon Meppershall Road (E-bound) 07:3409:5613:31
Upper Stondon, opp Chapel Road 07:3509:5713:32
Meppershall, opp Brookmead 07:3709:5913:34
Meppershall, opp Post Office 06:3607:3810:0013:35
Meppershall, opp Fowlers Drive 06:3607:3810:0013:35
Meppershall, adj Gregory Close 06:3607:3810:0013:35
Meppershall, o/s Lower School 06:3607:3810:0013:35
Meppershall Rectory Road (E-bound) 06:3707:3910:0113:36
Shillington, before Upton End Road 06:3907:4110:0313:38
Shillington Woodmer End (S-bound) 06:4207:4410:0613:41
Shillington Hillfoot End (S-bound) 06:4307:4510:0713:42
Shillington, opp Hillside Road 06:4407:4610:0813:43
Shillington, o/s Bells Close 06:4507:4710:0913:44
Shillington, o/s Post Office 06:4607:4810:1013:45
Shillington, opp Hanscombe End Road 06:4707:4910:1113:46
Shillington, opp Apsley End Road 06:4807:5010:1213:47
Pirton, nr Danefield Road 06:5307:5510:1713:52
Pirton, opp Motte & Bailey PH 06:5407:5609:1810:1812:1313:5314:33
Pirton, opp War Memorial 06:5407:5609:1810:1812:1313:5314:33
Pirton High Street (NE-bound) 06:5407:5709:1910:1912:1413:5414:34
Pirton, opp Royal Oak Lane 06:5507:5809:2010:2012:1513:5514:35
Holwell, opp Rectory 06:5708:0109:2310:2312:1813:5814:38
Holwell, opp St Peter's Church 06:5808:0209:2410:2412:1913:5914:39
Holwell, opp Rand's Meadow 07:0008:0309:2510:2512:2014:0014:40
Holwell Turn (opp) 07:0308:0509:2710:2712:2214:0214:4216:4518:12
Ickleford, nr Turnpike Lane 07:0508:0809:3010:3012:2514:0514:4516:4818:15
Westmill Estate, opp Burford Way 07:0508:0809:3110:3112:2614:0614:4616:4918:16
Westmill Estate, opp Wellingham Avenue 07:0508:0909:3110:3112:2614:0614:4616:5018:17
Westmill Estate, opp Angel's Reply PH 07:0608:0909:3210:3212:2714:0714:4716:5018:17
Hitchin, nr Fishponds Road 07:0608:1009:3210:3212:2714:0714:4716:5118:18
Hitchin, o/s Football Club 09:3210:3212:2714:0714:47
Hitchin, opp Waitrose 07:0608:1116:5218:19
Hitchin, nr Grammar School Walk 07:0708:1116:5218:19
Hitchin St Mary's Square (Stop M) 07:07
Hitchin Bancroft (Stop E) 08:1216:5318:20
Hitchin Hollow Lane (SE-bound) 07:08
Hitchin Hermitage Road (Stop A) 08:12
Hitchin, nr Bunyan Road 16:5418:21
Hitchin, nr Verulam Road 08:13
Hitchin, nr Grove Road 16:5418:21
Hitchin Railway Station (Stop B) 08:14
Hitchin, adj Water Lane 16:5518:22
Hitchin Railway Station (Stop E) 07:1008:15
Hitchin, nr Stormont Road 16:5618:23
Hitchin Station (Stop C) 07:10
Hitchin, opp North Herts College 08:16
Hitchin, nr Millstream Close 16:5818:25
Hitchin, opp Grove Road 07:11
Walsworth, adj Green Lane 08:17
Hitchin, opp Bunyan Road 07:1209:3410:3412:2914:0914:49
Walsworth, opp Orchard Road 08:17
Hitchin Bancroft (Stop G) 07:1309:3510:3512:3014:1014:50
Hitchin, adj Girdle Road 08:1916:5818:25
Hitchin, opp Alexander House 08:1916:5818:25
Hitchin, nr Cam Centre 08:2016:5918:26
Hitchin, opp Hunting Gate 08:2016:5918:26
Hitchin, nr Rydal Way 08:2117:0018:27

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