Breeze 1 - Bury St Edmunds Town Service

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Driver shortage

Please see the Stephensons website for service updates, details of cancelled journeys

Monday to Friday

Bury St Edmunds, opposite Co-Op 09:0910:0911:0912:0913:0914:0915:09
Mildenhall Road Estate, opposite Shelley Road 09:0910:0911:0912:0913:0914:0915:09
Mildenhall Road Estate Lake Avenue (Adjacent) 09:1010:1011:1012:1013:1014:1015:10
Mildenhall Road Estate Chestnut Court (Adjacent) 09:1210:1211:1212:1213:1214:1215:12
Mildenhall Road Estate Baldwin Avenue (Adjacent) 09:1210:1211:1212:1213:1214:1215:12
Mildenhall Road Estate Devon Close (Adjacent) 09:1310:1311:1312:1313:1314:1315:13
Howard Estate Everard Close (Adjacent) 09:1310:1311:1312:1313:1314:1315:13
Howard Estate, opposite Parkington Walk 09:1510:1511:1512:1513:1514:1515:15
Howard Estate, opposite Clark Walk 09:1610:1611:1612:1613:1614:1615:16
Howard Estate Prigg Walk (Adjacent) 09:1610:1611:1612:1613:1614:1615:16
Howard Estate, opp Resource Centre 09:1810:1811:1812:1813:1814:1815:18
Bury St Edmunds The Greengage (Adjacent) 09:1910:1911:1912:1913:1914:1915:19
Bury St Edmunds Philip Road (Adjacent) 09:2110:2111:2112:2113:2114:2115:21
Bury St Edmunds, opp Tollgate Lane 09:2210:2211:2212:2213:2214:2215:22
Bury St Edmunds, opp Thingoe Hill 09:2310:2311:2312:2313:2314:2315:23
Bury St Edmunds, adj Fornham Road 09:2310:2311:2312:2313:2314:2315:23
Bury St Edmunds, opp Railway Station 09:2410:2411:2412:2413:2414:2415:24
Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 12) 09:2710:2711:2712:2713:2714:2715:27
Bury St Edmunds, opp Arc Shopping Centre 09:2910:2911:2912:2913:2914:29
Bury St Edmunds, opposite Old Convent Orchard 09:3310:3311:3312:3313:3314:33
Bury St Edmunds, adj Albert Buildings 09:3410:3411:3412:3413:3414:34
Bury St Edmunds, opp Kevor House 09:3410:3411:3412:3413:3414:34
Bury St Edmunds Spread Eagle (S-bound) 09:3610:3611:3612:3613:3614:36
Bury St Edmunds, opp Stonebridge Avenue 09:3710:3711:3712:3713:3714:37
Bury St Edmunds, opposite West Suffolk Hospital 09:3810:3811:3812:3813:3814:38
Bury St Edmunds West Suffolk Hospital (Entrance) 09:3910:3911:3912:3913:3914:39
Bury St Edmunds, adj West Suffolk Hospital 09:3910:3911:3912:3913:3914:39
Nowton Estate Ilex Close (Adjacent) 09:3910:3911:3912:3913:3914:39
Bury St Edmunds Boon Close (Adjacent) 09:4010:4011:4012:4013:4014:40
Bury St Edmunds Canterbury Green (Adjacent) 09:4010:4011:4012:4013:4014:40
Bury St Edmunds Salisbury Green (Adjacent) 09:4110:4111:4112:4113:4114:41
Bury St Edmunds Chichester Close (Adjacent) 09:4210:4211:4212:4213:4214:42
Bury St Edmunds, adj Barons Road 09:4210:4211:4212:4213:4214:42
Bury St Edmunds, opposite Steward Road 09:4310:4311:4312:4313:4314:43
Nowton Estate Bury Park Drive (Adjacent) 09:4410:4411:4412:4413:4414:44
Nowton Estate, opposite Bevis Walk 09:4410:4411:4412:4413:4414:44
Nowton Estate, opposite Robin Road 09:4410:4411:4412:4413:4414:44
Nowton Estate, outside Hardwick Middle School 09:4510:4511:4512:4513:4514:45
Nowton Estate, opposite Kestrel Road 09:4510:4511:4512:4513:4514:45
Nowton Estate, opposite Heron Road 09:4610:4611:4612:4613:4614:46
Bury St Edmunds, adj Barons Road 09:4710:4711:4712:4713:4714:47
Bury St Edmunds, adj Laundry Lane Footpath 09:4710:4711:4712:4713:4714:47
Bury St Edmunds Corsbie Close (Adjacent) 09:4910:4911:4912:4913:4914:49
Bury St Edmunds, outside Old Convent Orchard 09:5010:5011:5012:5013:5014:50
Bury St Edmunds, o/s Arc Shopping Centre 09:5210:5211:5212:5213:5214:52
Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 11) 10:0111:0112:0113:0114:0115:01
Bury St Edmunds, adj Railway Station 10:0511:0512:0513:0514:0515:05
Bury St Edmunds, opposite Fornham Road 10:0511:0512:0513:0514:0515:05
Bury St Edmunds, adj Thingoe Hill 10:0511:0512:0513:0514:0515:05
Bury St Edmunds, adj Tollgate Lane 10:0711:0712:0713:0714:0715:07
Bury St Edmunds, opposite Co-Op 10:0911:0912:0913:0914:0915:09

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

Stephensons of Essex


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