IB1 - Sheerness - Minster - Sittingbourne Schools

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Sheerness - Minster - Sittingbourne Schools

Sheerness, adj Railway Station 06:56
West Minster, adj Medway Road 06:58
West Minster, adj Dorset Road 06:59
West Minster Queensway (just before) 07:00
West Minster, adj Cherry Tree Close 07:01
West Minster Hawthorn Avenue (E-bound) 07:02
West Minster, adj Bridgewater Road 07:03
Sheerness, opp Wheatsheaf Gardens 07:04
Sheerness, adj Botany Close 07:05
Sheerness, adj Nore Close 07:06
Sheerness St George's Avenue (NE-bound) 07:08
Sheerness, adj Holy Trinity Church 07:11
Sheerness, adj Catholic Church 07:11
Marine Town, opp Invicta Road 07:12
Marine Town, opp Richmond Street 07:13
Marine Town, adj Yacht Club 07:13
Marine Town, opp The Ship On Shore 07:13
Marine Town, opp Barton's Point 07:14
Minster, opp The White House 07:16
Minster, opp The Abbey Hotel 07:16
Minster Wards Hill Road Bottom (SE-bound) 07:18
Minster Drive (adj) 07:19
Minster, adj Seaside Avenue 07:19
Minster, opp Highview Road 07:20
Minster, opp Queens Road Co-Op 07:21
Minster Baldwin Road (S-bound) 07:22
Minster, adj Scocles Road Top 07:23
Minster, opp Harps Avenue 07:25
Thistle Hill, opp Heron Drive 07:27
Thistle Hill, opp Mistletoe Drive 07:27
Thistle Hill, adj Nettle Way 07:27
Thistle Hill, adj Bellflower Avenue 07:30
Minster, opp Yarrow Drive 07:32
Minster, adj Sanspareil Avenue 07:32
Minster, adj Barton Hill Drive 07:33
Minster, opp Scrapsgate Road 07:35
Halfway, adj The Heritage 07:37
Halfway, adj Sheerness East Working Mens Club 07:40
Halfway, adj Holmside Avenue 07:40
Halfway, opp Holm Place 07:41
Halfway, adj The Rise 07:43
Queenborough Corner (S-bound) 07:44
Iwade, opp Sanderling Way 07:52
Iwade, opp School Lane 07:53
Iwade, adj Helen Thompson Close 07:53
Iwade, opp Health Centre 07:53
Iwade, adj Featherbed Farm Yard 07:54
Howt Green, adj Dancing Dog Saloon 07:56
Bobbing, opp Garden of England Crematorium 07:56
Sonora Fields, opp Sapphire Close 07:58
Sonora Fields, adj Jacinth Drive 07:59
Sonora Fields The Meads (S-bound) 07:59
Key Street, adj Pearce and Batt Garage 08:03
Key Street, opp The Long Hop 08:03
Sittingbourne, adj The Billet 08:05
Sittingbourne, opp Cryalls Lane 08:06
Chalkwell, adj The King's Head 08:08
Sittingbourne Cockleshell Walk (Stop H) 08:09
Sittingbourne, opp Borden Grammar School 08:11
Sittingbourne, adj Memorial Hospital 08:14
Sittingbourne, o/s Fulston Manor and Highsted Schools 08:14
Sittingbourne, opp Eden Village 08:14
Snipeshill, adj Rectory Road 08:15
Snipeshill, in The Sittingbourne School Grounds 08:19
Schooldays only

Sittingbourne Schools - Minster - Sheerness

Sittingbourne, adj Sydney Avenue 15:08
Sittingbourne, opp Keyways 15:09
Sittingbourne, opp The Billet 15:12
Key Street, adj The Long Hop 15:12
Key Street, opp Pearce and Batt Garage 15:13
Sonora Fields The Meads (N-bound) 15:16
Sonora Fields, opp Jacinth Drive 15:17
Sonora Fields, adj Sapphire Close 15:17
Bobbing, adj Garden of England Crematorium 15:18
Howt Green, opp Dancing Dog Saloon 15:19
Iwade, opp Featherbed Farm Yard 15:20
Iwade, adj Health Centre 15:21
Iwade, opp Helen Thompson Close 15:21
Iwade, adj School Lane 15:22
Iwade, adj Sanderling Way 15:22
Queenborough Corner (N-bound) 15:30
Halfway, opp The Rise 15:30
Halfway, adj Holm Place 15:30
Halfway, opp Holmside Avenue 15:31
Halfway, opp Sheerness East Working Mens Club 15:32
Halfway, opp The Heritage 15:33
Halfway, opp Banner Way 15:33
Minster, opp Oasis Academy Isle of Sheppey East 15:33
Minster, adj Scrapsgate Road 15:34
Minster, opp Barton Hill Drive 15:34
Minster, opp Sanspareil Avenue 15:35
Minster, adj Yarrow Drive 15:35
Thistle Hill, adj Bellflower Avenue 15:38
Thistle Hill, opp Nettle Way 15:38
Thistle Hill, adj Mistletoe Drive 15:38
Thistle Hill, adj Heron Drive 15:39
Minster, adj Harps Avenue 15:41
Minster Scocles Road Top (N-bound) 15:42
Minster Baldwin Road (N-bound) 15:43
Minster, adj Queens Road Co-Op 15:44
Minster, adj Highview Road 15:44
Minster, opp Seaside Avenue 15:45
Minster Drive (opp) 15:46
Minster, opp Wards Hill Road Bottom 15:47
Minster, adj The Abbey Hotel 15:47
Minster, adj The White House 15:48
Marine Town, adj Barton's Point 15:48
Marine Town, adj The Ship On Shore 15:49
Marine Town, opp Yacht Club 15:49
Marine Town, adj Richmond Street 15:50
Marine Town, adj Invicta Road 15:50
Sheerness, opp Catholic Church 15:51
Sheerness, opp Holy Trinity Church 15:52
Sheerness Cavour Road (SE-bound) 15:53
Sheerness, opp Fire Station 15:54
Sheerness, adj First Avenue 15:55
Sheerness, adj Wheatsheaf Gardens 15:56
West Minster, opp Bridgewater Road 15:57
West Minster Hawthorn Avenue (W-bound) 15:58
West Minster, opp Cherry Tree Close 15:59
West Minster Queensway (just after) 16:00
West Minster, opp Dorset Road 16:00
West Minster, opp Medway Road 16:02
Sheerness, adj Railway Station 16:04
Schooldays only

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