M - Canada Water - Clapham Junction

A bus service operated by Replacement Service

Surrey Quays Road - Clapham Junction Station / The Falcon

Canada Water Surrey Quays Road (Stop Y) 05:20then every 30 minutes until09:2009:50then every 30 minutes until18:5019:20then every 30 minutes until22:5023:2423:59
Surrey Quays Station (Stop S) 05:2409:2409:5418:5419:2422:5423:2800:03
Queen's Road Peckham Station (Stop QB) 05:3809:3810:1219:1219:3823:0823:4200:17
Peckham Rye Station (Stop V) 05:4309:4310:1819:1819:4323:1323:4700:22
Camberwell Denmark Hill Station (Stop J) 05:5309:5310:3019:3019:5323:2323:5700:32
Clapham North & High Street Stns (Stop L) 06:1510:1510:5519:5520:1523:4500:1900:54
Clapham North Wandsworth Road Station (Stop B) 06:2210:2211:0320:0320:2223:5200:2601:01
Clapham Junction Station The Falcon (Stop E) 06:3110:3111:1320:1320:3100:0100:3501:10

Clapham Junction Station / The Falcon - Surrey Quays Road

Clapham Junction Station / Grant Road (Stop A) 05:15then every 30 minutes until09:4510:15then every 30 minutes until18:4519:15then every 30 minutes until23:45
Clapham Junction Station (Stop C) 05:21p09:51p10:21p18:51p19:21p23:51p
Clapham North Wandsworth Road Station (Stop L) 05:2709:5710:2818:5819:2723:57
Clapham North Clapham Nth & High Street Stns (Stop G) 05:3410:0410:3619:0619:3400:04
Camberwell Denmark Hill Station (Stop C) 05:5210:2210:5719:2719:5200:22
Peckham Rye Station (Stop U) 06:0110:3111:0819:3820:0100:31
Queen's Road Peckham Station (Stop QH) 06:0810:3811:1619:4620:0800:38
Surrey Quays Station (Stop S) 06:2210:5211:3420:0420:2200:52
Canada Water Neptune Street / St Olaves Estate (Stop R) 06:2610:5611:3820:0820:2600:56

Times marked p – “pick up only” – the bus will only stop to pick up passengers

Timetable data from Transport for London