B5X - Boston - Lincoln

A bus service operated by Brylaine Travel


Boston Bus Station (Bay 1) 07:30
Boston, o/s Boots 07:33
Boston, adj The Minstrels 07:34
Boston, opp Rosebery Avenue 07:35
Boston, opp Footpath to Arundel Crescent 07:35
Boston Wyberton High Bridge (SW-bound) 07:35
Hubbert’s Bridge, opp Community Centre 07:39
Brothertoft, adj Ivy House Farm 07:40
Brothertoft, opp Punchbowl Lane 07:41
Brothertoft, adj Village Hall 07:42
Langrick Bridge, adj Ferry Farm 07:43
Langrick, opp Station Cottages 07:44
Langrick, opp Armtree Road 07:45
Haven Bank, opp Ash Tree Farm 07:47
New York, adj Methodist Church 07:53
Reedham Lane (adj) 07:55
Coningsby, opp Parker Farm 07:56
Coningsby, adj Ingham Court 08:00
Coningsby, opp Interchange Shelter 08:06
Tattershall, opp The Black Horse PH 08:08
Tattershall, adj Bus Shelter 08:09
Kirkstead, adj Abbey Lodge Inn 08:16
Woodhall Spa, adj Gibson Court 08:17
Woodhall Spa, opp Long Avenue 08:18
Woodhall Spa Hotel (o/s) 08:19
Woodhall Spa, opp Came Court 08:19
Woodhall Spa, opp Wentworth Way 08:20
Woodhall Spa, adj Abbey Lane 08:21
Kirkstead Bridge, opp Mill Lane 08:22
Kirkstead Bridge, adj Church Road 08:24
Martin Dales, opp New Road 08:25
Martin, adj Pound Road 08:29
Martin, adj Jubilee Close 08:29
Martin, opp Mill Lane 08:30
Martin Moor, opp West Grove 08:31
Martin Moor, opp Westmoor Farm 08:32
Blankney Barff, adj Eclipse Farm 08:33
Metheringham, opp Railway Station 08:39
Metheringham, adj Cox & Chicks 08:41
Metheringham, opp Methodist Church 08:42
Metheringham, opp Apple Tree Close 08:42
Dunston, opp Lincoln Road 08:44
Nocton, opp Wellhead Lane 08:46
Potterhanworth, opp Village Lane End 08:48
Branston, o/s 99 Sleaford Road 08:50
Branston, opp Station Road 08:51
Branston Hall (o/s) 08:51
Branston, adj Park View Avenue 08:52
Branston, adj Woodview Nursing Home 08:52
Branston, opp Ashfield Cottage Farm 08:53
Canwick, adj Mill Lodge 08:55
Canwick, opp Heighington Road 08:56
Lincoln, opp Canwick Road Cemetery 08:57
Lincoln, adj Ripon Street 08:58
Lincoln Central Bus Station (Bay E) 09:00


Lincoln Central Bus Station (Bay E) 15:30
Lincoln, opp Siemens 15:30
Lincoln, opp Ripon Street 15:31
Lincoln, adj Canwick Road Cemetery 15:31
Canwick, adj Heighington Road 15:33
Canwick, opp Mill Lodge 15:33
Branston, adj Ashfield Cottage Farm 15:36
Branston, opp Woodview Nursing Home 15:36
Branston, opp Park View Avenue 15:37
Branston Hall (opp) 15:37
Branston, adj Station Road 15:39
Branston, opp 99 Sleaford Road 15:39
Potterhanworth, adj Village Lane End 15:41
Nocton, adj Wellhead Lane 15:43
Dunston, adj Lincoln Road 15:45
Metheringham, o/s Methodist Church 15:48
Metheringham, adj The Lincolnshire Poacher PH 15:48
Metheringham, adj Railway Station 15:50
Blankney Barff, opp Eclipse Farm 15:53
Martin Moor, adj Westmoor Farm 15:53
Martin Moor, adj West Grove 15:54
Martin, adj Mill Lane 15:55
Martin, opp Jubilee Close 15:55
Martin, opp Pound Road 15:55
Martin Dales, adj New Road 16:00
Kirkstead Bridge, opp Church Road 16:01
Kirkstead Bridge, adj Mill Lane 16:02
Woodhall Spa, opp Abbey Lane 16:03
Woodhall Spa, adj Wentworth Way 16:03
Woodhall Spa, adj Came Court 16:04
Woodhall Spa Hotel (o/s) 16:06
Woodhall Spa, adj Long Avenue 16:06
Woodhall Spa, opp Gibson Court 16:07
Kirkstead, opp Abbey Lodge Inn 16:08
Tattershall, adj Bus Shelter 16:16
Tattershall, adj Cromwell Place 16:17
Coningsby, adj Interchange Shelter 16:21
Coningsby, adj Old Boston Road 16:21
Coningsby, o/s Cemetery 16:21
Coningsby, o/s Dogdyke Road 16:22
Dogdyke, opp Belle Isle 16:24
Hawthorn Hill, opp Hurnbridge Road 16:26
Scrub Hill Old Fen Lane (E-bound) 16:27
New York, adj Village Hall 16:28
Haven Bank, adj Ash Tree Farm 16:33
Langrick, adj Armtree Road 16:35
Langrick, adj Station Cottages 16:36
Langrick Bridge, opp Ferry Farm 16:37
Brothertoft, opp Village Hall 16:39
Brothertoft, adj Punchbowl Lane 16:39
Brothertoft, opp Ivy House Farm 16:40
Hubbert’s Bridge, adj Station Road 16:42
Boston Wyberton High Bridge (NE-bound) 16:45
Boston, adj Footpath to Arundel Crescent 16:46
Boston, adj Rosebery Avenue 16:46
Boston, opp The Minstrels 16:46
Boston Bus Station (Bay 1) 16:48

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