91 - Midhurst - Petersfield

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South

Midhurst Bus Station - Petersfield Station

Midhurst Bus Station (Stand B) 16:00
Midhurst, opp Convent 16:01
Midhurst, adj Guillards Oak 16:02
Midhurst, opp The Half Moon 16:03
Midhurst, adj Heathbarn Farm 16:04
Stedham, adj Woolmer Bridge 16:05
Stedham Village (W-bound) 16:07
Stedham, opp The Hamilton 16:07
Stedham, opp Iping Lane 16:08
Stedham Common (S-bound) 16:08
Fitzhall Heath, adj Mitchell's Common 16:09
Stedham, opp Bridgelands Farm 16:10
Elsted, adj Ingram's Green Lane 16:10
The Elsted Inn (adj) 16:11
Elsted, adj Dairyhouse Copse 16:12
Elsted Marsh Peak (SW-bound) 16:12
Elsted Green (SW-bound) 16:13
Elsted, adj The Three Horseshoes 16:14
Elsted, adj Slate House Farm 16:15
Elsted, adj Buryfields Dairy 16:15
East Harting, adj Telegraph Lane 16:16
East Harting Turkey Island (W-bound) 16:17
South Harting, adj New Lane 16:19
South Harting, adj South Acre 16:19
South Harting, adj Warren Side 16:20
South Harting, adj The White Hart 16:21
South Harting, adj North Lane 16:21
South Harting, opp Pays Farm 16:22
West Harting Pays Meadow (NE-bound) 16:23
Nyewood, opp Three Cornered Piece 16:24
Nyewood, opp Champs Farm 16:26
Nyewood, opp Green 16:26
Nyewood Trotton Turn (NE-bound) 16:27
Habin Hill (NE-bound) 16:28
Rogate, opp St Bartholomew's Church 16:31
Rogate, opp Post Office 16:31
Rogate, adj Pear Tree Cottage 16:32
Durleighmarsh, adj Meadow Mist 16:34
Durleighmarsh Farm 16:34
Sheet Adhurst Junction (NW-bound) 16:35
Sheet The Half Moon (SW-bound) 16:36
Petersfield Churchers College (SW-bound) 16:37
Petersfield Madeline Road (SW-bound) 16:38
Petersfield The Square (Stop B) 16:39
Petersfield Station (Stop F) 16:41

Petersfield Station - Midhurst Bus Station

Petersfield Station (Stop F) 07:07
Petersfield Station (Stop G) 07:07
Petersfield The Square (Stop A) 07:09
Petersfield Madeline Road (NE-bound) 07:11
Petersfield Churchers College (NE-bound) 07:11
Sheet, adj The Half Moon 07:13
Sheet Adhurst Junction (SE-bound) 07:14
Durleighmarsh, opp Meadow Mist 07:16
Durleighmarsh Farm (adj) 07:17
Rogate, opp Pear Tree Cottage 07:18
Rogate, adj Post Office 07:20
Rogate, adj St Bartholomew's Church 07:20
Habin Hill (SW-bound) 07:23
Nyewood Trotton Turn (SW-bound) 07:24
Nyewood, adj Green 07:25
Nyewood, adj Champs Farm 07:26
Nyewood, adj Three Cornered Piece 07:27
West Harting Pays Meadow (SW-bound) 07:28
South Harting, adj Pays Farm 07:29
South Harting, opp The White Hart 07:30
South Harting, opp Warren Side 07:31
South Harting, opp South Acre 07:32
South Harting, opp New Lane 07:32
East Harting Turkey Island (E-bound) 07:34
East Harting, opp Telegraph Lane 07:35
Elsted, opp Buryfields Dairy 07:36
Elsted, opp Slate House Farm 07:36
Elsted, opp The Three Horseshoes 07:37
Elsted Green (NE-bound) 07:38
Elsted Marsh Peak (NE-bound) 07:39
Elsted, opp Dairyhouse Copse 07:39
The Elsted Inn (opp) 07:40
Elsted, opp Ingham's Green Lane 07:41
Stedham, adj Bridgelands Farm 07:41
Fitzhall Heath, opp Mitchell's Common 07:42
Stedham Common (N-bound) 07:43
Stedham, adj Iping Lane 07:43
Stedham, adj The Hamilton 07:44
Stedham Village (E-bound) 07:44
Stedham, adj The Street 07:46
Stedham, opp Woolmer Bridge 07:47
Midhurst, opp Heathbarn Farm 07:48
Midhurst, adj The Half Moon 07:50
Midhurst, opp Guillards Oak 07:51
Midhurst, adj Convent 07:52
Midhurst Bus Station (Stand B) 07:54

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024, Stagecoach South, 12 April 2024, Stagecoach/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 11 April 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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