C11 - Milton Keynes - Cranfield - Marston Moretaine - Kempston - Bedford

A bus service operated by Uno

Central Milton Keynes Central Railway Station (Stop Y4) 20:30
Central Milton Keynes Santander House (Stop X3) 20:32
Central Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange (Stop Q3) 20:34
Central Milton Keynes The Point (Stop G3) 20:38
Central Milton Keynes Theatre District (Stop B3) 20:40
Campbell Park Enmore Roundabout west (eastbound) 20:41
Campbell Park Glebe Roundabout west (eastbound) 20:42
Woolstone Pattison Lane (E-bound) 20:43
Middleton Noon Layer Drive (SE-bound) 20:45
Middleton Oakgrove Roundabout North (S-bound) 20:45
Monkston Oakgrove Roundabout South (Southbound) 20:46
Monkston, opp Tewkesbury Lane 20:46
Brinklow Roundabout West (Eastbound) 20:47
Kingston District Centre (o/s) 20:48
Kingston, o/s Mandeville Drive 20:49
Broughton Countess Way (Eastbound) 20:51
Brooklands Square (W-bound) 20:52
Broughton Laconia Lane (W-bound) 20:53
Broughton Commodore Close (W-bound) 20:54
Brook Furlong Milton Keynes Coachway (Bay 9) 20:56
Moulsoe Newport Road (NE-bound) 21:01
Moulsoe, opp St Marys Church 21:02
Moulsoe Wood End Lane (Eastbound) 21:02
Moulsoe Cranfield Road (Eastbound) 21:02
Cranfield University, o/s Cranfield Innovation Centre 21:06
Cranfield University, adj Technology Park 21:06
Cranfield University Main Gate (S-bound) 21:08
Cranfield University, opp Technology Park 21:09
Cranfield University, opp Cranfield Innovation Centre 21:10
Cranfield, opp Lodge Road 21:12
Cranfield, adj Townsend Close 21:13
Cranfield, opp War Memorial 21:14
Cranfield, adj Cross Keys 21:15
Cranfield, adj Millfield Close 21:16
Cranfield, adj Longborns 21:17
Cranfield Crane Way (E-bound) 21:18
Cranfield, opp Vale Court 21:18
Upper Shelton Lower Shelton Turn (S-bound) 21:22
Upper Shelton, o/s Lower Shelton Road 21:22
Lower Shelton, opp Chequers Close 21:23
Lower Shelton, opp The Church 21:24
Marston Moretaine, opp Chandlers Close 21:25
Marston Moretaine, opp Tylecote Close 21:26
Marston Moretaine, opp Oat Piece 21:27
Marston Moretaine, opp Watson Way 21:28
Caulcott, adj Snagge Court 21:29
Kempston, o/s Royal Oak 21:36
Kempston, opp The Windermere 21:37
Kempston, o/s St John's Homes 21:37
Kempston, opp Saxon Centre 21:38
Kempston, opp Margetts Road 21:39
Kempston, opp The Keep 21:40
Kempston, adj Whitbread Avenue 21:40
Bedford Hospital West (Stop A) 21:42
Cauldwell, o/s Borough Hall 21:42
Cauldwell, o/s Bedford College 21:43
Bedford St Paul's Square (arrivals) 21:45
Bedford, o/s Pilgrims House 21:45
Bedford Bus Station (Stand P) 21:47

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024