B - Charlton Kings - Cheltenham

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester


Charlton Kings - Cheltenham

Charlton Kings, after Post Office 06:3006:51then every 30 minutes until18:2119:1120:04then hourly until23:04
Moorend Newcourt Road (corner of) 06:3006:5218:2219:1220:0423:04
Moorend, opp Greenhills Road 06:3106:5318:2319:1320:0523:05
Moorend, before Bafford Approach 06:3206:5418:2419:1420:0623:06
Moorend, before Stockton Close 06:3206:5518:2519:1520:0623:06
Moorend, opp Branch Hill Rise 06:3306:5618:2619:1620:0723:07
Charlton Kings, before Garden Road 06:3406:5718:2719:1720:0823:08
Charlton Kings, opp Beeches Road 06:3506:5818:2819:1820:0823:08
Little Herbert’s, before Ravensgate Road 06:3506:5818:2819:1820:0923:09
The Beeches, before Ash Close 06:3606:5918:2919:1920:1023:10
The Beeches, opp Larch Close 06:3707:0018:3019:2020:1023:10
The Beeches, opp Maple Drive 06:3807:0118:3119:2120:1123:11
The Beeches, before Cherry Avenue 06:3807:0118:3119:2120:1123:11
The Beeches Cherry Avenue (corner of) 06:3807:0218:3219:2220:1123:11
Little Herbert’s, nr Ravensgate Road 06:4007:0318:3319:2320:1223:12
Charlton Kings, opp Sappercombe Lane 06:4107:0418:3419:2420:1323:13
Little Herbert’s, by Cemetery 06:4107:0518:3519:2520:1323:13
Charlton Kings, opp St Mary's Church 06:4207:0618:3619:2620:1323:13
Charlton Kings, o/s Nisa 06:4307:0718:3719:2720:1423:14
Charlton Kings, after Copt Elm Close 06:4407:0818:3819:2820:1523:15
Charlton Kings, o/s Six Ways Shops 06:4507:0918:3919:2920:1523:15
Cheltenham, opp Charlton Court Road 06:4607:1018:4019:3020:1623:16
Cheltenham, before Beaufort Arms 06:4707:1218:4219:3220:1723:17
Cheltenham Sandford Mill Road (corner of) 06:4807:1318:4319:3320:1823:18
Cheltenham, opp Hales Road 06:4907:1418:4419:3420:1923:19
Cheltenham, opp Sydenham Villas Road 06:4907:1518:4519:3520:1923:19
Cheltenham, on St James Street 06:5107:1718:4719:3720:2123:21
Cheltenham, o/s John Lewis 06:5307:1918:4919:3920:2223:22
Cheltenham Pittville Street (Arrivals) 06:5407:2018:5019:4020:2223:22
Cheltenham Clarence Street (Stop 9) 20:2423:24

Cheltenham - Charlton Kings

Cheltenham Pittville Street (Stop 17) 06:40then every 30 minutes until18:1019:0019:55then hourly until22:55
Cheltenham, opp John Lewis 06:4218:1219:0219:5622:56
Cheltenham, after Hewlett Road 06:4418:1419:0419:5822:58
Cheltenham, before Sydenham Villas Road 06:4418:1419:0419:5922:59
Cheltenham, nr Hales Road 06:4518:1519:0519:5922:59
Cheltenham, after Sandford Mill Road 06:4618:1619:0620:0023:00
Cheltenham, after Beaufort Arms 06:4718:1719:0720:0023:00
Cheltenham, before Charlton Court Road 06:4818:1819:0820:0123:01
Charlton Kings, opp Six Ways Shops 06:4818:1819:0820:0223:02
Charlton Kings, opp Copt Elm Close 06:4918:1919:0920:0323:03
Charlton Kings, after Post Office 06:5118:2119:1120:0423:04

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 27 October 2020

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