99 - Barnsley - Denby Dale

A bus service operated by South Pennine Community Transport


Barnsley - Denby Dale

Barnsley Interchange/A14 (A14) 10:2511:5513:25
Barnsley, nr Eldon Street/Market Hill 10:2511:5513:25
Barnsley, adj St Marys Place/Shambles Street 10:2611:5613:26
Barnsley, adj Church Lane/Church Street 10:2611:5613:26
Barnsley, adj Huddersfield Road/Western Street 10:2711:5713:27
Wilthorpe, adj Huddersfield Road/Kensington Road 10:2711:5713:27
Wilthorpe, adj Huddersfield Road/Salisbury Street 10:2811:5813:28
Wilthorpe, adj Huddersfield Road/Greenfoot Lane 10:2911:5913:29
Wilthorpe, adj Huddersfield Road/Rowland Road 10:3012:0013:30
Wilthorpe Road/Innovation Way (Adj) 10:3012:0013:30
Wilthorpe Road/Ripley Grove (adj) 10:3012:0013:30
Wilthorpe Road/Dayhouse Way (nr) 10:3112:0113:31
Wilthorpe Road/Wilbrook Rise (adj) 10:3112:0113:31
Barugh, adj Claycliffe Road/Medina Way 10:3212:0213:32
Claycliffe Road/Barugh Road (at) 10:3212:0213:32
Barugh, opp Barnsley Road/Dearne Hall Road 10:3312:0313:33
Darton, adj Barnsley Road/Bence Lane 10:3412:0413:34
Darton, nr Barnsley Road/Richard Road 10:3412:0413:34
Darton, opp Barnsley Road/Church Street 10:3512:0513:35
Darton, at Churchfield Lane/Roman Road 10:3512:0513:35
Kexborough, opp Churchfield Lane/Allendale Road 10:3612:0613:36
Kexborough, opp Churchfield Lane/Churchfield Avenue 10:3712:0713:37
Kexborough, opp Churchfield Lane/Bence Lane 10:3812:0813:38
Kexborough, adj Upper Field Lane/Hawthorne Court 10:3812:0813:38
High Hoyland, opp Upper Field Lane/Church Lane 10:4312:1313:43
Bank End Lane/High Hoyland Lane (opp) 10:4412:1413:44
Clayton West High Street Upper Common Ln 10:4812:1813:48
Clayton West, after High Street Hill Top 10:4912:1913:49
Clayton West High Street Bilham Rd 10:5012:2013:50
Clayton West War Memorial 10:5012:2013:50
Clayton West, opp Victoria Street 10:5112:2113:51
Clayton West Dukewood Road 10:5212:2213:52
Clayton West, at Springfield Avenue 10:5212:2213:52
Scissett, at Crown Street 10:5512:2513:55
Scissett, at Nortonthorpe Mills 10:5612:2613:56
Skelmanthorpe, at Windmill Crescent Commercial Road 10:5812:2813:58
Skelmanthorpe, at Meadow View Wharfedale Crescent 10:5912:2913:59
Skelmanthorpe, at Matherville Manorstead 09:3011:0012:3014:00
Skelmanthorpe, at Smithy Lane Matherville 09:3011:0012:3014:00
Skelmanthorpe, at Barrowstead Woodlands Drive 09:3011:0012:3014:00
Skelmanthorpe, at New Street 09:3111:0112:3114:01
Skelmanthorpe, at The Grove 09:3211:0212:3214:02
Skelmanthorpe, after Cumberworth Rd Huddersfield Rd 09:3211:0212:3214:02
Skelmanthorpe, adj Cumberworth Rd Dene Road 09:3311:0312:3314:03
Lower Cumberworth Ponker Lane Woodhouse Ln 09:3511:0512:3514:05
Lower Cumberworth Shelley Woodhouse Lane Foresters 09:3611:0612:3614:06
Lower Cumberworth Cumberworth Lane Foresters (stop) 09:3611:0612:3614:06
Lower Cumberworth Cumberworth Lane Top Rd (stop) 09:3611:0612:3614:06
Upper Cumberworth Cumberworth Lane Eunice Ln 09:3811:0812:3814:08
Upper Cumberworth, adj Cumberworth Lane Dearnfield 09:3811:0812:3814:08
Upper Cumberworth, opp The Star Inn 09:3911:0912:3914:09
Upper Cumberworth Barnsley Road Eunice Ln 09:3911:0912:3914:09
Denby Dale, adj Rockwood House 09:4011:1012:4014:10
Denby Dale Rail Station (at) 09:4111:1112:4114:11

Denby Dale - Barnsley

Denby Dale Rail Station (at) 09:4111:1112:41
Denby Dale Viaduct (at) 09:4111:1112:41
Denby Dale Wesley Terrace 09:4111:1112:41
Denby Dale Pie Hall (at) 09:4211:1212:42
Denby Dale Brook Meadows 09:4211:1212:42
Denby Dale Lower Putting Mill (near) 09:4311:1312:43
Scissett Kitchenroyd (stop) 09:4411:1412:44
Scissett Nortonthorpe Mills 09:4511:1512:45
Scissett Crown Street 09:4611:1612:46
Clayton West, opp Springfield Avenue 09:4811:1812:48
Clayton West, opp Dukewood Road 09:4911:1912:49
Clayton West, at Victoria Street 09:4911:1912:49
Clayton West War Memorial (near) 09:5111:2112:51
Clayton West High St Church Lane 09:5211:2212:52
Clayton West High Street Holmfield Close 09:5211:2212:52
Clayton West, adj High Street Hill Top 09:5311:2312:53
Bank End Lane/High Hoyland Lane (adj) 09:5811:2812:58
High Hoyland, adj Upper Field Lane/Church Lane 09:5811:2812:58
Kexborough, at Upper Field Lane/Hawthorne Court 10:0311:3313:03
Kexborough, o/s Churchfield Lane/Ballfield Lane 10:0411:3413:04
Kexborough, adj Churchfield Lane/Churchfield Avenue 10:0411:3413:04
Kexborough, adj Churchfield Lane/Allendale Road 10:0511:3513:05
Darton, adj Churchfield Lane/Huddersfield Road 10:0611:3613:06
Darton, adj Barnsley Road/Church Street 10:0711:3713:07
Darton, opp Barnsley Road/Richard Road 10:0711:3713:07
Darton, opp Barnsley Road/Bence Lane 10:0711:3713:07
Barnsley Road/Barugh Lane (opp) 10:0811:3813:08
Claycliffe Road/Barugh Road (adj) 10:0911:3913:09
Barugh, adj Claycliffe Road/Whaley Road 10:0911:3913:09
Redbrook, adj Claycliffe Road/Whaley Road 10:0911:3913:09
Wilthorpe Road/Dayhouse Way (opp) 10:1011:4013:10
Wilthorpe Road/The Crescent (nr) 10:1011:4013:10
Wilthorpe Road/Ripley Grove (opp) 10:1111:4113:11
Wilthorpe Road/The Crescent (Adj) 10:1111:4113:11
Huddersfield Road/Wilthorpe Avenue (Opp) 10:1211:4213:12
Wilthorpe, adj Huddersfield Road/Woodstock Road 10:1211:4213:12
Wilthorpe, adj Huddersfield Road/Hall Balk Lane 10:1311:4313:13
Barnsley, adj Huddersfield Road/Cockerham Lane 10:1411:4413:14
Barnsley, opp Huddersfield Road/Western Street 10:1511:4513:15
Barnsley, adj Regent Street/County Way 10:1611:4613:16
Barnsley Interchange (at) 10:1711:4713:17

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 30 May 2024

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