90 - Team Valley - Winlaton

A bus service operated by Gateshead Central Taxis

Monday to Friday

Winlaton Bus Station (A) 05:14
Winlaton Blaydon Bank-Alice Street (NE-Bound) 05:16
Blaydon Bank-Monarch Terrace (N-Bound) 05:17
Blaydon Bank-Croftdale Road (NE-Bound) 05:19
Blaydon Bus Station (C) 05:22
Blaydon Shibdon Road-Shibdon Bank (SE-Bound) 05:24
Swalwell Shibdon Road-Axwell Park (E-Bound) 05:25
Shibdon Road-Swalwell Roundabout (SE-Bound) 05:25
Swalwell Hexham Road - Broadmeadows Close (E-Bound) 05:27
Swalwell Hexham Road - Sands Road (NE-Bound) 05:28
Metrocentre Long Rigg (NE-Bound) 05:29
Metrocentre Interchange (H) 05:33
Metrocentre Handy Drive-Bus Depot (E-Bound) 05:34
Dunston St Omers Road (S-Bound) 05:35
Dunston Road-Park (S-Bound) 05:36
Dunston Park Terrace-Hawthorne Drive (S-Bound) 05:37
Dunston Ellison Road (E-Bound) 05:38
Dunston Ellison Road-The Crescent (E-Bound) 05:38
Dunston Ellison Road (NE-Bound) 05:38
Teams Ellison Road-Catholic Church (S-Bound) 05:38
Derwentwater Road-Teams Bridge (E-Bound) 05:39
Teams Derwentwater Road-Pitz (NE-Bound) 05:40
Bensham Bolam Street (SE-Bound) 05:41
Bensham Victoria Road-Queen Street (SE-Bound) 05:41
Bensham Lobley Hill Road-Victoria Road (SW-Bound) 05:42
Team Valley Lobley Hill Road-Queensway (SW-Bound) 05:43
Team Valley Lobley Hill Road - Kingsway North (A) 05:44
Team Valley Kingsway North - First Avenue (D) 05:45
Team Valley Kingsway-Second Avenue (S-Bound) 05:45
Team Valley Kingsway-Fourth Avenue (S-Bound) 05:46
Team Valley Kingsway-Fifth Avenue (S-Bound) 05:47
Team Valley Centre (S-Bound) 05:48
Team Valley Kingsway-Seventh Avenue (S-Bound) 05:48
Team Valley Kingsway South - Ninth Avenue (S-Bound) 05:49
Team Valley Retail World Marquis Way (S-Bound) 05:50

Timetable data from Gateshead Central Taxis/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 7 July 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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