N83 - Golders Green - Hendon, Central and West - Kingsbury Green - Wembley Park - Wembley Central - Alperton - Hanger Lane - Ealing Broadway - West Ealing - Hanwell - Ealing Hospital

A bus service operated by Metroline Travel

30 May–7 June 2024

Routes 83 N5 and N83 are on diversion in both directions due to emergency Thames Water works.

Buses are diverted via Watford Way, The Burroughs, Church Road and Brent Street, missing stops Hendon Central Station (A and B) and Brent Green (Y and Z).

Golders Green Station - Ealing Hospital

Golders Green Station (Stop GH) 00:30then every 30 minutes until05:00
Golders Green Finchley Road (NW11) (Stop GN) 00:3005:00
Hoop Lane Golders Green (Stop A) 00:3205:02
Golders Green Woodstock Avenue (Stop B) 00:3205:02
Golders Green Limes Avenue (Stop C) 00:3305:03
Golders Green Golders Manor Drive (Stop D) 00:3405:04
North Circular Road Golders Green (Stop E) 00:3505:05
Golders Green Brent Street Green Lane (Stop F) 00:3605:06
Hendon Brent Green (Stop Z) 00:3705:07
Hendon Central Station (Stop B) 00:3905:09
Hendon Way (Stop C) 00:3905:09
Hendon Audley Road (NW4) (W-bound) 00:4105:11
West Hendon Hendon Station (Stop HE) 00:4205:12
West Hendon Broadway (Stop HL) 00:4305:13
West Hendon BdwyHerbert Road (Stop HM) 00:4405:14
The Hyde Hendon Magistrates Court (Stop HP) 00:4505:15
Edgware Road The Hyde (Stop HS) 00:4605:16
Kingsbury Springfield Gardens (Stop E) 00:4705:17
Kingsbury Townsend Lane (Stop F) 00:4705:17
Kingsbury Green (Stop K) 00:4905:19
Kingsbury Slough Lane (Stop L) 00:4905:19
Kingsbury Queensbury Road (Stop M) 00:5005:20
Kingsbury Lavender Avenue (NW9) (Stop BL) 00:5105:21
Kingsbury Deanscroft Avenue (Stop BM) 00:5105:21
Tudor Gardens Kingsbury (Stop BN) 00:5205:22
Kingsbury Blackbird Cross (Stop BS) 00:5305:23
Wembley Park Lycee International Kings Drive (Stop S) 00:5405:24
Wembley Park Station (Stop O) 00:5505:25
Wembley Park Fulton Road (Stop H) 00:5705:27
Wembley Park Lakeside Way (Stop C) 00:5805:28
Wembley Stadium (Stop SA) 00:5805:28
Wembley Cecil Avenue (HA9) (Stop SE) 01:0005:30
Wembley Ark Elvin Academy Park Lane (Stop ST) 01:0005:30
Wembley Central Station (Stop CT) 01:0205:32
Chaplin Road Wembley (Stop CQ) 01:0205:32
Wembley Lyon Park Avenue (->S) 01:0305:33
Wembley Eagle Road (->S) 01:0305:33
Alperton Stanley Avenue Ealing Road (Stop T) 01:0405:34
Alperton Station (Stop A) 01:0605:36
Alperton Glacier Way (Stop E) 01:0705:37
Alperton Vicars Bridge (Stop T) 01:0805:38
Hanger Lane Cleveley Crescent (Stop E) 01:0805:38
Hanger Lane Station (Stop J) 01:1005:40
Hanger Lane Ashbourne Road (w5) (Stop P) 01:1005:40
Ealing Hillcrest Road (W5) (->S) 01:1105:41
Ealing Audley Road (W5) (Stop) 01:1205:42
North Ealing (Stop EQ) 01:1305:43
Ealing Gunnersbury Avenue (W5) (Stop ES) 01:1405:44
Ealing Broadway Station (Stop K) 01:1505:45
Ealing Christchurch (Stop M) 01:1705:47
Ealing Police Station (Stop P) 01:1705:47
West Ealing Dane Road (Stop Q) 01:1805:48
West Ealing Northfield Avenue (Stop L) 01:1805:48
West Ealing Dean Gardens Bedford Road (Stop T) 01:1905:49
West Ealing Broadway (Stop X) 01:2005:50
Hanwell Grosvenor Road (W7) (->W) 01:2005:50
Hanwell Church Road (W7) (Stop E) 01:2105:51
Hanwell Broadway (Stop J) 01:2205:52
Hanwell Half Acre Road (Stop N) 01:2305:53
Hanwell Ealing Hospital (Stop U) 01:2505:55

Ealing Hospital - Golders Green Station

Hanwell Ealing Hospital (Stop R) 00:30then every 30 minutes until05:00
Hanwell Ealing Hospital (Stop P) 00:3005:00
Hanwell Half Acre Road (Stop M) 00:3205:02
Hanwell Broadway (Stop G) 00:3305:03
Hanwell Grosvenor Road (W7) (->E) 00:3405:04
West Ealing Broadway (Stop U) 00:3505:05
West Ealing Dean Gardens Bedford Road (Stop R) 00:3505:05
West Ealing Broughton Road (Stop M) 00:3605:06
West Ealing St Leonards Road Ealing (Stop U) 00:3605:06
Longfield Avenue Ealing (Stop V) 00:3705:07
Ealing Bond Street (Stop) 00:3805:08
Ealing Broadway Station (Stop H) 00:3805:08
Ealing North Common Road (W5) (Stop EM) 00:3905:09
Ealing Gunnersbury Avenue (W5) (Stop EP) 00:4005:10
North Ealing (Stop ER) 00:4205:12
Ealing Hillcrest Road (W5) (->N) 00:4405:14
Hanger Lane Station (Stop A) 00:4605:16
Hanger Lane Gyratory (Stop C) 00:4705:17
Hanger Lane Quill Street (Stop D) 00:4805:18
Alperton Vicars Bridge Close (Stop F) 00:4905:19
Alperton Glacier Way (Stop G) 00:5005:20
Alperton Station (Stop B) 00:5105:21
Alperton Clayton Avenue (Stop S) 00:5205:22
Wembley Eagle Road (->N) 00:5305:23
Wembley Lyon Park Avenue (->N) 00:5305:23
High Road Wembley (Stop CV) 00:5505:25
Wembley Central Station (Stop CM) 00:5605:26
Wembley Ark Elvin Academy Park Lane (Stop SG) 00:5705:27
Wembley Triangle (Stop SC) 00:5705:27
Wembley Stadium (Stop SD) 00:5805:28
Wembley Park Lakeside Way (Stop D) 01:0005:30
Wembley Park Wembley Arena (Stop G) 01:0005:30
Wembley Park Empire Way (Stop J) 01:0105:31
Wembley Park Station (Stop N) 01:0205:32
Wembley Park Lycee International Kings Drive (Stop BA) 01:0305:33
Kingsbury Blackbird Cross (Stop BB) 01:0505:35
Tudor Gardens Kingsbury (Stop BC) 01:0505:35
Kingsbury Deanscroft Avenue (Stop BD) 01:0605:36
Kingsbury Lavender Avenue (NW9) (Stop BE) 01:0705:37
Kingsbury Queensbury Road (Stop P) 01:0805:38
Kingsbury Slough Lane (Stop R) 01:0905:39
Kingsbury Green (Stop S) 01:1005:40
Church Lane Kingsbury (Stop C) 01:1005:40
Kingsbury Townsend Lane (Stop D) 01:1105:41
Edgware Road The Hyde (Stop HT) 01:1205:42
The Hyde Hendon Magistrates Court (Stop HB) 01:1305:43
West Hendon BdwyHerbert Road (Stop HC) 01:1405:44
West Hendon Hendon Station (Stop HD) 01:1405:44
Hendon Audley Road (NW4) (E-bound) 01:1605:46
Hendon Way (Stop D) 01:1705:47
Hendon Central Station (Stop A) 01:1805:48
Hendon Brent Green (Stop Y) 01:1905:49
Golders Green Brent Street Green Lane (Stop L) 01:1905:49
North Circular Road Golders Green (Stop M) 01:2005:50
Golders Green Golders Manor Drive (Stop N) 01:2105:51
Highfield Avenue Golders Green (Stop P) 01:2105:51
Golders Green Woodstock Avenue (Stop R) 01:2205:52
Hoop Lane Golders Green (Stop S) 01:2305:53
Golders Green Finchley Road (NW11) (Stop GT) 01:2405:54
Golders Green Station (Stop GH) 01:2505:55

Timetable data from Transport for London, 28 May 2024

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