917 - Inverness - Portree

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Inverness - Portree

Inverness Bus Station (Stance 2) 08:4517:35
Inverness, opp King Street 08:4617:36
Inverness, opp Planefield Road 08:4617:36
Ballifeary, o/s Council Buildings 08:4617:36
Ballifeary, at Bishops Road 08:4617:36
Ballifeary Glenurquhart Road (o/s 49) 08:4717:37
Ballifeary, opp Maxwell Drive 08:4717:37
Ballifeary, opp Cemetery Gates 08:4717:37
Ballifeary, before Tomnahurich Bridge 08:4817:38
Torvean, opp Kilvean Cemetery Rd End 08:5017:40
Dochgarroch, at Post Office 08:5417:44
Lochend, at Village Rd End 08:5917:49
Abriachan, at Road End 09:0317:53
Abriachan, opp Clansman Hotel 09:0617:56
Drumnadrochit, nr Temple Pier 09:1218:02
Drumnadrochit, opp Post Office 09:1518:05
Drumnadrochit, opp Balmacaan Rd End 09:1618:06
Lewiston, before Borlum Bridge 09:1618:06
Lewiston, opp Borlum Farm 09:1718:07
Urquhart Castle, at Car Park 09:2018:10
Bunloit, opp Achnahannet Farm 09:2218:12
Alltsigh, at Loch Ness Youth Hostel 09:3018:20
Invermoriston, opp Hotel 09:3818:28
Bhlaraidh, opp Hyrdro Houses 09:4118:31
Dundreggan, opp Farm Rd End 09:4518:35
Dundreggan, opp Redburn Tearooms 09:4618:36
Dundreggan, opp Torgoyle Chapel 09:4718:37
Dundreggan, opp Tomchraskey Rd End 09:4718:37
Bunloyne, at Junction 09:5618:46
Cluanie, o/s Inn 10:0818:58
Shiel Bridge, at Junction 10:2719:17
Allt a’ Chruinn, opp Restaurant 10:2819:18
Inverinate, nr Primary School 10:3019:20
Dornie, opp Bridge Rd End 10:3719:27
Ardelve, opp Camuslongart Rd End 10:3819:27
Ardelve, at Road End 10:4119:29
Nostie Road End (at) 10:4319:30
Auchtertyre, at Business Park 10:4419:31
Kirkton, at Village Hall 10:4519:32
Reraig, opp Balmacara Hotel 10:4619:33
Balmacara, opp Camp Site Rd End 10:4819:35
Kyle of Lochalsh, at Harbour Slipway 10:5419:41
Kyle of Lochalsh, at Harbour Slipway 11:00 19:50
Kyleakin, at Shorefront Shelter 11:0519:55
Ashaig, opp Camp Site 11:1120:01
Breakish, at Bus Shelter 11:1320:03
Skulamus, at Armadale Rd End 11:1620:06
Broadford, opp Waterloo Rd End 11:1620:06
Broadford, at Old Mill Rd End 11:1820:08
Broadford, opp Crowlin Bar 11:1920:09
Broadford, at Post Office 11:2020:10
Strollamus, opp Slipway 11:2720:17
Dunan, opp Houses 11:2820:18
Ard Dorch, opp Picture House 11:3120:21
Luib, at Road End 11:3220:22
Sconser, opp Skye Golf Club 11:3920:29
Sconser, opp Ferry Rd End 11:4020:30
Sconser, opp Ferry Rd End 11:42 20:32
Sligachan, o/s Hotel 11:4720:37
Portree, opp Braes Rd End 11:5820:48
Portree, at Aros Centre Rd End 12:0120:51
Portree Somerled Square (Stance 1) 12:0220:52

Portree - Inverness

Portree Somerled Square (Stance 1) 09:0017:35
Portree, at Cemetery 09:0117:36
Portree, at Braes Rd End 09:0417:39
Sligachan, opp Hotel 09:1517:50
Sconser, at Ferry Rd End 09:2017:55
Sconser, at Ferry Rd End 09:22 17:57
Sconser, at Skye Golf Club 09:2217:57
Luib, opp Road End 09:3018:05
Ard Dorch, o/s Picture House 09:3118:06
Dunan, at Houses 09:3418:09
Strollamus, at Slipway 09:3518:10
Broadford, opp Post Office 09:3918:14
Broadford, o/s Caberfeidh Bar 09:4018:15
Broadford, opp Hebridean Hotel 09:4118:16
Skulamus, opp Armadale Rd End 09:4318:18
Breakish, opp Bus Shelter 09:4618:21
Ashaig, at Camp Site 09:4718:22
Kyleakin, at Shorefront Shelter 09:5418:29
Kyle of Lochalsh, at Harbour Slipway 09:5918:34
Kyle of Lochalsh, at Harbour Slipway 10:05 18:40
Balmacara, at Camp Site Rd End 10:1018:45
Reraig, o/s Balmacara Hotel 10:1218:47
Kirkton, opp Village Hall 10:1318:48
Auchtertyre, opp Business Park 10:1418:49
Nostie, opp Road End 10:1518:50
Ardelve, opp Road End 10:1618:51
Dornie, at Bridge Rd End 10:1918:54
Inverinate, opp Houses 10:2619:01
Allt a’ Chruinn, at Restaurant 10:2819:03
Shiel Bridge, opp Junction 10:3019:04
Cluanie, opp Inn 10:4919:23
Bunloyne, opp Junction 11:0119:35
Dundreggan, at Tomchraskey Rd End 11:0919:43
Dundreggan, o/s Torgoyle Chapel 11:0919:43
Dundreggan, o/s Redburn Tearooms 11:1019:44
Dundreggan, at Farm Rd End 11:1119:45
Bhlaraidh, at Hydro Houses 11:1519:49
Invermoriston, o/s Hotel 11:1919:53
Alltsigh, opp Loch Ness Youth Hostel 11:2720:01
Bunloit, at Achnahannet Farm 11:3420:08
Urquhart Castle, at Car Park 11:3720:11
Lewiston, after Borlum Bridge 11:4020:14
Drumnadrochit, at Balmacaan Rd End 11:4020:14
Drumnadrochit, o/s Post Office 11:4220:16
Drumnadrochit, opp Temple Pier 11:4420:18
Abriachan, o/s Clansman Hotel 11:5020:24
Abriachan, opp Road End 11:5320:27
Lochend, opp Village Rd End 11:5820:32
Dochgarroch, opp Post Office 12:0220:36
Dochgarroch, opp School Rd End 12:0220:36
Dochgarroch, at Laganlean Shelter 12:0420:38
Torvean, at Kilvean Cemetery Rd End 12:0620:40
Ballifeary, after Tomnahurich Bridge 12:0820:42
Ballifeary, o/s Cemetery Gates 12:0920:43
Ballifeary, at Maxwell Drive 12:0920:43
Ballifeary Glenurquhart Road (o/s 58) 12:0920:43
Ballifeary, opp Council Buildings 12:1020:44
Inverness, at Planefield Road 12:1020:44
Inverness, at King Street 12:1020:44
Inverness Bus Station (Stance 2) 12:1220:46

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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