8A - Cottenham - Chatteris - March

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Please see the Stephensons website stephensonsofessex.com/daily-service-updates for service updates, details of cancelled journeys

Cottenham - March

Cottenham Victory Way (near) 18:56
Cottenham, opp Rooks Street 18:56
Cottenham Broad Lane (near) 18:57
Cottenham Ivatt Street (near) 18:57
Cottenham, opp Church Close 18:58
Cottenham Brookfield Business Centre (near) 18:58
Wilburton, opp Carpond Lane 19:08
Wilburton High Street (o/s 57) 19:08
Haddenham, opp Hinton View 19:11
Haddenham Northumbria Close (near) 19:12
Witcham Toll, opp The Slade 19:18
Sutton, opp The Chestnuts 19:19
Sutton, opp Park Road 19:22
Sutton Vermuyden Gardens (near) 19:23
Sutton, opp Brookside 19:24
Sutton The Brook (near) 19:25
Sutton, opp Windmill Lane 19:27
Mepal, opp Iretons Way 19:32
Chatteris Wenny Estate (near) 19:39
Chatteris, o/s Cromwell Community College 19:39
Chatteris East Park Street (NW-bound) 19:40
Chatteris King Edward Road (near) 19:41
Chatteris Ash Grove (near) 19:41
Chatteris, opp Dock Road 19:42
Chatteris Fenland Way (near) 19:42
Chatteris, opp Little Curf Drove 19:43
Chatteris Doddington Road (o/s 19) 19:44
Chatteris Forty Foot Bank (near) 19:45
Doddington, opp Howmoor Farm 19:47
Doddington, o/s Primrose Cottage 19:47
Doddington Primrose Hill (o/s 9) 19:49
Doddington, opp Cook's Green 19:49
Doddington, adj Thistledown 19:50
Doddington, opp Ingle's Lane 19:51
Doddington, opp Childs Lane 19:51s
Doddington Wimblington Road (E-bound) 19:52
Wimblington, opp Brickmaker's Arms Lane 19:53
Wimblington Rays Court (near) 19:53
Wimblington Doddington Road (N-bound) 19:54
Wimblington, opp Chapel Lane 19:54
Wimblington, opp Addison Road 19:55
Wimblington, opp Honeymead Road 19:56
Wimblington, opp Bridge Lane 19:57
Wimblington March Road (o/s 53) 19:57
March, opp Isle Of Ely Way 19:59
March, opp Lambs Hill Drove 20:00
March Wimblington Road (opp 8) 20:01
Town End, opp Neale Wade College 20:01
March, opp Monument View 20:02
March The Avenue (N-bound) 20:02
March Causeway Close (near) 20:02
March, opp Scargell's Lane 20:03
March, opp Bevills Place 20:04
March Grays Lane (near) 20:05

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

March - Cottenham

March Station Road (near) 06:30
March Bevills Place (near) 06:30
March, opp Burrowmoor Road 06:30
March, adj Scargell's Lane 06:30
March, opp Springfield Avenue 06:31
March The Avenue (S-bound) 06:31
March Monument View (near) 06:32
Town End Neale Wade College (near) 06:32
March Wimblington Road (o/s 32) 06:33
March Lambs Hill Drove (near) 06:33
March Isle Of Ely Way (near) 06:34
Wimblington March Road (SW-bound) 06:35
Wimblington Bridge Lane (near) 06:36
Wimblington Honeymead Road (near) 06:36
Wimblington Addison Road (near) 06:37
Wimblington Chapel Lane (near) 06:37
Wimblington Doddington Road (S-bound) 06:38
Wimblington, opp Rays Court 06:38
Wimblington Brickmaker's Arms Lane (near) 06:39
Doddington Wimblington Road (W-bound) 06:39
Doddington Childs Lane (near) 06:40
Doddington Ingle's Lane (near) 06:41
Doddington, opp Thistledown 06:41
Doddington Cook's Green (near) 06:42
Doddington Primrose Hill (opp 9) 06:42
Doddington, opp Primrose Cottage 06:43
Doddington, o/s Howmoor Farm 06:44
Chatteris, opp Forty Foot Bank 06:45
Chatteris Doddington Road (opp 15) 06:47
Chatteris Little Curf Drove (near) 06:47
Chatteris, opp Fenland Way 06:48
Chatteris Dock Road (near) 06:48
Chatteris, opp Ash Grove 06:49
Chatteris, opp King Edward Road 06:49
Chatteris East Park Street (SE-bound) 06:50
Chatteris, opp Cromwell Community College 06:55
Mepal, o/s Iretons Way 07:04
Sutton, opp Park Road 07:09
Sutton Vermuyden Gardens (near) 07:10
Sutton, opp Brookside 07:10
Sutton The Brook (near) 07:11
Sutton, opp Windmill Lane 07:13
Sutton Park Road (near) 07:14
Sutton The Chestnuts (near) 07:17
Haddenham, opp Northumbria Close 07:24
Haddenham Hinton View (near) 07:26
Wilburton High Street (near) 07:31
Wilburton Carpond Lane (near) 07:32
Cottenham, opp Brookfield Business Centre 07:40
Cottenham Church Close (near) 07:41
Cottenham, opp Ivatt Street 07:42
Cottenham, opp Broad Lane 07:42
Cottenham Rooks Street (near) 07:43
Cottenham Victory Way (near) 07:43

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 16 April 2024

Stephensons of Essex


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