99A - Southwold,Kings Head - Bungay,St Marys Street

A bus service operated by First Eastern Counties

Southwold,Kings Head - Bungay,St Marys Street

Southwold Kings Head (Adjacent) 07:3509:5510:5011:5513:5517:05
Southwold, opposite Pier Avenue 07:3609:5610:5111:5613:5617:06
Reydon, opposite Lowestoft Road 07:3709:5710:5211:5713:5717:07
Reydon Randolph Hotel (Adjacent) 07:38
Reydon, opposite The Drive 09:5810:5311:5813:5817:08
Reydon, opposite The Firs 07:39
Reydon, o/s St Felix School 09:5910:5411:5913:5917:09
Reydon, opposite Mount Pleasant 07:40
Reydon, opposite Adnams Distribution Centre 10:0010:5512:0014:0017:10
Reydon Windsor Road (Adjacent) 07:41
Reydon Wangford Road (W-bound) 07:41
Reydon, opposite School Lane 07:42
Wangford, opp Church Street Corner 07:46
Wangford, adj Church 07:47
Wangford, opp Post Office 07:47
Blythburgh, adj Chapel Road 07:5510:0611:0112:0614:0617:16
Blythburgh, opp Post Box 07:5710:0811:0312:0814:0817:18
Wenhaston, adj The Star Inn 07:5910:1011:0512:1014:1017:20
Wenhaston, opp Hammonds Walk 07:5910:1011:0512:1014:1017:20
Wenhaston, opp Oak Meadow 08:0010:1111:0612:1114:1117:21
Blyford, opposite Queens Head 08:0310:1411:0912:1414:1417:24
Holton, opp Primes Lane 08:0510:1511:1012:1514:1517:25
Holton, adj Old Cherry Tree 08:0710:1711:1212:1714:1717:27
Holton, adj The Street 08:0710:1811:1312:1814:1817:28
Holton, adj Orchard Valley 08:0810:1911:1412:1914:1917:29
Halesworth, opp Warwick Avenue 08:1110:2111:1612:2114:2117:31
Halesworth, opp Water Tower 08:1210:2311:1812:2314:2317:33
Halesworth Police Station (Adjacent) 08:1310:2411:1912:2414:2417:34
Halesworth, opp Wissett Road 08:1410:2411:1912:2414:2417:34
Halesworth, adj Wissett Road 08:14
Halesworth, opp Car Park 10:2611:2112:2614:2617:36
Halesworth, adj Mount Pleasant 08:15
Halesworth, opp Co-Op 10:2711:2212:2714:2717:37
Halesworth, adj Water Tower 08:15
Halesworth, opp Garage 10:2811:2312:2814:2817:38
Broadway Drive Industrial Estate (adj) 08:16
Halesworth, opp Police Houses 10:2911:2412:2914:2917:39
Spexhall, adj Church Lane 08:19
Halesworth, adj Shelter 10:3011:2512:3014:3017:40
Stone Street, outside Bus Shelter 08:22
Halesworth, outside Bedingfield Crescent 14:3017:40
Ilketshall St Lawrence School (N-bound) 08:22
Halesworth, opp Nightingale Close 14:3117:41
Ilketshall St Lawrence Mill Houses (Adjacent) 08:23
Halesworth, adj Kennedy Avenue 14:3117:41
Ilketshall St Andrew, opposite Top Road 08:26
Halesworth Walpole Road (opp 35) 14:3117:41
Ilketshall St John, opp Mettingham Turn 08:27
Halesworth, opp Earls Close 14:3217:42
Bungay, adj Kings Road 08:29
Halesworth, opposite Jermyn Way 14:3417:44
Bungay, outside High School 08:30
Bungay, adj Hillside Road 08:32
Bungay, opposite Wingfield Street 08:34
Bungay, opp Butter Cross 08:35

Bungay,Trinity Street - Southwold,Kings Head

Bungay, nr Holy Trinity Church 15:20
Bungay Wingfield Street (Adjacent) 15:21
Bungay, opp Hillside Road 15:23
Bungay, outside High School 15:25
Bungay, opp Kings Road 15:26
Ilketshall St John, adj Mettingham Turn 15:28
Ilketshall St Andrew Top Road (Adjacent) 15:30
Ilketshall St Lawrence, opposite Mill Houses 15:34
Ilketshall St Lawrence School (S-bound) 15:35
Stone Street, opp Bus Shelter 15:35
Spexhall, opposite Church Lane 15:37
Broadway Drive Industrial Estate (opp) 15:40
Halesworth, opp Water Tower 15:41
Halesworth Police Station (Adjacent) 15:42
Halesworth, opp Wissett Road 15:42
Halesworth, opp Car Park 15:43
Halesworth, opp Co-Op 15:44
Halesworth, opp Garage 15:44
Halesworth, opp Police Houses 15:45
Halesworth, adj Shelter 09:2610:3611:2612:3613:2615:46
Halesworth, outside Bedingfield Crescent 09:2610:3611:2612:3613:2615:46
Halesworth, opp Nightingale Close 09:2710:3711:2712:3713:2715:47
Halesworth, adj Kennedy Avenue 09:2710:3711:2712:3713:2715:47
Halesworth Walpole Road (opp 35) 09:2710:3711:2712:3713:2715:47
Halesworth, opp Earls Close 09:2810:3811:2812:3813:2815:48
Halesworth, opposite Jermyn Way 09:3010:4011:3012:4013:3015:50
Halesworth, opp Dukes Drive 09:3110:4111:3112:4113:3115:51
Halesworth, adj Co-Op 09:3210:4211:3212:4213:3215:52
Halesworth Car Park (Adjacent) 09:3410:4411:3412:4413:3415:54
Halesworth, adj Wissett Road 09:3410:4411:3412:4413:3415:54
Halesworth, adj Mount Pleasant 09:3610:4611:3612:4613:3615:56
Halesworth, adj Water Tower 09:3610:4611:3612:4613:3615:56
Halesworth, adj Warwick Avenue 09:3810:4811:3812:4813:3815:58
Holton, opp Orchard Valley 09:4010:5011:4012:5013:4016:00
Holton, opp The Street 09:4210:5211:4212:5213:4216:02
Holton, opp Old Cherry Tree 09:4210:5211:4212:5213:4216:02
Holton, adj Primes Lane 09:4310:5311:4312:5313:4316:03
Blyford Queens Head (Adjacent) 09:4610:5611:4612:5613:4616:06
Wenhaston, adj Blyth Close 09:4910:5911:4912:5913:4916:09
Wenhaston, adj Hammonds Walk 09:4910:5911:4912:5913:4916:09
Wenhaston, opp The Star Inn 09:5011:0011:5013:0013:5016:10
Blythburgh, o/s Post Box 09:5211:0211:5213:0213:5216:12
Blythburgh, opp Chapel Road 09:5411:0411:5413:0413:5416:14
Reydon Adnams Distribution Centre (Adjacent) 09:5911:0911:5913:0913:59
Wangford, o/s Post Office 16:22
Reydon, opp St Felix School 10:0011:1012:0013:1014:00
Wangford, opp Church 16:22
Reydon The Drive (Adjacent) 10:0211:1212:0213:1214:02
Wangford, adj Surgery 16:22
Wangford, adj Church Street Corner 16:23
Reydon School Lane (Adjacent) 16:28
Reydon Wangford Road (E-bound) 16:28
Reydon, opposite Windsor Road 16:28
Reydon Mount Pleasant (Adjacent) 16:29
Reydon The Firs (Adjacent) 16:30
Reydon, opposite Randolph Hotel 16:31
Reydon Lowestoft Road (Adjacent) 10:0311:1312:0313:1314:0316:32
Southwold Pier Avenue (Adjacent) 10:0411:1412:0413:1414:0416:33
Southwold, adj North Green 10:0411:1412:0413:1414:0416:33
Southwold Kings Head (Adjacent) 10:0511:1512:0513:1514:0516:34

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