PC1 - Portchester - Portsmouth College

Operated by First Portsmouth, Fareham & Gosport

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Portchester - Portsmouth College

Fareham, opp Craigbank Court 08:19
Heathfield, adj Blackbrook Road 08:20
Heathfield, adj Oak Road 08:21
Heathfield, adj Hammond Road 08:21
Hill Park, o/s Working Mens Club 08:23
Hill Park Road (NE-bound) 08:23
Hill Park Frosthole Crescent (E-bound) 08:24
Heathfield, opp The Cedars 08:25
Heathfield, nr Crawford Drive 08:26
Heathfield Jolly Miller (SE-bound) 08:28
Fareham, opp Arundel Drive 08:29
Fareham Norton Drive (E-bound) 08:30
Fareham, opp Leisure Centre 08:30
Fareham Colenso Road (S-bound) 08:32
Fareham Bus Station (Stop B) 08:3611:56
Wallington, nr Delme Arms 08:4012:00
Portchester, opp Birdwood Grove 08:4212:02
Portchester The Thicket (E-bound) 08:4212:02
Portchester, opp Beaulieu Avenue 08:4312:03
Portchester The Seagull (SE-bound) 08:4412:04
Portchester The Crematorium (N-bound) 08:4512:05
Portchester Jute Close (N-bound) 08:4612:06
Portchester Kilmiston Drive (E-bound) 08:4712:07
Portchester Steep Close (E-bound) 08:4812:08
Portchester Lavelock Lea (S-bound) 08:4912:09
Portchester Portsview Gardens (E-bound) 08:5012:10
Portchester Mountview Avenue (E-bound) 08:5112:11
Paulsgrove Rowland Road (E-bound) 08:5212:12
Paulsgrove Truro Road (E-bound) 08:5212:12
Paulsgrove Pendennis Road (E-bound) 08:5312:13
Paulsgrove Bodmin Road (E-bound) 08:5412:14
Paulsgrove Woofferton Road (NE-bound) 08:5512:15
Paulsgrove Nailsworth Road (E-bound) 08:5512:15
Paulsgrove Allaway Avenue Shops (E-bound) 08:5612:16
Paulsgrove Walford Road (E-bound) 08:5712:17
Paulsgrove Credenhill Road (E-bound) 08:5812:18
Paulsgrove Clacton Road (SE-bound) 08:5912:19
Cosham Allaway Avenue (E-bound) 08:5912:19
Cosham Wymering Lane (E-bound) 09:0012:20
QA Hospital First Avenue (Stand K) 09:0112:21
Cosham Health Centre (Stop E) 09:0312:23
Cosham Interchange (Stop C) 09:0412:24
Cosham Highbury Buildings (Stand D) 09:0412:24
Cosham Donaldson Road (SW-bound) 09:0612:26
Hilsea Crescent (Stop H) 09:0812:28
Hilsea Oakwood Road (adjacent) 09:0912:29
Hilsea Doyle Avenue (S-bound) 09:1012:30
Hilsea Magdalen Road (S-bound) 09:1012:30
Hilsea Gladys Avenue (W-bound) 09:1212:32
Stamshaw Mountbatten Centre (SW-bound) 09:1212:32
Stamshaw London Avenue (S-bound) 09:1312:33
Stamshaw, adj Angerstein Road 09:1512:35
Stamshaw Seagrove Road (SW-bound) 09:1612:36
Kingston Crescent (S-bound) 09:1812:38
Kingston Queens Road (SE-bound) 09:1912:39
Kingston Hanway Road (S-bound) 09:2112:41
Fratton Shearer Road (E-bound) 09:2512:44
Fratton Kingston Cemetery (E-bound) 09:2612:45
Baffins Langstone Road (N-bound) 09:29
Milton St. Marys Hospital (SE-bound) 12:48
Baffins Hayling Avenue (N-bound) 09:31
Milton Velder Avenue (SE-bound) 12:50
Baffins Folkestone Road (E-bound) 09:34
Milton Eastern Avenue (N-bound) 12:53
Baffins, adj Westover Road 09:35
Baffins Stride Avenue (NE-bound) 12:55
Baffins Hayling Avenue (NE-bound) 12:56
Baffins, opp Portsmouth College 09:4013:00

Portsmouth College - Portchester

Baffins Portsmouth College (W-bound) 16:20
Baffins Stanley Avenue (W-bound) 13:1216:27
Baffins Highgrove Road (SW-bound) 13:1316:28
Baffins Library (NW-bound) 13:1516:30
Baffins Folkestone Road (W-bound) 13:1616:31
Copnor Bridge (W-bound) 13:1816:33
Copnor Carnarvon Road (W-bound) 13:1916:34
Kingston Langley Road (W-bound) 13:2116:36
Kingston New Road (W-bound) 13:2216:37
Kingston Queen's Road (NW-bound) 13:2316:38
Kingston Crescent (N-bound) 13:2516:40
Stamshaw, nr Stanley Road 13:2816:43
Stamshaw Knox Road (N-bound) 13:2916:44
Stamshaw Mother Shipton (N-bound) 13:3016:45
Stamshaw Mountbatten Centre (NE-bound) 13:3116:46
Hilsea Gladys Avenue (NE-bound) 13:3216:47
Hilsea Magdalen Road (NE-bound) 13:3216:47
Hilsea Doyle Avenue (N-bound) 13:3316:48
Hilsea, opp Oakwood Road 13:3316:48
Hilsea Crescent (Stop G) 13:3516:50
Hilsea Lido (Stop B) 13:3516:50
Cosham King George Playing Fields (Stand F) 13:3716:52
Cosham Health Centre (Stop C) 13:3816:53
QA Hospital First Avenue (Stand L) 13:3916:54
Cosham Wymering Lane (W-bound) 13:4116:56
Paulsgrove Clacton Road (NW-bound) 13:4216:57
Paulsgrove Credenhill Road (W-bound) 13:4216:57
Paulsgrove Walford Road (W-bound) 13:4316:58
Paulsgrove Allaway Avenue Shops (W-bound) 13:4416:59
Paulsgrove Nailsworth Road (W-bound) 13:4416:59
Paulsgrove Woofferton Road (SW-bound) 13:4517:00
Paulsgrove, o/s Victory Primary School 13:4617:01
Paulsgrove, opp Bodmin Road 13:4617:01
Paulsgrove Pendennis Road (W-bound) 13:4717:02
Paulsgrove Truro Road (W-bound) 13:4817:03
Paulsgrove Rowland Road (W-bound) 13:4817:03
Portchester Mountview Avenue (W-bound) 13:4917:04
Portchester Portsview Gardens (W-bound) 13:5017:05
Portchester Lavelock Lea (N-bound) 13:5117:06
Portchester Steep Close (W-bound) 13:5217:07
Portchester Kilmiston Drive (W-bound) 13:5317:08
Portchester Jute Close (S-bound) 13:5417:09
Portchester The Crematorium (SW-bound) 13:5517:10
Portchester The Seagull (NW-bound) 13:5717:12
Portchester Beaulieu Avenue (W-bound) 13:5817:13
Portchester Condor Roundabout (W-bound) 13:5917:14
Portchester, nr Birdwood Grove 14:0017:15
Wallington Down End Road (W-bound) 14:0117:16
Wallington, opp Delme Arms 14:0317:18
Fareham Bus Station (Stop E) 14:0717:22
Fareham Russell Place (Stop V) 17:24
Fareham Colenso Road (NW-bound) 17:25
Fareham, adj Leisure Centre 17:26
Fareham Norton Drive (W-bound) 17:27
Fareham, adj Arundel Drive 17:27
Heathfield Jolly Miller (NW-bound) 17:28
Heathfield, adj Crawford Drive 17:30
Heathfield, adj The Cedars 17:31
Hill Park Road (SW-bound) 17:33
Hill Park, opp Working Mens Club 17:33
Heathfield, opp Hammond Road 17:34
Heathfield, opp Oak Road 17:35
Heathfield, opp Blackbrook Road 17:36
Fareham, adj Craigbank Court 17:37

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

First Portsmouth, Fareham & Gosport


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