N381 - Peckham - Surrey Quays - Canada Water - Rotherhithe - Bermondsey - London Bridge - Waterloo - Whitehall, Horse Guards

A bus service operated by Abellio London and Replacement Service

Peckham Bus Station - Horse Guards Parade

Operator Replacement Service
Peckham Bus Station (Stop H) 00:25then every 30 minutes until04:25
Peckham Library (Stop C) 00:2504:25
Peckham Bonar Road (Stop H) 00:2604:26
Peckham Commercial Way (Stop P) 00:2704:27
Peckham Bird In Bush Road (Stop R) 00:2804:28
Peckham Park Road (Stop NG) 00:2904:29
Old Kent Road Verney Road (Stop NK) 00:3104:31
Bermondsey Sherwood Gardens (Stop RJ) 00:3104:31
Bermondsey Catlin Street (Stop CU) 00:3204:32
Bermondsey Esmeralda Road (Stop JV) 00:3304:33
Bermondsey St James's Road / Southwark Park Road (Stop JW) 00:3404:34
Bermondsey Anchor Street (Stop PB) 00:3504:35
Bermondsey Lynton Road (Stop GS) 00:3504:35
Galleywall Road South Bermondsey Stn (Stop GT) 00:3604:36
Bermondsey Beamish House (Stop RL) 00:3604:36
Surrey Quays Corbetts Lane (Stop RM) 00:3704:37
Surrey Quays Warndon Street (Stop RN) 00:3704:37
Surrey Quays Station (Stop S) 00:3904:39
Canada Water Hothfield Place (Stop P) 00:4004:40
Canada Water Bus Station (Stop B1) 00:4204:42
Canada Water Canada Street (Stop W) 00:4304:43
Surrey Quays Leisure Park (Stop G) 00:4304:43
Surrey Quays Brunswick Quay (->E) 00:4404:44
Surrey Quays Onega Gate (->E) 00:4504:45
Rotherhithe Shipwright Road (->N) 00:4604:46
Rotherhithe Downtown Road (->N) 00:4604:46
Rotherhithe Russia Dock Road (->N) 00:4604:46
Rotherhithe Bywater Place (->W) 00:4704:47
Rotherhithe Peter Hills School (->W) 00:4804:48
Rotherhithe Smith Close (->W) 00:4804:48
Rotherhithe Station (Stop W) 00:5004:50
Rotherhithe Tunnel (Stop X) 00:5004:50
Rotherhithe Southwark Park (Stop C) 00:5104:51
Bermondsey Drummond Road (Stop B) 00:5204:52
Bermondsey Station (Stop A) 00:5304:53
Bermondsey St James's Road (Stop C) 00:5304:53
Bermondsey Jamaica Road / Abbey Street (Stop D) 00:5404:54
Bermondsey Dockhead (Stop E) 00:5404:54
Bermondsey Tanner Street (Stop A) 00:5504:55
Bermondsey Boss Street (Stop T) 00:5604:56
London Bridge Unicorn Theatre (Stop M) 00:5704:57
London Bridge Station (Stop S) 00:5804:58
Southwark The Hop Exchange (->W) 00:5904:59
Southwark Bridge Road (Stop BL) 01:0005:00
Southwark Great Guildford Street (Stop BM) 01:0005:00
Southwark Lavington Street (Stop SQ) 01:0105:01
Southwark Blackfriars Road (Stop SL) 01:0305:03
Southwark Kings Reach Building (Stop SE) 01:0305:03
Waterloo Coin Street (Stop SP) 01:0405:04
Waterloo Road (Stop L) 01:0505:05
Waterloo Station / York Road (Stop W) 01:0605:06
Waterloo County Hall (Stop G) 01:0705:07
Waterloo St Thomas' Hospital / County Hall (Stop D) 01:0805:08
Westminster Stn / Parliament Square (Stop A) 01:1105:11
Westminster Horse Guards Parade (->N) 01:1205:12

Horse Guards Parade - Peckham Bus Station

Operator Replacement Service
Westminster Whitehall / Horseguards Avenue (Stop P) 00:50then every 30 minutes until04:50
Westminster Horse Guards Parade (->S) 00:5004:50
Westminster Stn / Parliament Square (Stop G) 00:5204:52
Waterloo St Thomas' Hospital / County Hall (Stop E) 00:5404:54
Waterloo County Hall (Stop F) 00:5504:55
Waterloo Station (Stop V) 00:5504:55
Waterloo Road (Stop M) 00:5604:56
Waterloo Coin Street (Stop SJ) 00:5704:57
Southwark Kings Reach Building (Stop SF) 00:5704:57
Southwark Blackfriars Road (Stop SM) 00:5904:59
Southwark Lavington Street (Stop SW) 01:0105:01
Southwark Street / Southwark Bridge Road (Stop BV) 01:0205:02
Southwark The Hop Exchange (->E) 01:0305:03
London Bridge Station (Stop R) 01:0405:04
London Bridge Hay's Galleria (Stop H) 01:0605:06
London Bridge Abbots Lane (Stop J) 01:0605:06
London Bridge Unicorn Theatre (Stop J) 01:0705:07
London Bridge Tower Bridge Road (Stop K) 01:0805:08
Bermondsey Boss Street (Stop S) 01:0805:08
Bermondsey Dockhead (Stop H) 01:0905:09
Bermondsey Jamaica Road / Abbey Street (Stop J) 01:0905:09
Bermondsey Station (Stop D) 01:1005:10
Bermondsey Drummond Road (Stop E) 01:1105:11
Rotherhithe Southwark Park (Stop F) 01:1205:12
Rotherhithe Tunnel (Stop U) 01:1205:12
Rotherhithe Station (Stop V) 01:1305:13
Rotherhithe Smith Close (->E) 01:1305:13
Rotherhithe Peter Hills School (->E) 01:1305:13
Rotherhithe Bywater Place (->S) 01:1405:14
Rotherhithe Russia Dock Road (->S) 01:1405:14
Rotherhithe Downtown Road (->S) 01:1405:14
Rotherhithe Shipwright Road (->S) 01:1505:15
Surrey Quays Onega Gate (->W) 01:1505:15
Surrey Quays Brunswick Quay (->W) 01:1605:16
Surrey Quays Leisure Park (Stop F) 01:1705:17
Canada Water Canada Street (Stop U) 01:1705:17
Canada Water Bus Station (Stop C) 01:1905:19
Canada Water Hothfield Place (Stop E) 01:2005:20
Surrey Quays Shopping Centre (Stop K) 01:2205:22
Surrey Quays Station (Stop L) 01:2305:23
Surrey Quays Warndon Street (Stop Q) 01:2405:24
Surrey Quays Corbetts Lane (Stop RE) 01:2505:25
Rotherhithe New Rd / Sth Bermondsey Stn (Stop RF) 01:2605:26
Bermondsey Lynton Road (Stop GP) 01:2705:27
Bermondsey Anchor Street (Stop GQ) 01:2805:28
Bermondsey Southwark Park Road / St James's Road (Stop PG) 01:2905:29
Bermondsey Esmeralda Road (Stop JX) 01:2905:29
Bermondsey Catlin Street (Stop JY) 01:3005:30
Bermondsey Sherwood Gardens (Stop RH) 01:3105:31
Old Kent Road Verney Road (Stop SL) 01:3205:32
Peckham Park Road (Stop SF) 01:3305:33
Peckham Bird In Bush Road (Stop S) 01:3405:34
Peckham Commercial Way (Stop T) 01:3505:35
Peckham Bonar Road (Stop N) 01:3605:36
Peckham Library (Stop D) 01:3705:37
Peckham Bus Station (->W) 01:3805:38

Timetable data from Transport for London

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