903 - Kelvedon - Tiptree - Easthorpe - Marks Tey - The Stanway School

A bus service operated by Hedingham

Kelvedon - Tiptree - Easthorpe - Marks Tey - The Stanway School

Kelvedon, opp The Railway Tavern 07:04
Feering Hill (NE-bound) 07:05
Feering Gore Pit Corner (SE-bound) 07:07
Inworth, adj Yewtree Farm Road 07:08
Inworth, o/s The Prince of Wales 07:10
Inworth, opp Windmill Hill 07:10
Tiptree, opp Perrywood Nursery 07:11
Tiptree, adj Oak Road 07:12
Tiptree, o/s Baynards School 07:12
Tiptree, adj Windmill Green 07:13
Tiptree, o/s Underwoods Garage 07:13
Tiptree, opp Duck Pond 07:14
Tiptree, o/s The Centre 07:15
Tiptree, opp Station Road 07:15
Tolleshunt Knights, adj Brook Road 07:17
Great Wigborough, opp Old Kings Head 07:28
Great Wigborough, adj Abbots Wick Lane 07:29
Great Wigborough, opp Church Lane 07:30
Great Wigborough, opp Layer Road 07:30
Great Wigborough Middle Field Hill (N-bound) 07:30
Layer Breton Hall (opp) 07:30
Layer Breton, adj Lower Road 07:31
Layer Breton, opp The Old Meeting House 07:31
Layer Breton, opp Church 07:31
Layer Breton Heath (opp) 07:31
Layer Breton, opp Hare and Hounds 07:32
Birch, adj Mill Lane 07:32
Birch, opp School Lane 07:33
Birch, adj Hardys Green 07:39
Birch Road (opp) 07:41
Birch, o/s Garage 07:42
Heckfordbridge, o/s The Angel 07:43
Stanway, opp Wyvern Farm 07:47
Stanway, adj Church Lane 07:48
Stanway, o/s St Albright's Church 07:48
Stanway, opp Sparrow Hall 07:49
The Swan Stanway (o/s) 07:49
Copford, opp Westbury Close 07:50
Copford Lane (adj) 07:50
Copford, adj Allendale Drive 07:51
Copford, opp C of E Primary School 07:52
Copford Green (adj) 07:53
Easthorpe Well Ln (E-bound) 07:57
Copford Green (opp) 08:05
Copford, adj C of E Primary School 08:05
Copford, opp Allendale Drive 08:06
Marks Tey, opp Motel 08:07
Marks Tey, opp Railway Station 08:08
Marks Tey, opp Station Road 08:09
Marks Tey, adj Ashbury Drive 08:10
Marks Tey, opp Domsey Bank 08:11
Marks Tey, adj Wellside 08:12
Marks Tey, adj Norbury Close 08:12
Marks Tey, adj Station Road 08:14
Marks Tey, o/s Railway Station 08:14
Marks Tey, adj Motel 08:15
Copford Lane (opp) 08:17
Copford, adj Westbury Close 08:18
The Swan Stanway (opp) 08:19
Stanway, adj Sparrow Hall 08:19
Stanway, opp St Albright's Church 08:20
Stanway, opp Church Lane 08:21
Stanway, adj Wyvern Farm 08:21
Stanway Sainsburys Store (Stand 1) 08:22
Stanway, adj Barn Fields 08:23
Stanway Chapel Road (SE-bound) 08:24
Stanway, opp Secondary School 08:25
Schooldays only

The Stanway School - Marks Tey - Easthorpe - Tiptree - Kelvedon

Stanway, adj Secondary School 15:20
Stanway Chapel Road (NW-bound) 15:20
Stanway, nr Tollgate Rbt 15:21
Stanway Sainsburys Store (Stand 3) 15:22
Stanway, opp Wyvern Farm 15:22
Stanway, adj Church Lane 15:23
Stanway, o/s St Albright's Church 15:24
Stanway, opp Sparrow Hall 15:24
The Swan Stanway (o/s) 15:25
Copford, opp Westbury Close 15:26
Copford Lane (adj) 15:27
Marks Tey, opp Motel 15:28
Marks Tey, opp Railway Station 15:29
Marks Tey, opp Station Road 15:30
Marks Tey, opp Norbury Close 15:32
Marks Tey, opp Wellside 15:32
Marks Tey, adj Domsey Bank 15:32
Marks Tey, opp Godmans Lane 15:33
Marks Tey, opp Ashbury Drive 15:35
Marks Tey, adj Station Road 15:35
Marks Tey, o/s Railway Station 15:36
Marks Tey, adj Motel 15:36
Copford, adj Allendale Drive 15:38
Copford, opp C of E Primary School 15:39
Copford Green (adj) 15:40
Easthorpe Well Ln (E-bound) 15:48
Copford Green (opp) 15:49
Copford, adj C of E Primary School 15:50
Copford, opp Allendale Drive 15:50
Copford Lane (opp) 15:50
Copford, adj Westbury Close 15:50
The Swan Stanway (opp) 15:51
Stanway, adj Sparrow Hall 15:51
Stanway, opp St Albright's Church 15:51
Stanway, opp Church Lane 15:51
Stanway, adj Wyvern Farm 15:51
Heckfordbridge, opp The Angel 15:54
Birch, opp Garage 15:54
Birch Road (adj) 15:54
Birch, adj Lower Road 15:55
Birch, adj Hardys Green 15:56
Birch, adj School Lane 16:01
Birch, opp Mill Lane 16:02
Layer Breton, o/s Hare and Hounds 16:03
Layer Breton, o/s Church 16:03
Layer Breton, adj The Old Meeting House 16:03
Layer Breton, opp Lower Road 16:03
Layer Breton Hall (o/s) 16:03
Great Wigborough Middle Field Hill (S-bound) 16:04
Great Wigborough, adj Layer Road 16:04
Great Wigborough, adj Church Lane 16:05
Great Wigborough, opp Abbots Wick Lane 16:05
Great Wigborough, o/s Old Kings Head 16:06
Tolleshunt Knights, opp Brook Road 16:17
Tiptree, adj Station Road 16:19
Tiptree, opp The Centre 16:20
Tiptree, adj Duck Pond 16:20
Tiptree, opp Windmill Green 16:21
Tiptree, opp Baynards School 16:22
Tiptree, opp Oak Road 16:22
Tiptree, o/s Perrywood Nursery 16:23
Inworth, adj Windmill Hill 16:24
Inworth, opp The Prince of Wales 16:25
Inworth, opp Yewtree Farm Road 16:26
Feering Gore Pit Corner (NW-bound) 16:28
Feering Hill (SW-bound) 16:29
Kelvedon, o/s The Railway Tavern 16:31
Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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