M1 - Anwick Moy Park Factory - North Hykeham Health Centre

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Anwick Moy Park Factory - North Hykeham Health Centre

Anwick, adj Moy Park Factory 18:15
Ruskington, adj Hillside Estate 18:19
Ruskington, adj All Saints Church 18:21
Dunston Pillar, opp Nocton Heath Garage 18:30
Dunston Pillar (opp) 18:31
Bracebridge Heath, adj Main Avenue 18:35
Bracebridge Heath, adj Library 18:37
Bracebridge Heath, opp Canwick Avenue 18:37
Bracebridge Heath, adj Coningsby Crescent 18:39
St Catherine’s, adj Priory Acadamy LSST 18:41
St Catherine’s, opp South Common 18:43
Lincoln, opp Queens Park School 18:44
Lincoln, adj Ripon Street 18:47
Lincoln, opp St Swithins's Church 18:50
Lincoln, adj College Of Art 18:52
Lincoln, adj Cheviot Street 18:53
Lincoln, adj Arboretum 18:55
Lincoln, adj Clarina Street 18:55
Lincoln, adj Laceby Street 18:55
Lincoln, opp Hartley Street 18:56
Lincoln, adj Jellicoe Avenue 18:56
Tower Estate, opp Crofton Road 18:57
Tower Estate, adj Ford Garage 18:58
Lincoln, adj Bishops Road 18:58
Lincoln, adj Deacon Road 18:59
St Giles, opp Goldsmith Walk 18:59
St Giles, adj Cowper Drive 19:00
St Giles Browning Drive (NW-bound) 19:01
St Giles Outer Circle Drive (SW-bound) 19:01
Lincoln, adj 5 Longdales Road 19:02
Lincoln, adj Newport 19:04
Lincoln, o/s 76 Yarborough Crescent 19:04
Lincoln, o/s 231 Yarborough Road 19:05
Lincoln, opp Whitton Park 19:05
Lincoln, adj Carline Road 19:06
Lincoln, adj Liquorice Park 19:06
Lincoln West Parade (Southbound) 19:07
Lincoln, opp Morrisons 19:08
Lincoln, opp Valentine Retail Park 19:09
Lincoln, adj Lidl 19:10
Lincoln, opp Bristol Drive 19:10
Lincoln, opp St Andrew's Drive 19:10
Lincoln, adj Mayfair Avenue 19:11
Lincoln Junction with Western Avenue (SW-bound) 19:11
Lincoln, adj Nomad Charity Shop 19:12
Lincoln, opp Holy Cross Church 19:12
Hartsholme/Swanpool, opp City School 19:13
Hartsholme/Swanpool, opp Almond Avenue 19:13
Birchwood Estate, adj Stones Place 19:15
Birchwood Estate, adj Meadowlake Close 19:15
Birchwood Estate, opp Woodfield Avenue 19:16
Birchwood Estate, opp Neighbourhood Centre 19:17
Doddington Park, opp Goodwood Way 19:17
Doddington Park, adj Winthorpe Road 19:19
Doddington Park, opp Jacobean Road 19:19
Doddington Park, opp Abingdon Avenue 19:20
North Hykeham, adj Westminster Road 19:22
North Hykeham, opp Grace Avenue 19:23
North Hykeham, adj Hamilton Road 19:24
North Hykeham, opp Health Centre 19:25

North Hykeham Health Centre - Anwick Moy Park Factory

North Hykeham, o/s Health Centre 04:30
North Hykeham, opp Hamilton Road 04:31
North Hykeham, adj Grace Avenue 04:31
North Hykeham, opp Westminster Road 04:32
Lincoln, opp Swanholme Tavern 04:33
Doddington Park, opp Frome Close 04:33
Doddington Park, adj Abingdon Avenue 04:33
Doddington Park, adj Jacobean Road 04:33
Doddington Park, opp Winthorpe Road 04:34
Doddington Park, adj Pershore Way 04:34
Doddington Park, adj Goodwood Way 04:35
Birchwood Estate, adj Neighbourhood Centre 04:35
Birchwood Estate, adj Larchwood Gardens 04:36
Birchwood Estate, adj Larchwood Crescent 04:36
Birchwood Estate, adj Woodfield Avenue 04:36
Birchwood Estate, adj Burghley Road 04:37
Birchwood Estate, opp Stones Place 04:37
Hartsholme/Swanpool, adj Almond Avenue 04:39
Hartsholme/Swanpool, adj City School 04:39
Lincoln, adj Holy Cross Church 04:40
Lincoln, adj St Peter & St Paul Church 04:40
Lincoln Junction with Western Avenue (NE-bound) 04:41
Lincoln, opp Mayfair Avenue 04:41
Lincoln, adj St Andrew's Drive 04:42
Lincoln, adj Bristol Drive 04:42
Lincoln, adj Dixon Close 04:42
Lincoln, adj Valentine Retail Park 04:43
Lincoln, adj Morrisons 04:43
University of Lincoln (adj) 04:45
Lincoln West Parade (Northbound) 04:45
Lincoln, adj Stairway To North Parade 04:45
Lincoln, adj Hampton Street 04:46
Lincoln, o/s Whitton Park 04:47
Lincoln, opp Filling Station 04:47
Lincoln, o/s 65 Yarborough Crescent 04:47
Lincoln, opp Bishop Grosseteste University 04:48
Ermine East Footpath To Health Centre (NE-bound) 04:49
St Giles Browning Drive (SE-bound) 04:50
St Giles, opp Cowper Drive 04:51
St Giles, adj Goldsmith Walk 04:51
Lincoln, opp Deacon Road 04:52
Lincoln, opp Bishops Road 04:52
Tower Estate, adj Crofton Road 04:53
Lincoln, opp Jellicoe Avenue 04:54
Lincoln, adj Hartley Street 04:54
Lincoln, opp Clarina Street 04:55
Lincoln, opp Arboretum 04:55
Lincoln, opp Cheviot Street 04:57
Lincoln, adj Telephone Exchange 05:00
Lincoln, opp Ripon Street 05:02
Lincoln, o/s Queens Park School 05:04
St Catherine’s, adj South Common 05:05
St Catherine’s, opp Priory Acadamy LSST 05:05
Bracebridge Heath, opp Coningsby Crescent 05:06
Bracebridge Heath, adj Canwick Avenue 05:06
Bracebridge Heath, opp Library 05:07
Bracebridge Heath, opp Main Avenue 05:07
Dunston Pillar, adj Nocton Heath Garage 05:15
Ruskington, opp All Saints Church 05:27
Ruskington, opp Hillside Estate 05:29
Anwick, adj Moy Park Factory 05:33

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Midlands, 29 September 2022

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