C60 - Wickwar - Wotton-under-Edge - Cirencester

Operated by Stagecoach West

Stop closure: Railway Tavern
09:30–15:30, 12 May 2024

Railway Tavern stops on Wotton Road, Charfield will be closed on 12 May 2024 between 9:30am and 3:30pm

Railway Tavern stops on Wotton Road, Charfield will be closed on 10 May 2024 between 9:30am and 3:30pm

Wickwar - Wotton-under-Edge - Cirencester

Wickwar High Street (N-bound) 07:0507:05
Charfield Primary School (E-bound) 07:1407:14
Charfield Railway Tavern (E-bound) 07:1507:15
Charfield The Limes (E-bound) 07:1507:15
Kingswood, after New Mills Roundabout 07:1707:17
Kingswood, by Charfield Road 07:1807:18
Kingswood, o/s Tennis Court 07:1907:19
Kingswood, opp War Memorial 07:1907:19
Kingswood, o/s Katharine Lady Berkeley's School 07:2007:20
Wotton-under-Edge, after Westfields 07:2307:23
Wotton-under-Edge, by Garage 07:2407:24
Wotton-under-Edge, before War Memorial 07:2507:25
Wotton-under-Edge, after Bear Street 07:2707:2711:11
Wotton-under-Edge, opp Gloucester House Mews 07:2707:2711:11
Wotton-under-Edge, adj Bradley Green Turn 07:2807:2811:12
Wotton-under-Edge, by Gloucester Row 07:2807:2811:12
Bournstream, opp Keeper's Cottage 07:3007:3011:14
Southend Farm (opp) 07:3107:3111:15
North Nibley, opp Black Horse Inn 07:3307:3311:17
Stancombe, opp Mill House 07:3507:3511:19
Stancombe, by Park Lane 07:3607:3611:20
Stinchcombe, opp Drakestone House 07:3707:3711:21
Stinchcombe, opp Yercombe Lodge 07:3807:3811:22
Stinchcombe, by Townsend Farm 07:4007:4011:24
Stinchcombe, o/s Village Hall 07:4007:4011:24
Woodfield, after Yew Tree Inn 07:4107:4111:25
Woodfield, after Philimore Road 07:4207:4211:26
Woodfield, opp Tilsdown Close 07:4307:4311:27
Tilsdown, after Cam Pitch 07:4307:4311:27
Tilsdown, after Orchard Rise 07:4507:4511:29
Kingshill, after Police Station & Courts 07:4507:4511:29
Kingshill, after Fire Station 07:4707:4711:31
Kingshill, before Garage 07:4807:4811:32
Dursley, o/s Sainsbury's 07:4907:4911:33
Dursley, before Vizard Close 07:5007:5011:34
Kingscote, opp Home Farm 07:5907:5911:43
Calcot Manor Hotel (by) 08:0508:0511:49
Beverston, by Castle 08:0908:0911:53
Tetbury, by Charlton Court Farm 08:1308:1311:57
Tetbury, nr The Old School Court 08:1408:1411:58
Tetbury, opp Priory Inn 08:1508:1511:59
Tetbury, opp Tesco 08:1508:1511:59
Tetbury, opp Highfields 08:1608:1612:00
Tetbury, nr Ilsom House 08:1708:1712:01
Tetbury, nr Trouble House Inn 08:1808:1812:02
Culkerton, after The Old Post Office 08:2108:2112:05
Kemble The Firs (N-bound) 08:2508:2512:09
Kemble, o/s Trading Estate 08:2608:2612:10
Kemble, after Clayfurlong Grove 08:2908:2912:13
Kemble, nr Smerrill Quarry 08:3408:3412:17
Cirencester, o/s Steadings Cottages 08:4208:4212:24
Cirencester, opp Chesterton Lane 08:4408:4412:25
Cirencester, opp Old Station Car Park 08:4708:4712:28
Cirencester, o/s The Forum 08:5008:5012:30

Cirencester - Wotton-under-Edge - Wickwar

Cirencester, o/s The Forum 12:3012:3016:0516:05
Cirencester, by Cotswold Mill 12:3012:3016:0616:06
Cirencester, opp Phoenix Way 12:3212:3216:0816:08
Cirencester, o/s Waitrose Store 12:3312:3316:0916:09
Cirencester, opp Chesterton Lane 12:3712:3716:1516:15
Cirencester, o/s Hospital 12:3812:3816:1616:16
Kemble, by Smerrill Quarry 12:4312:4316:2116:21
Kemble, opp Clayfurlong Grove 12:4512:4516:2316:23
Kemble, opp Trading Estate 12:4912:4916:2816:28
Culkerton, opp The Old Post Office 12:5516:34
Tetbury, by Trouble House Inn 12:5712:5716:3716:37
Tetbury, by Ilsom House 12:5912:5916:3916:39
Tetbury, nr Amberley Park 13:0013:0016:4016:40
Tetbury, before Tesco 13:0013:0016:4016:40
Tetbury, o/s Priory Inn school stop 13:0113:0116:4116:41
Tetbury, by The Old School Court 13:0213:0216:4216:42
Tetbury, opp Charlton Court Farm 13:0313:0316:4316:43
Beverston, by Memorial Gardens 13:0613:0616:4616:46
Calcot Manor Hotel (nr) 13:1013:1016:5016:50
Calcot Cottages (opp) 13:1013:1016:5016:50
Kingscote, by Home Farm 13:1513:1516:5516:55
Woodmancote, after Nunnery Lane 13:2413:2417:0417:04
Dursley, nr Uley Road 13:2513:2517:0517:05
Dursley, opp Sainsbury's 13:2613:2617:0617:06
Dursley, nr May Lane 13:2713:2717:0717:07
Kingshill, opp Rednock School 13:2713:2717:0817:08
Kingshill, opp Fire Station 13:2813:2817:0817:08
Kingshill, before Police Station & Courts 13:2913:2917:0917:09
Tilsdown, before Orchard Rise 13:2913:2917:1017:10
Tilsdown, before Cam Pitch 13:3013:3017:1117:11
Woodfield, by Tilsdown Close 13:3113:3117:1117:11
Woodfield, by Phillimore Road 13:3113:3117:1217:12
Woodfield, nr Yew Tree Inn 13:3213:3217:1317:13
Stinchcombe, opp Village Hall 13:3313:3317:1417:14
Stinchcombe, opp Townsend Farm 13:3313:3317:1417:14
Stinchcombe, by Yercombe Lodge 13:3413:3417:1517:15
Stinchcombe, by Drakestone House 13:3513:3517:1617:16
Stancombe, nr Park Lane 13:3613:3617:1717:17
Stancombe, nr Mill House 13:3713:3717:1817:18
North Nibley, nr Black Horse Inn 13:3913:3917:2017:20
Southend Farm (by) 13:4013:4017:2217:22
Bournstream, by Keeper's Cottage 13:4113:4117:2217:22
Wotton-under-Edge, opp Gloucester Row 13:4213:4217:2417:24
Wotton-under-Edge, opp Bradley Green Turn 13:4313:4317:2517:25
Wotton-under-Edge, by Gloucester House Mews 13:4313:4317:2517:25
Wotton-under-Edge, opp Bear Street 13:4313:4317:2517:25
Wotton-under-Edge, before War Memorial 13:4413:4417:2617:26
Wotton-under-Edge, opp Garage 17:2717:27
Wotton-under-Edge, before Symn Lane 17:2817:28
Kingswood, opp Katharine Lady Berkeley's School 17:3017:30
Kingswood, by Pennwood Lodge 17:3117:31
Kingswood, opp Tennis Court 17:3117:31
Kingswood, opp Charfield Road 17:3217:32
Kingswood, before New Mills Roundabout 17:3317:33
Charfield The Limes (W-bound) 17:3517:35
Charfield Railway Tavern (W-bound) 17:3617:36
Charfield Primary School (W-bound) 17:3717:37
Wickwar High Street (S-bound) 17:4517:45

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 16 April 2024, the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 April 2024

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