CH21 - Butt Lane - Cardinal Heenan High School

A bus service operated by Kilvingtons of Leeds


Monday to Friday, 1 days

Butt Lane - Cardinal Heenan High School

Gamble Hill, at Butt Lane McDonalds 07:28
Henconner Lane Gamble Hill Dr (at) 07:29
Bramley, opp Henconner Ln Poplar Way 07:30
Bramley, at Henconner Lane Bus Depot 07:30
Bramley Town End (N bound) 07:31
Bramley Eightlands Lane 07:32
Bramley, opp Aston Road 07:32
Bramley Centre E 07:33
Bramley, opp Waterloo Lane 07:34
Bramley Westover Road 07:35
Bramley Park (at) 07:35
Bramley Newlay Lane 07:36
Bramley Wood Lane 07:37
Bramley Wellington Grove 07:38
Bramley, after Waterloo Lane Broad Ln 07:38
Bramley, adj Waterloo Lane Landseer Rd 07:39
Bramley, opp Raynville Rd Landseer Green 07:39
Bramley Raynville Rd Landseer Avenue 07:41
Bramley, adj Raynville Rd Lancastre Grove 07:42
Kirkstall Raynville Road Raynville Dene 07:43
Kirkstall Wyther Lane Wyther Dri 07:44
Kirkstall Bridge SP (at) 07:45
Kirkstall Lights 07:47
Kirkstall, opp Commercial Road 07:48
Kirkstall, at Gilbert Mount 07:49
Burley Wood Mount (at) 07:51
Burley, adj Woodside View 07:52
Burley Kirkstall Road ASDA 07:54
Burley Haddon Road 07:55
Burley Cardigan Fields 07:57
Hyde Park, opp Cardigan Road 08:00
Burley Medical Ctr (opp) 08:01
Burley St Michael's Lane 08:02
Burley, adj Talbot View 08:03
Burley Hill Drive 08:04
Kirkstall Eden Road 08:05
Kirkstall Lane Church View 08:06
Kirkstall Lane Headingley Station 08:07
Headingley Eden Drive (N bound) 08:08
Beckett Park, opp Queenswood Road 08:09
Beckett Park Woodbridge Place 08:10
Beckett Park, at Woodbridge Crescent 08:11
West Park, at Ghyll Road 08:12
West Park Beckett Park 08:13
West Park Spen Ln Queenswood Drive 08:13
Hawksworth Lea Farm Drive 08:16
Hawksworth, at Vesper Road Surgery 08:16
Hawksworth, opp Broadway 08:17
Hawksworth Hawkswood Avenue 08:18
Hawksworth Hawkswood Crescent (N bound) 08:19
Hawksworth Butcher Hill 08:19
Moor Grange Butcher Hill Abbey Grange School 08:20
Moor Grange Butcher Hill Fillingfir Walk 08:20
West Park Butcher Hill Old Oak Drive 08:21
West Park Butcher Hill 08:21
West Park, opp West Parade 08:21
West Park, opp Ring Rd Spen Gardens 08:22
Weetwood Lawnswood School (W bound) 08:23
Ring Rd Weetwood Lane (opp) 08:25
Weetwood, opp Valley Farm 08:25
Meanwood, at Ring Rd Scotland Mill Lane 08:27
Meanwood, at St Urbans School 08:28
Meanwood St Urban's Primary School 08:29s
Meanwood Cardinal Heenan Turning Circle (Stop G) 08:30
Runs Schooldays only

Cardinal Heenan High School - Butt Lane

Meanwood Cardinal Heenan Turning Circle (Stop G) 15:40
Meanwood Cardinal Heenan Sch 15:40
Meanwood St Urbans School 15:41
Meanwood Ring Rd Scotland Mill Lane 15:42
Weetwood, after Valley Farm 15:44
Ring Rd Weetwood Lane (adj) 15:45
Weetwood Lawnswood School (E bound) 15:47
West Park, before Ring Rd Spen Gardens 15:47
West Park Ring Rd Spen Gardens (stop) 15:47
West Park West Parade 15:48
West Park Butcher Hill 15:49
West Park, adj Butcher Hill Old Oak Drive 15:49
Moor Grange Butcher Hill Abbey Grange School 15:50
Hawksworth Butcher Hill 15:51
Hawksworth Hawkswood Crescent 15:52
Hawksworth, adj Hawkswood Avenue 15:52
Hawksworth Broadway 15:53
Hawksworth Vesper Road Surgery 15:54
Hawksworth, adj Lea Farm Drive 15:55
West Park Beckett Park 15:57
West Park Ghyll Road 15:58
Beckett Park Woodbridge Crescent 15:59
Beckett Park, opp Woodbridge Place 16:00
Beckett Park Queenswood Road 16:02
Headingley Eden Drive 16:03
Headingley Eden Drive (W bound) 16:03
Kirkstall Lane Headingley Station (at) 16:04
Kirkstall Lane (corner) 16:05
Kirkstall, at Eden Road 16:06
Burley Hill Drive (opp) 16:07
Burley, adj Talbot View 16:08
Burley, at St Michael's Lane 16:09
Burley Medical Ctr (adj) 16:10
Hyde Park, opp Willow Road 16:12
Burley, at Cardigan Fields 16:13
Burley, at Kirkstall Road ASDA 16:14
Burley Woodside View 16:16
Burley Wood Mount 16:17
Kirkstall, opp Gilbert Mount 16:18
Kirkstall, opp Commercial Road 16:18
Kirkstall Morrisons (opp) 16:19
Kirkstall Bridge SP 16:20
Kirkstall, adj Wyther Lane Wyther Dri 16:21
Kirkstall, adj Raynville Road Raynville Dene 16:22
Bramley Raynville Rd Lancastre Grove 16:23
Bramley Raynville Rd Landseer Avenue (W bound) 16:24
Bramley Outgang Lane 16:25
Bramley Raynville Rd Landseer Green 16:26
Bramley, opp Waterloo Lane Landseer Rd 16:26
Bramley, before Waterloo Lane Broad Ln 16:27
Bramley, opp Wellington Grove 16:27
Bramley, opp Wood Lane 16:28
Bramley, adj Broad Lane Upper Town St 16:30
Bramley Park 16:30
Bramley, opp Westover Road 16:31
Bramley Waterloo Lane 16:33
Bramley Aston Road 16:37
Bramley Town End 16:39
Bramley, opp Henconner Lane Bus Depot 16:40
Bramley, adj Henconner Ln Poplar Way 16:41
Henconner Lane Gamble Hill Dr (opp) 16:43
Gamble Hill Butt Lane McDonalds 16:45
Runs Schooldays only

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset