CR6 - Bridport Bus Station - Beaminster School

A bus service operated by First Wessex, Dorset & South Somerset

Bridport Bus Station - Beaminster School

Bridport Bus Station (Stop 1) 07:0818:33
Court Orchard Bridport Hospital (W-bound) 09:2810:2814:5817:08
Court Orchard Mead Fields (E-bound) 09:3110:3111:4613:0115:0117:11
Court Orchard Cherry Tree (E-bound) 09:3210:3211:4713:0215:0217:12
Allington The Boot Inn (S-bound) 09:3310:3311:4813:0315:0317:13
Bridport Town Centre (E-bound) 07:1207:4709:3610:3611:5113:0615:0617:1618:37
Bridport Arts Centre (S-bound) 07:1307:4809:3710:3711:5213:0715:0717:1718:38
Bridport St Marys Church (S-bound) 07:1407:4809:3810:3811:5313:0815:0817:1818:39
Bridport Builder's Merchant (S-bound) 07:1607:4909:4010:4011:5513:1015:1017:2018:41
Bridport Mountjoy School (SE-bound) 07:1707:5009:4110:4111:5613:1115:1117:2118:42
Bothenhampton Hollow Way (N-bound) 07:1807:5109:4210:4211:5713:1215:1217:2218:43
Bothenhampton Pasture Way (N-bound) 07:1807:5109:4210:4211:5713:1215:1217:2218:43
Bridport Travis Perkins (N-bound) 07:2107:5409:4510:4512:0013:1515:1517:2518:46
Bridport Knightstone Rise (NE-bound) 07:2207:5509:4610:4612:0113:1615:1617:2618:47
Bradpole, opp King's Head 07:2307:5609:4710:4712:0213:1715:1717:2718:48
Bradpole Colfox School (N-bound) 07:2307:5709:4710:4712:0213:1715:1717:2718:48
Melplash Half Moon (NE-bound) 07:2808:0109:5210:5212:0713:2215:2217:3218:53
Beaminster Red Lion (NW-bound) 07:3408:0709:5810:5812:1313:2815:2817:3818:59
Beaminster, opp The Fire Station 09:5913:29
Beaminster Monmouth Gardens (N-bound) 07:3608:0911:0012:1515:3017:40
Beaminster, opp St Mary's Gardens 10:0013:30
Beaminster School (W-bound) 08:11
Beaminster St James (W-bound) 10:0113:31
Broadwindsor Trusthams (NW-bound) 10:0713:37
Broadwindsor White Lion (N-bound) 10:0713:37
Mosterton Cross (NE-bound) 07:4010:1513:45
Mosterton Village Hall (NE-bound) 07:4110:1513:45
Mosterton Admiral Hood (N-bound) 07:4110:1613:46
Misterton The White Swan (NW-bound) 07:4610:2113:51
Misterton The Globe Inn (NW-bound) 07:4710:2213:52
Misterton Crewkerne Railway Station (N-bound) 07:4910:2413:54
Crewkerne South Street (NW-bound) 07:5210:2713:57
Crewkerne Kings Arms (N-bound) 07:5310:2813:58
Middle Chinnock St. Monica (E-bound) 08:0110:3614:06
East Chinnock Portman Arms (NE-bound) 08:0410:3914:09
West Coker Post Office (NE-bound) 08:0610:4114:11
Yeovil Court Hotel (E-bound) 08:1110:4414:14
Yeovil West Coker Road Roundabout (E-bound) 08:1110:4514:15
Nash West Coker Road (E-bound) 08:1310:4614:16
Yeovil Wraxhill Road (NE-bound) 08:1310:4614:16
Yeovil Post Office (NE-bound) 08:1410:4714:17
Yeovil Windermere Close (NE-bound) 08:1510:4714:17
Yeovil The Borough (E-bound) 08:2010:5114:21
Yeovil Bus Station (E-bound) 08:2310:5314:23

Yeovil College - Bridport Bus Station

Beaminster School (W-bound) 15:38
Yeovil College (S-bound) 16:23
Beaminster Monmouth Gardens (S-bound) 07:0008:1515:42
Yeovil Sparrow Road (S-bound) 16:27
Yeovil Hospital (SE-bound) 16:29
Yeovil Bus Station (E-bound) 08:5512:5516:35
Yeovil Windermere Close (SW-bound) 08:5912:5916:40
Yeovil Post Office (SW-bound) 08:5912:5916:40
Yeovil Wraxhill Road (SW-bound) 09:0013:0016:41
Nash West Coker Road (W-bound) 09:0013:0016:41
Yeovil West Coker Road Roundabout (W-bound) 09:0113:0116:42
Yeovil Court Hotel (W-bound) 09:0213:0216:43
West Coker Post Office (SW-bound) 09:0513:0516:47
East Chinnock Portman Arms (SW-bound) 09:0813:0816:50
Middle Chinnock St Monica (W-bound) 09:1113:1116:53
Crewkerne George Hotel (SW-bound) 09:2013:2017:02
Crewkerne South Street (SE-bound) 09:2113:2117:03
Misterton Crewkerne Railway Station (S-bound) 09:2513:2517:07
Misterton The Globe Inn (SE-bound) 09:2713:2717:09
Misterton The White Swan (SE-bound) 09:2813:2817:10
Mosterton Admiral Hood (SW-bound) 09:3313:3317:15
Mosterton Post Office (S-bound) 09:3313:3317:15
Mosterton Cross (SW-bound) 09:3413:3417:16
Broadwindsor The Old Bakery (S-bound) 09:4013:4017:22
Beaminster St James (E-bound) 09:4813:4817:30
Beaminster St Mary's Gardens (E-bound) 09:4813:4817:30
Beaminster The Fire Station (E-bound) 09:4913:4917:31
Beaminster Red Lion (SE-bound) 07:0408:2209:5011:0712:2213:5015:4417:32
Melplash Half Moon (SW-bound) 07:1008:2809:5711:1412:2913:5715:5017:39
Bradpole Colfox School (S-bound) 07:1408:3310:0311:1912:3414:0315:5417:44
Bradpole Colfox School (W-bound) 08:33
Bradpole Kings Head (S-bound) 07:1508:3810:0411:2112:3614:0415:5517:44
Bridport Knightstone Rise (SW-bound) 07:1608:3910:0511:2212:3714:0515:5617:45
Bridport Co-op Supermarket (S-bound) 07:1708:4010:0611:2312:3814:0615:5717:46
Bothenhampton Pasture Way (S-bound) 07:1908:4210:0811:2512:4014:0815:5917:48
Bothenhampton Hollow Way (S-bound) 07:2008:4310:0911:2612:4114:0916:0017:49
Bridport Training Centre (NW-bound) 07:2108:4410:1011:2712:4214:1016:0117:50
Bridport Doctor Roberts Close (N-bound) 07:2208:4510:1111:2812:4314:1116:0217:51
Bridport Pierrepoint Gallery (N-bound) 07:2408:4710:1311:3012:4514:1316:0417:53
Bridport, opp Arts Centre 07:2508:4810:1411:3112:4614:1416:0517:54
Bridport Town Centre (W-bound) 07:2608:4910:1511:3212:4714:1516:0617:55
Allington, opp The Boot Inn 08:5210:1811:3512:5014:18
Bridport Bus Station (Stop 1) 07:2816:0817:57
Court Orchard Cherry Tree (W-bound) 08:5310:1911:3612:5114:19
Court Orchard Mead Fields (W-bound) 08:5410:2011:3712:5214:20
Court Orchard Bridport Hospital (W-bound) 08:5510:2111:3812:5314:21

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