9, 9A - Fakenham - Holt - Sheringham

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Fakenham - Holt - Sheringham

Fakenham Oak Street (Stand A) 09:2010:2612:2113:4015:3016:3017:48
Fakenham, adj High School 15:35
Fakenham, adj Sixth Form Centre 15:38
Fakenham, opp Lancaster Avenue 09:2310:2912:2413:4315:4016:3317:51
Fakenham, adj Henry IV 09:2310:2912:2413:4315:4016:3317:51
Fakenham, adj Whitelands 09:2410:3012:2513:4415:4116:3417:52
Fakenham, opp George Edwards Road 09:2510:3112:2613:4515:4216:3517:53
Fakenham, adj turn 09:2610:3212:2713:4615:4316:3617:54
Fakenham, adj Morrisons 09:2610:3212:2713:4615:4316:3617:54
Little Snoring, adj Bell Close 15:49
Little Snoring, opp The Hill 15:50
Little Snoring, opp Snoring School 15:52
Little Snoring, adj Oaklands 15:53
Little Snoring, opp Green Man 09:3310:3912:3413:5315:5516:4317:58
Barney, opp Highway Depot 09:3610:4212:3713:5615:5916:4618:01
Melton Constable, adj Bus Shelter 07:3509:4010:4612:4114:0016:0316:5018:05
Melton Constable, opp Hillside 07:3509:4010:4612:4114:0016:0316:5018:05
Briston, opp The Lane 07:3609:4110:4712:4214:0116:0416:5118:06
Briston, opp Plumb's Close 07:3709:4210:4812:4314:0216:0516:5218:07
Briston, adj Mill Road 07:3809:4310:4912:4414:0316:0616:5318:08
Briston, adj Old Post Road 07:4009:4510:5112:4614:0516:0816:5518:10
Briston, adj Plumb's Close 07:4009:4510:5112:4614:0516:0816:5518:10
Briston, opp Vicarage corner 07:4109:4610:5212:4714:0616:0916:5618:11
Briston, adj Stody turn 07:4309:4810:5412:4914:0816:1116:5818:13
Hunworth, adj King Street 07:4509:5010:5612:5114:1016:1317:0018:15
Holt, opp Lodge Close 07:5009:5511:0112:5614:1516:1817:0518:20
Holt, adj Coronation Road 07:5109:5611:0212:5714:1616:1917:0618:21
Holt, opp Beresford Road 07:5109:5611:0212:5714:1616:1917:0618:21
Holt, o/s Hospice Shop 07:5509:5811:0613:0114:2016:2517:0818:23
Holt, adj Kelling Road 07:5611:0713:0214:2116:26
Holt, adj Gresham school 07:5711:0713:0214:2116:26
High Kelling, adj Holt Rail Station 07:5811:0813:0314:2216:27
High Kelling, adj Hospital 07:5911:0913:0414:2316:28
High Kelling, adj Beech Close 08:0111:1113:0614:2516:30
Bodham, opp old school 08:0411:1413:0914:2816:33
Bodham, opp Village hall 08:04
Bodham, adj church 11:1513:1014:2916:34
West Beckham, adj Wrights Corner 08:05
Upper Sheringham, adj Sheringham Park 08:0711:1713:1214:3116:36
Upper Sheringham, opp Church 08:0911:1913:1414:3316:38
Sheringham, opp High School 08:1011:2013:1514:3416:39
Sheringham, adj Greenlands Way 08:1211:2113:1614:3516:40
Sheringham, opp Abbey Road 08:1311:2213:1714:3616:41
Sheringham Railway Approach (W-bound) 08:1511:2313:1814:3716:42

Sheringham - Holt - Fakenham

Sheringham Railway Approach (W-bound) 08:2309:1112:3513:5015:0716:50
Sheringham, adj Abbey Road 08:2409:1212:3613:5115:0816:51
Sheringham, opp Greenlands Way 08:2409:1312:3713:5215:0916:52
Sheringham, adj High School 08:2409:1412:3813:5315:1016:53
Upper Sheringham, adj Church 08:2509:1512:3913:5415:1216:54
Upper Sheringham, opp Sheringham Park 08:2609:1712:4113:5615:1416:56
West Beckham, opp Wrights Corner 15:16
Bodham, opp church 08:2709:1812:4213:5716:57
Bodham, adj Village hall 15:18
Bodham, adj old school 08:3109:1912:4313:5815:1916:58
High Kelling, opp Beech Close 08:3109:2212:4614:0115:2217:01
High Kelling, opp Hospital 08:3209:2412:4814:0315:2417:03
High Kelling, opp Holt Rail Station 08:3309:2612:5014:0515:2617:05
Holt, opp Gresham school 08:3409:2712:5114:0615:2717:06
Holt, opp Kelling Road 08:3409:2812:5214:0715:2817:07
Holt, adj Bus Shelter 06:5007:4008:3509:3111:0012:5514:1015:3017:10
Holt, adj Beresford Road 06:5207:4209:3311:0212:5714:1215:3217:12
Holt, opp Coronation Road 06:5207:4309:3311:0212:5714:1215:3217:12
Holt, opp Regents Close 06:5307:4509:3411:0312:5814:1315:3317:13
Hunworth, opp King Street 06:5707:4909:3811:0713:0214:1715:3717:17
Briston, opp Stody turn 06:5807:5009:3911:0813:0314:1815:3817:18
Briston, adj Vicarage corner 07:0007:5209:4111:1013:0514:2015:4017:20
Briston, opp Plumb's Close 07:0007:5209:4111:1013:0514:2015:4017:20
Briston, adj Mill Road 07:0107:5309:4211:1113:0614:2115:4117:21
Briston, adj Old Post Road 07:0207:5409:4311:1213:0714:2215:4217:22
Briston, adj Plumb's Close 07:0307:5509:4411:1313:0814:2315:4317:23
Briston, adj The Lane 07:0507:5709:4611:1513:1014:2515:4517:25
Briston, adj school 07:0607:5809:4711:1613:1114:2615:4617:26
Melton Constable, adj Hillside 07:0808:0009:4911:1813:1314:2815:4817:28
Melton Constable, opp Bus Shelter 07:0908:0109:5011:1913:1414:2915:4917:29
Barney, adj Highways Depot 07:1308:0509:5411:2313:1814:3315:5317:33
Little Snoring, adj Green Man 07:1708:0909:5811:2713:2214:3715:5717:37
Little Snoring, opp Oaklands 08:10
Little Snoring, adj Snoring School 08:11
Little Snoring, adj The Hill 08:12
Little Snoring, opp Bell Close 08:13
Fakenham, adj Morrisons 07:2108:1810:0311:3213:2714:4216:02
Fakenham, opp turn 07:2108:1810:0311:3213:2714:4316:0317:39
Fakenham, adj George Edwards Road 07:2208:1910:0411:3313:2814:4416:0417:40
Fakenham, opp Whitelands 07:2208:1910:0511:3413:2914:4516:0517:40
Fakenham, opp Henry IV 07:2308:2010:0611:3513:3014:4616:0617:41
Fakenham, adj Lancaster Avenue 07:2308:2010:0811:3713:3214:4716:0717:42
Fakenham, adj Car Park 07:2408:2110:0911:3813:3314:4816:0817:43
Fakenham, adj High School 08:25
Fakenham, adj Sixth Form Centre 08:27
Fakenham Oak Street (Stand A) 07:2608:3010:1111:4013:3514:5016:1017:45

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